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Wilde Road

mr. Pam
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, Dylan Roberts , Jessie Colter , , Phillip Aubrey , Troy Daniels
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Wilde Road

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Christian Wilde Is Really Going Places

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

We first find our hero flailing about, submerged in the sweet, uncertain pillows of heterosexuality. It's early morning, and he's on top of some girl, fucking, trying to get his rocks off. How long has he been stuck here? Just one night, or possibly all of his life?

Cutie pie Dylan Roberts is the catalyst who pulls him out of this pussy vortex, kicking and screaming into the earthly pleasures of masculine adventure, male bonding and Jack Kerouac.

Wilde Road needed a strong figure cast for the main role, someone with the right looks, and who also can believably carry the story line. Naked Sword's producers wisely cast Christian Wilde, a charismatic young man who has been appearing in videos since 2010.

What exactly makes Wilde an interesting figure? Perhaps it's his initial ambivalent attitude towards sexuality. He seems perfectly happy with the All of the Above choice for sexual preference. In his interview on Real Big Boys Measuring Up!, he confesses to being a bisexual, who is very sensual and especially loves kissing. In his very interesting interview on this DVD, he waxes eloquent about the sensual, and omits any mention of bisexuality.

Wilde Road starts with Roberts taking Wilde up to "gay uncle Steve's" for a day trip, a comfortable ranch house with a welcoming swimming pool. Are these two guys in a comfortable heterosexual bromance, or is there something more? While swimming, they fall into what can be described as a lovers' tiff, causing the upset Wilde to exit, and start hitchhiking back home.

Little does Wilde know that he's hitchhiking down the Appian Way that leads to all male anal sex.

Christian Wilde and Philip Aubrey Watch on NakedSword
Christian Wilde hitchhikes with Philip Aubrey
Wilde ends up getting a ride from a remarkably creepy Phillip Aubrey. They lurch down the road in a beat up pickup truck, decorated with assorted bits of trash and AM radio. After driving awhile, Aubrey pulls over and announces that he requires payment. Aubrey tells Wilde, "Pull your dick out."

What's remarkable about this scene is how the director (the skilled Mr. Pam) and models transition this believably from a potentially scary hitchhiker scenario to very hot outdoor sex. Sitting in the cab, they start beating off. Uncowed, Aubrey pushes the envelope.

After blowing Wilde's rigid prick, they exit the confines of the truck. In a most impressive show, we watch a reluctant looking Wilde standing against the side of the truck, as Aubrey enthusiastically fucks himself. He masterfully moves his butt up and down the full length of Wilde's pole.

Aubrey's velvet ass melts Wilde's defenses, turning him into an animated top, fucking the trucker in several hot positions. Aubrey ends up getting fucked doggie style in the bed of the vehicle. This may be the hottest sex in the back of a truck from William Higgins introduced this in The Young and the Hung.

Wilde drops his load into Aubrey's open mouth, the first of many oral cumshots in Wilde Road. Naturally, one he's gotten his rocks off, Aubrey leaves the dazed and bewildered Wilde alone on the side of the road.

A Shortcut through Mushrooms

After this, Wilde finds himself trespassing on some stranger's property. Fortunately the property owners turn out to be a confident and well-grounded gay couple cheerily played by Jimmy Durano and Troy Daniels. Now, some readers may not have noticed this, but many of today's story-driven porn videos are rife with pessimism and cynicism. (Jilted lovers, revenge sex, stealing) It is at this point in the story when Wilde Road takes the refreshing, uplifting turn. Wilde's discovers that Durano and Daniels are a gay couple radiating warmth and compassion.

Not only are these guys relentlessly nice, they are really hot. They invite Wilde to watch them make love, a voyeuristic show every viewer will be happy to participate in. Their activity is a cross between heavy petting, hard fucking and tantric sex.

In what can only be described as body worship, Daniels sucks Durano's beautiful dick, complimented with a chorus of kissing and caressing. Durano reciprocates. Eventually Durano settles on his target - his partner's asshole, which he opens by spreading apart Daniels; cheeks with both hands. He hits the bulls eye first with his tongue, then his dick.

In a satisfying sequence, Daniels bounces his springy, fuckable body above Durano, followed by energetic fucking on all fours. Durano demonstrates once again his ability as a masterful, engaging top. He ends by shooting his load into the bottom's mouth.

Philip Aubrey and Christian Wilde Watch on NakedSword
Christian Wilde fucks Philip Aubrey
Dylan Roberts and Christian Wilde Watch on NakedSword
Dylan Roberts and Christian Wilde
It turns out everyone at this happy home is feeding their appetites. While watching them fuck, Wilde decides to help himself to a plate of "magic brownies," turning him into a babbling, friendly bowl of jelly. The couple leaves their houseboy/gardener (Jesse Colter) to baby sit, who's more than happy to see where this can all end up.

Seduced By the Gardner

"What the Hell happened to all the brownies?" First, Colter gets to chase the near naked Wilde around the yard with a wheelbarrow. This becomes an invitation for Wilde to take the reins. Kissing leads to boners, and Wilde finds himself moaning to a blowjob while leaning back in a swinging hammock.

By this time, Wilde has discovered the sensuality that comes with sex, inspiring him to give head to Colter. "This feels good for me, too!" declares Wilde. With his face down him Colter's crotch, he notices the convenient proximity of his anus, inspiring him to reach out and lather it with spit.

Wilde politely asks the gardener if he can slide his own hose in there. Our hero learns manners quickly, and Colter rewards him by sitting down on it, where they fuck noisily in that lazy hammock. (It's even lazier by the time they've finished.)

The top down view of Wilde's penis when he's cumming remarkably shows how engorged it gets during orgasm. It's a fucking monster.

It turns out this journey of discovery awakened our film's star. Wilde returns back to his friend carrying both an enlarged heart, and an enlarged penis. Coming full circle, Wilde returns to where he began the film. Wilde now realizes that his best friend also loves him. He find Roberts waiting patiently in the swimming pool for him. He glances up Wilde like a puppy dog. Now it's Wilde who initiates the tender, loving sex session that brings this feature to its steamy end. (Roberts' money shot is eye popping.)

Wilde is a superb leading man for this impressive project. Every model, every scene is worth watching. Kudos also to Mr. Pam for fully utilizing the wide screen, high resolution camera work, capturing beautiful Northern California scenery amongst the sexual activity. Everyone will have a great time watching Wilde Road, and it won't just be because of the magic brownies.

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Wilde Road Photos:

Jimmy Durano and Troy Daniels
Watch on Naked Sword
Jimmy Durano and Troy Daniels make love
Jesse Colter and Christian Wilde
Watch on Naked Sword
Jesse Colter gets fucked in the wheelbarrow
Christian Wilde tops Dylan Roberts
Watch on Naked Sword
Christian Wilde tops Dylan Roberts

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