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Chris Steele
Jet Set Men  
Kris Jamieson , Zachary Perry , Brett Summers , , Joey Hard , Riley Banks , Landon Conrad , Lucas Knight , Seth Knight , Jake Genesis , Johnny Torque
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Waxed Jet Set cover

Waxy Business

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It takes a lot just to make an honest living nowadays. Jake Genesis' car wax shop appears to be hanging by a thread until employee Riley Banks stitches together a plan kind of like the guys in the 80's movie Risky Business.

What does he have to do to get the cash flowing again? Just flash his ass.

At first, Mr. Banks, who looks adorable wearing his black "Wax Boys" tank top, seems oblivious to the fact that his bug butt is half-hanging out of his pants. Leave it to Landon Conrad to go out of his way and bring this to Banks' attention.

On his knees, Conrad gives Banks an enthusiastic blowjob, which he eagerly reciprocates. After that they climb into the open backseat of Conrad's convertible to shift the action into high gear. Ass sticking out, Conrad drills Banks' thick buns. Flipping him over, they both shoot gallons of grease.

Landon Conrad and Riley BanksWatch Now on JetSetMen
Landon Conrad and Riley Banks
Kris Jamieson and Lucas KnightWatch Now on JetSetMen
Kris Jamieson and Lucas Knight

Johnny Torque Buys the Clutch Popper

"I didn't know you had services like this!"
- Kris Jamieson
Word spreads quickly about all the spreading cheeks at Wax Boys. So much, our heroes start having trouble meeting all the new demand. Jumping to new hire Brett Summers' first day at work, we see that he handles things pretty well.

His first customer is Johnny Torque, who purchases the "Clutch Popper" add-on, which allows him to bury his huge cock balls deep into Summers' ass cheeks. Torque fucks guys, clearly, like he fucks pussy. He hammers Summers at ramming speed for a long time.

In a hot visual, Torque pushes Summers back onto the hood of his car, fucking him until they both cum. "Damn you waxed my ass!" declares

Watch this scene to see why Torque made such a big impression with his fans. Kudos to Summers for handling it all no muss no fuss. If you think about it, particularly since Mr. Torque performed all the hard work, it actually makes more sense if Summers paid him.

Lucas Knight Buffs on 'Hard-on Wax'

Next, we meet another dedicated new member of the Wax Boys team: Lucas Knight (Frathouse Cream), who for this film is sporting a goatee. When Kris Jamieson arrives to pick up his truck, pops his cock out of his pants to finish the job. "I didn't know you had services like this," says Jamieson as he gets on his knees.

Jamieson works over Knight's transmission, ultimately bending him over so he can insert his long dipstick. Jamieson is a great top, especially in his doggie style romp with Knight. (He was also good in Jet Set's 21 Hump Street.

Both guys shoot nice money shots. Big enough for waxing!

Johnny Torque and Brett Summers Watch Now on JetSetMen
Johnny Torque behind Brett Summers

We Give Wax Jobs

"Turn around and let me see those hard Wax Boy cocks."
- Jake Genesis
Our heroes finally decide it's time for an old fashioned career night to recruit the best and the brightest, which cruises Waxed right to the finish line - it's an orgy!

Genesis puts on a great performance here as the conductor of the operation, giving verbal commands to the new recruits. He systematically guves personal attention to each of the trainees. They form a chorus line and bend over for his tongue.

Then in a hot visual Genesis fucks the bent over Seth Knight, who looks particularly desirable with his slim body hanging off an office chair. Meanwhile Jack King (aka Buddy Davis) and Zachary Perry make a Joey Hard sandwich. King drills Mr. Hard's capacious ass at length, which is apparently so sweet, it even pulls in Mr. Knight, who tops him until they both cum.

Mr. Genesis finishes everything by throwing a hellacious fuck into Perry, who ends up doused in sperm, both his own and others. His navel's completely filled with it.

It's always fun to see Jet Set let their hair down from time to time. Waxed reminded me of their earlier see Ass Cruisin'. Everyone's clearly having a good time. Waxed is a cute, fun movie, which is guaranteed to bring on an enjoyable evening.

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Waxed Photos:

Watch Waxed Trailer

Waxed Orgy Watch Now on JetSetMen
The Waxed Orgy
The Waxed Orgy Watch Now on JetSetMen
Seth Knight tops in the Waxed Orgy

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