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Action! Parts 1 and 2 (Director's Cut)

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Aitor Crash , Alex Brinsky , Apolo Knowbles , Armando Del Toro , Bruno Jones , Carl Wilde , Carlos Montenegro , Daniel Marvin , Darren Robins , Eduard Dubov , Erik Demko , Etienne Cendras , Franco Dominicci , Gustavo Arrango , Hugo Martin , , Kane O'Farrell , Marko Brenos , Massimo Cannelli , Mateo Perez , Max Duran , Pedro Andreas , Ricci Julian , Rocco Banks , Rocky DeOliveira , Rogelio Diaz , Sandro Caceres
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Action! Parts 1 and 2 (Director's Cut)

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Exposing Rocky De Oliviera and Jean Franco

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In the two-part extravaganza Action!, director Kristen Bjorn exposes his fantasy drama about the gay porn industry, a world where everyone involved is big, beautiful and Spanish. Bjorn wraps the movie in a script that humorously paints everyone in the industry making billions of dollars, a fantasy world indeed. Bjorn is wryly diminishing the true state of the industry by overstating incredibly everyone's worth, which is funny if you are in on the joke.

I have no personal knowledge, but considering that Bjorn's business model since starting in the late 1980s has successfully incorporated the marketing of DVDs, it's safe to assume that he is no different from most others right now, reeling from the increased competition with the Internet.

Action! features a cast of twenty-seven guys all doing it in and around a palatial estate that closely resembles the same ground seen in Kristen Bjorn's El Rancho, Firedance and Skin Deep. Considering that this movie also includes many of the same models as well, we were a little disappointed with Action!. Couldn't there have been any more spice to the locations?

Rocky de Oliveira watches in Action! Watch on
Rocky de Oliveira observes
Marko Brenos and Bruno Jones
Lucas Kazan Movies
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On the upside, considering this new array of the Spanish locations, style and wit, it appears that Bjorn is morphing into a gay porn version of Spanish director Almodovar. Action! even features "film flashbacks" which the Spanish director incorporated into his own 2009 movie Broken Embraces. If this is so, we have to consequently wonder who is going to be Bjorn's new Penelope Cruz?

The movie begins with a bareback lovemaking episode between Etienne Cendras and Rocco Banks. Banks, who resembles a latter day porn star Shane Rollins, flip-flops with Centras in their well appointed "porn producer" bedroom.

After this, the movie starts when porn star Rocky De Oliveria arrives at his house to find two fans waiting for him on his doorstep. (Bruno Jones and Marko Brenos) Nervous, they ask De Oliver ia if he could get them in the fabulous porn industry as models. Oliveira obliges them, only after taking them inside his house for a personal interview which develops into a threesome.

De Oliveira may be one of Bjorn's best model discoveries ever, and after now appearing on numerous Sarava movies as an exclusive, he still looks like a true movie star. The two he takes under his wing, which he appears with on the DVD box cover of part 1 is Bruno Jones and Marko Brenos. Brenos is a hot black man, and it looks like Jones really did go on to become a porn star, more recently showing up in Michael Lucas' Inside Israel.

After watching them jack off a round of money shots, De Oliveira jumps in between, where they eat him alive. After this, the stack atop each other to form a gyrating totem pole of love. Starting from the top with De Oliveira, each one cums and dismounts ending with Brenos' creamy finish.

Porn Academy: Back in Training

Did you know Aitor Crash runs a porn academy? Neither did we? The randy hunk from Spain - Collin O'Neal's World of Men plays a great drill sergeant. The subsequent scenes in the film turn into one lengthy training orgy, an eye popping extravaganza with a chorus line of fresh meat: Massimo Cannelli, Mateo Perez, Sandro Caceres, Apolo Knowbles, Rogelio Diaz and Eduard Dubov.

Noteworthy mentions from this group is that Cannelli has the biggest dick, which he uses well to fuck Diaz in the ass. And the boyish Columbian Apolo Knobles, a bounty bottom who gets passed around in lots of hot visuals. The "academicians" ratchet up the heat in part 1 of the disc providing four separate sex scenes together, including an oral episode, lessons in how to eat ass using the upturned butt of Caceres, several group sex arrangements and a chain of cock sucking men running down a spiral staircase.

Orgys really can illustrate Kristen Bjorn's director skills at his best.

What happens when boyfriends decide to become porn stars? It's much like when boyfriends decide to start the road of doing three-somes or more together. Max Duran informs lover Franco Dominicci that the director he's been talking to just gave him the green light to be in his next movie. Dominicci, a stunningly handsome latin looks like a bronzed brother to Filippo Romano, is non-plussed.

Dominicci decides to up the ante. If Duran is going to do it, then they will both do it. Fortunately, their photographer is Armando del Toro, a big Spaniard with bull sized balls. He photographs a hot one-on-one session where Dominicci fucks Duran, who turns out to be a great looking bottom.

After their session and back home, Duran confesses to Dominicci that he regrets doing it. They decide that if they return to Del Toro's, they can get the evidence and tear up their contract. Oh, the fools!

Returning back, they find Del Toro in a heated three-way with Kane O'Farrell and Ricci Julian. What they see is all so hot, they strip out of their clothes, jump in and start photographing the action. After Del Toto an eye-opening double penetration of Del Toro, the boyfriends get pulled in sexually. In a fantastic conclusion, O'Farrell fucks Duran as Julian plows Dominicci's beautiful ass.

Now they know - once boyfriends succumb to the sex behind the camera, there is no turning back.

Aitor Crash in Action! Watch on
Aitor Crash runs the Porn Academy

Action, Part 2, or, The Making of Culos Hambrientos Tres

The second disc of Action! shows how the porn industry has corrupted one famous porn couple, Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin. These two latinos will do anything to complete their next film project, Hungry Holes 3 (or as they all say it, "Culos Hambrientos Tres") [Blog: Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas Worth 3.3 Billion Dollars]

After an opening shower fuck, switching off on each other bareback, the couple decide to go and make a deal with the Russian mafia to secure completion funds for their film.

Bjorn's fascination with mafia gangs, especially the Russian mafia, go back to his Bjorn's 1997 classic porn Gangsters at Large. We do not delve so deeply this time into anything sinister, but rather just meet two greedy mafiosos, Alex Brinsky and Erik Demko, a bottom who is very easy on the eyes. (and also a frequent player on

The Russians agree to put up the money, only if they are allowed to appear in the movie and if Brinsky gets fucked on camera by Spanish mega porn star Jean Franco. Later, in their hot one-on-one episode, Demko sucks Brinsky off. Afterwards, Brinsky pushes Demko down onto the bed to fuck him with his long dick.

Next, we see the conclusion to movie star wannabee's Marko Brenos and Bruno Jones quest to become porn stars. Rocky De Oliveira follows through on his promise to get connect them to the industry. He accomplishes this by taking them to the home of Rocco Banks and Etienne Cendras, the barebacking producers who started the first disc.

"This is a trial by fire," explains De Oliveira, watching his recruits kneel on their knees, sucking cocks. After Brenos blows his load in Banks' mouth, he fucks him, perched atop a table. Jones follows sliding his dick inside for sloppy seconds. They switch-off back and forth on Banks', whose hot daddy looks shine throughout. Next to these three, de Oliveira shows off more of his magical stuff, topping Cendras doggie style as he hangs off a couch. De Oliveira washes Cendras' ass check in a fountain of sweet cum. So ends the tale of Brenos and Jones. We assume that they fall into the business and live happily ever after.

Action! 5 Way Orgy Watch on
Ricci Julian tops Max Duran, Armando del Toro, Franco Dominicci & Kane O'Farrell

Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin Employ Their Tool

The rest of the movie concerns Andres and Marvin and their porn star tool Franko. Russian mafia financier Demko gets his wish fulfilled: Franko tops him in a sizzling one on one sex scene. Bent over, Franko shows Demko's fantastic looking ass, licking it out. He pounds him doggie style, pulls out and shoots a great money shot on his baby-smooth ass cheeks. Unspent, the Spaniard continues on screwing him for a second round in his lap.

The Jean Franko show continues in a cute episode where, following his boss' orders, he lures pool boy Hugo Martin up to his bedroom where use sexually persuades him to not only bottom, but also appear in the Hungry Holes 3 film project. Franko even breaks out his Best Foreign Film GayVN award statuette to dazzle Martin, enticing him to give up his butt, and film for Hungry Holes 3. They make love in a large, white bed with Martin grinding into Franko's lap until they both shoot a round of heavy loads. Despite all of Franko's sweet talk, he still has to drug Martin with happy pills in order to get before the camera.

So after all the verbal strong arm tactics, the sexual favors and surreptitious drug use, it appears that Hungry Holes 3 is ready to start filming. Models Darren Robbins and Carl Wilde show up for work early. Naturally, they decide to get in their own sex session before everyone else arrives. Wilde bends his tan body over so that Robbins, a Eurocreme favorite (Sweat from Bulldog) can fuck his hungry hole, screwing him in two great rounds of sex.

Martin, seeing nothing but Happy Dreamy Penises, gets on his knees to suck four hard cocks in a row, Franko, Demko, Robbins and Wilde. Marvin and Andreas film him orally servicing them all. This evolves into Wilde getting double penetrated by Franko and Brinsky, while Robbins and Demko make a Hugo Martin sandwich.

The final scene of the movie depicts Andreas and Marvin filming the following day's scene for their movie: Carlos Montenegro seducing the pizza delivery boy, Gustavo Arrango. Of course, the bad boy couple have to get in on the action after a point. In a hot sequence, Marvin fucks Montenegro while boyfriend Andreas films the ensuing action.

There is an awful lot to like here. Our main gripe with this DVD is that it all looks like it was filmed in one extremely large house, which after six hours needs some kind of change. Rocky De Oliveira and Jean Franko continue as some of the hottest porn stars on the planet, turning in their best work in front of Kristen Bjorn's camera. Coupled with more good work from Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas, the producers were not kidding when they named this two parter, Action!

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Action! Parts 1 and 2 (Director's Cut) Photos:

Carl Wilde and Darren Robbins Watch on
Carl Wilde and Darren Robbins
Ricci Julian three-way Watch on
Ricci Julian, Max Duran, Armando del Toro
Jean Franko and Erik Demko Watch on
Jean Franko inspects Erik Demko
Alex Brinsky and Erik Demko Watch on
Alex Brinsky and Erik Demko

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