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The Adventures of Enrico Vega (Enrico Vega Productions)
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The Adventures of Enrico Vega

Enrico Vega
Enrico Vega Productions  
Arturo Sanchez , , Draygen , , Junior De La Cruz , Kendell Jay , Ray Grande , Zeo
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The Adventures of Enrico Vega

Enrico Vega trips the light fantastic

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Self-proclaimed sexpig Enrico Vega steps out of semi-retirement with an arousing autobiographical release from his own movie studio. Vega proudly presents The Adventures of Enrico Vega, whose cover titlegraphics and font paints the screen like he's Indiana Jones. But instead of pests like the Nazis or Short Round, Vega takes on a sexually potent cast of sexy New York City latinos and blacks.

Touring the concrete jungle, Vega spys Zeo, a slim black guy. They cruise each other, but do not hook up. Instead Vega lands inside his apartment building where he confronted by the humongously endowed Ray Grande, who perches comfortably on the stairwell masturbating. Grande's penis his huge in every respect, a perfectly gigantic specimen of uncut goodness.

Enrico Vega and Ray GrandeWatch VOD
Enrico Vega samples Ray Grande
Vega proceeds to accomplish the unthinkable: deep throating him to orgasm. Upstairs in the apartment, Vega expertly buries the entire throbbing shaft completely inside his throat. Vega's expert deep throat abilities clearly deserve a nod. But he gets something even better: Vega blows him until Grande's cock spits hefty wads of cum.

Then without stopping the camera, Vega proceeds to coax out another plentiful orgasm from Grande using his lips. A perfect double orgasm!

After this, Vega brains his own head in the kitchen, causing him to fall into unconsciousness, where he imagines a complete fantasy with Zeo, the black guy on the street earlier.

In another nice surprise to longtime fans, Enrico Vega bottoms! Vega seems to always have been cast in the typpical total hispanic top roles (not at all a bad thing, but still). So, he bottoms....

Vega gets plowed doggie style, on his hands and knees, and butt in the air. He swallows up Zeo's big shaft into his buns.

Their heat increases when they flip-flop, and Vega takes his turn on Zeo's bubble butt. Their session ends with nice cumloads.

Next, Vega hears neighbors Kendall Jay and Arturo Sanchez having sex through those famously paper-thin walls of New York apartments. These newcomers are good looking, but a little reserved in their debut video appearance. Jay is a hung black guy, and Sanchez is a slim latino with a nice bootie. Sanchez seems to take it easily, no muss no fuss, in a number of positions.

After this, Vega is ready for some of the real deal. He activates his live Internet camera, and calls over a regular buddy. In walks a youthful chulito named Draygen, who carries a very cute smile and a very sweet looking ass. (He subsequently gets fucked in Pittbull's Dillon The One) Vega pounds him all over his computer desk.

They inventively utilize both the desk and the deskchair for some nice camera angles and positions. To finish, Draygen blows a hot shot of mijo-cum that streaks up Vega's furniture.

Dimitri Santiago's Three Way

Indefatigable, Vega goes and joins two other guys, who were watching his frolic on their own cams. This is the final scene of the movie, and it is one expertly executed three way. Dimitri Santiago is a young latino with a very hot body: grinning face, go-tee, big cock and a beautifully shaped ass.

Santiago, along with Vega, throw a fine screwing to a shaved headed hispanic named Junior de la Cruz. De la Cruz is a very talented bottomboy, at one point taking both of their cocks in a fully realized double penetration sequence. This is one of those three ways were all participants clearly appear to be having a massive amount of fun. Santiago and Vega went on to camp things up together in the science fiction gay porn Wet Dreamz of Genie.

Congratulations to Enrico Vega on his maiden voyage for Enrico Vega Productions. Vega appears enterprising and imaginative, and it shows in his movie. The production quality, like camera clarity, could be better, but hopefully now there will be new money for some high-def cameras. This technical criticism is greatly minimized by the heat of the cast. and the imagination of the producers.

Vega also wisely includes a feature many films forget.... even from big studios. It contains a J.D. Slater music soundtrack that nicely compliments the pacing and action of the film. Will the next Enrico Vega adventure take us into the Temple of Cum?

The Adventures of Enrico Vega Photos:

Kendall Jay fucks Arturo SanchezWatch Now
Kendall Jay behind Arturo Sanchez
Dimitri Santiago fucks Junior de la CruzWatch Now
Enrico Vega, Junior de la Cruz, Dimitri Santiago

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