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A Lesson Learned

Mike Donner
All Worlds Video  
, Chip Hardy , Chris O , Dean Phoenix , Dino Phillips , Jackson Phillips , Kirstian Brooks , Nicholas Carlisle , , Tanner Hayes
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A Lesson Learned

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Dino Phillips learns a lesson from Rod Barry

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

This underrated film from All Worlds is a very arousing depiction of the testosterone-filled student life on campus, and the ways the gay professors ethically handle constant temptation. Filmed in 1997, the movie is a showcase of 1990's porn models and trendy fashion, right down to the streaked hair styles. The film is also noteworthy because is marks the beginning of the careers of two new models who would become major porn stars, Dean Phoenix and Rod Barry.

In A Lesson Learned, Jackson Phillips (Reform School Confidential) plays a professor who is happy to seduce his students into bed. Meanwhile, his reeserved professor-friend Dino Phillips happens to love one of his students, but does not want to take advantage of him. He feels like it breeches his ethical duties as a teacher by seducing his own students.

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The After School Restroom Break

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What should the teacher do when they lust after one of their students? What if the student also happens to be smitten? This ethical struggle is what forms the basis of the movie.

Rod Barry's Best Porn Role?

The student in question is Rod Barry, whose razor sharp looks glowed fresh from his just ended tour with the U.S. Marines. Barry's body looks amazing, and his giant, uncut cock still caused bottoms everywhere to swoon. Barry's talents are on full display here, he handles his numerous scripted lines fairly well, which only makes the movie come off even more successfully.

Beyond this, director Mike Donner captures the look and feel of college sex, right down to a memorable afternoon frolic in a remote public campus bathroom.

The film begins with Dino Phillips concluding his class, which has Barry and several of the other film actors in attendance. After the bell, several students head for the bathroom for a rousing spontaneous after-school sex session.

Here Kristian Brooks gets down with Dean Phoenix and his beautiful cock. Phoenix's facial expressions reveal that he's just discovering the kinds of work required of being newly minted All Worlds Exclusive. After some lengthy glory hole cock sucking, they are joined by Brandon Small and Chris O'Connor, taking things up to an all out four-way.

Brooks proceeds to drill O'Connor, who is an eager bottom, while Phoenix tops Small. Both couples are standing next to each other, grinning and enjoying the group action. Brooks transforms into a complete sex pig, the sex pup in Dream Team from Studio 2000. Brooks beams wide grins while fucking and getting fucked. This episode nicely captures the magic of public sex on campus with a random coming together of very hot guys.

Jackson Phillips: The Slutty Professor

After this, we meet the guiltless professor, Jackson Phillips, who's throwing an energetic fuck into blond student Chip Hardy. Hardy is another hot bottom, and spiced up a number of All Worlds videos during this time period. (The Complexxx)

Should Rod Barry fuck his teacher? During the film, Rod Barry's ex-Marine friend Gino goes out of his way to complain about faggots in their midst. Fed up, Barry reveals to him his homosexuality and that he needs to get over his juvenile hang-ups. Also, we see an odd dream sequence with Phillips imagining Rod Barry quoting Hamlet in the nude with full, standing erections.

By the end of the film, Barry relaxes Professor Phillips into going on an actual date. They travel in the back seat of a limousine, and soon explore each other by kissing and sucking each other. They fuck each other, and afterwards Barry asks for "extra credit."

The film works well with an interesting premise, hot actors, good sex and a bit of equal rights rhetoric sprinkled in.

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Rod Barry sucks Dino Phillips
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Fresh & Young Dean Phoenix
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Dean Phoenix behind Kristen Brooks

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