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The World of Flava: Paris

Keith Kannon
Flava Works  
Abdel , Breion Diamond , Cyann , Elmo Jackson , Jordan Michaels , Kilian Smith , Rio Jermahl

The World of Flava: Paris

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Bedrooms and Baguettes!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Flava Works and In 2007, Pittbull Productions sent Tiger Tyson over to Paris on an Earth-shaking sex trip filmed as Tiger's Eiffel Tower: Paris Is Mine!, which ended up being one of the studio's best videos. Not to be outdone, Flava Works followed up in 2009 with it's own on-location filmed porno trip to the City of Lights. The World of Flava: Paris doesn't have the titanic charisma that comes with Mr. Tyson, but it comes close.

In making this film, Flava's producers have flown studio favorites Breion Diamond and Elmo Jackson across the Atlantic, rewarding them with not only a nice vacation but also allowing them to dig around the terroir to score a bounty of fine French ass.

Ooh la la! Pass the champagne!

Breion Diamond and Jordan Michaels Watch on or Watch VOD
Breion Diamond prepares Jordan Michaels

Breion Diamond and Jordan Michaels

Diamond's head is crowned with a super fauxhawk haircut that only reenforces the fact that he's the King of Fucking. So turned on by Michaels' ass, it's only a few minutes before he pulls out and finds himself spewing a giant load. A quick camera cut takes us to their second round, who this time fucks the cum out of the bottom. Diamond finishes by squeezing out a second, very noisy, money shot.

Handsome and supple-shaped Kilian Smith apparently does nothing all day except lay around in his underwear and waiting to get fucked. He's got Rio Jermahl on the phone, who hurries as quickly as possible over to throw a hard driving fuck into the Parisian.

Their big dicks hang low off their cocoa tan bodies, which makes watching the top heaving butt grinding into Smith all the more enjoyable to watch. After fucking in several fantastic positions, culminating with Jermahl standing tall and blasting jizz cannon fire all over the bottom's face.

Kilian Smith and Rio Jermahl Watch on or Watch VOD
Rio Jermahl tops Kilian Smith

In Paris with no Baedeker

Elmo Jackson wanders around some of the most famous streets and monuments of Paris looking bored, talking on his cell phone. Who needs the Champs-Élysées when there's the hot Arabian Abdel standing in front of you, eager to return to your hotel room? Abdel has an utterly fantastic body. He's also extremely stiff - his body posture reveals that he's completely in a new element. Fortunately his long, curved penis is just as stiff, which Jackson quickly sets to working on.

Jackson's charm offensive works, and his new French friend starts melting. It isn't long before the American's heels are raised high in the air, and he's getting fucked. Although the two both remain quite silent, watching both guys is enthralling.

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?
Next, we find Cyann Espaise and Rio Jermahl exiting a Paris Metro station and going back to their room so Mr. Espaise can start showing off his impressive leg stretching exercises. This takes us to Jermahl's blossoming erection, and Espaise's impressive cock sucking abilities. This Frenchie is talented!

Jermahl shows off his great fucking skills in this encore World of Flava Paris performance, and Espaisy proves a perfect foil as a sexual partner. Espaisy takes everything Jermahl gives him, easily making the bottom cum while getting fucked.

Let's ravage him before we go

In an impressive finish for the film, things get even hotter. We find Jackson and Diamond at the end of their trip swapping sexual adventures. The always horny Diamond decides this is a perfect time to order in a local to finish their Paris vacation with a bang.

Espaisy returns here to get fucked by both Americans in a searing hot three way punctuated with not only the Parisian getting hammered, but also Diamond fucking Jackson who's fucking Espaisy. Espaisy gets the other two's loads squirted simultaneously in his mouth. They ravage each other, and their hotel room that's decorated with near empty liquor bottles.

The last scene of World of Flava: Paris is a one on one with Diamond and Espaisy, which actually seems to be the filming of their very first sexual hook-up, and explains how in the previous episode with Jackson, Diamond knew this Frenchman and was able to so easily dial him up on his cell phone for sex.. This is their second time together in the movie, and the third time doing it in this movie.

Both guys put in their usual great sexual performances, but some viewers may tire of seeing them again. Then, again. Probably not. It's all good.

You can watch World of Flava: Paris and many other Flava works right now on Naked Sword.

The World of Flava: Paris Photos:

Abdel and Elmo Jackson Watch on or Watch VOD
Elmo Jackson services Abdel
Elmo Jackson Paris Three Way Watch on or Watch VOD
Elmo Jackson, Breion Diamond, Cyann Espaisy three-way
Paris Three Way Orgasms Watch on or Watch VOD
Les petites morts!

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