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Ace in the Hole (Working Stiff 2)

Doug Jeffries
Studio 2000  
Ace Hanson , , Chip Noll , D.C. Chandler , , Luciano Haas , Marcus Allen , , Tag Adams

Ace in the Hole (Working Stiff 2)

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Ace Hanson and D.C. Chandler's Romantic Soap Opera

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Two years ago, Studio 2000 started a tale of romance in the workplace with its film Working Stiff. Now, porn star Ace Hanson returns to DC Chandler to resolve the romance they began two years ago on that weekend where they threw their professionalism and caution to the wind. Since then, the two have never followed up on their first time, just leaving it to their nightly dreams in their separate homes.

For Ace in the Hole: Working Stiff 2, director Doug Jefferies does a great job at advancing the story, showcasing their exclusives Hanson and Chandler, as well as showing off seven other fine models in the process.

The first action scene pairs Ace Hanson with the company receptionist Tag Adams (Stiff As a Board), who makes it plain to his boss that he's eager to please. Hanson begins his employee's assessment by sucking on Adams' balls really hard. He goes to town on those things, causing them to shine up red.

After getting his dick sucked and ass eaten, he announces to Adams that he's ready to measure up the subordinate's anal work performance. Naturally Adams can put out a grade a performance with his tight ass. Hanson slams him hard doggie style with Adams bent over the desk.

Rafael Alencar and Luciano HaasWatch Now
Rafael Alencar & Luciano Haas
Then their workplace employee assessment continues with Adams flipped over on his back, taking a ramming missionary style. Then Hanson pulls out, rips of the condom and quickly unloads his superior seed all over Adams' crotch. Adams quickly follows with white goo of his own.

Later Chandler spys a glowing Adams exiting Hanson's office, irritating him. Later Hanson calls Chandler to try and make amends. He wants them to hook up for dinner after work.

Meanwhile, two underwear models are cooling their heels in one of the offices. Apparently the Lube Company client is late to arrive to dictate to them some terms. The two latino models (Rafael Alencar and Luciano Haas) admire each others' photo work, which leads them to an impromptu hot quickie. Fully aroused in his underwear, Alaecar rolls his humongous sausage out of his tight garment. Haas gets on his knees and does an admirable job deep throating it.

Alencar returns the favor to the cute hispanic, sucking his nice dick while playing with model's hole. Soon he sinks that huge cock into Haas' upturned hole like a hot knife into butter. Alencar, one of Studio 2000's great exclusive models, has a fine body, his own hot ass shakes as he's topping Haas.

He drills Hass in two more satisfying positions before creaming on the bottom's backside. Haas shoots his load all over the office couch. They have a hot trick, but unfortunately mess up the meeting ultimately.

Next, sexy brunet Marcus Allen (Road to Temptation) shows up at their client's place for an evening meeting. Peering into their office, he sees the jockstraped Chip Noll (Camp Out) and Jay Ross on their knees worshipping a hooded Arpad Miklos. This excursion into some very light kink is an interesting inclusion into the film's mix. The blond boys do a fine job at sharing Miklos' huge monster cock with thier mouths.

Miklos soon removes his hood and let's Allen into their lair so they can have a hot fourway. It turns into the brunets topping the blonds. Ross lays on a wheeled cart which is pulled back and forth so the entire length of Miklos' cock can massage his ass. Allen gives Noll a hot pounding too. The bottoms are the first to unload. Allen sprays out a nice multi-spurt money shot. So does Miklos, all over Ross' black leather boot.

Ace Hanson Bottoms

The movie's final scene shows Hanson bringing Chandler back to his place after dinner. Here is what tons of viewers have been waiting for: Ace Hanson loses his cherry. First Hanson talks about how it has been two years since he's had a piece of Chandler.

Hanson gives him a hot screw on the kitchen table. After this, they go into the bedroom where Hanson announces that he wants his cherry ass popped. Hanson here turns in a bravo performance getting it from Chandler. Fuck me baby. Make sweet love to my manhole! Oh spread that hole, baby, are just a few of the rap lines running out of his mouth throughout.

They say how much they love each other during this great plowing, and they finish my coming while lying side by side in bed. You dicked me good today, baby... mutters Hanson as they fall asleep together. The two are going to have some prosperous times in their office from now on.

Ace in the Hole is another hot Studio 2000 production, who is definitely is consistently releasing high quality, entertaining movies that have something for everyone. The film is clearly worth watching by fans of Ace Hanson, who after this will probably find some more.

Ace in the Hole DVD Extras

These guys are cute to watch, and the DVD's bloopers show them in some fun, impromptu moments. There are also nice cast bios and a great set of photos.
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Ace in the Hole (Working Stiff 2) Photos:

Ace in the Hole (Working Stiff 2) Photos:

Ace Hanson bottoms for DC ChandlerWatch Now
DC Chandler behind Ace Hanson
Tag Adams and Ace HansonWatch Now
Tag Adams about to taste Ace Hanson

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