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Viral Loads

Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
Blue Bailey , Steven Richards , Drew Sebastian , Brad McGuire , Noah Paris , Drake Corrigan , Element Eclipse , Corey Bengal , , , Leon Fox , Jaxon Jones , Anthony Bartkus , Pete Summers , Jack Hammer , Rad Matthews , , Alan Gregory
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Viral Loads Treasure Island Media

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Don't Go Down to the Basement

Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

Literature and the arts have a history of committing the absolutely debauched to page, canvas or celluloid. The Marquis de Sade's writings were so brutally shocking he inspired the term Sadism (and The 120 Days Of Sodom remains a hellishly unsettling read well over 200 years later). The reader, or viewer, of documents of depravity, is in an unsettling position. Some state that we are drawn to darkness, others positively seek it out.

With that said, Paul Morris' latest work Viral Loads has a cover that looks like it could have been taken from one of the black magic books of occultist/writer Aleister Crowley. Implying devilish intent, the Treasure Island Media insignia is transformed into a Latin encircled pentangle like a Satanic spell. The film even starts with a caption from scribe Samuel Johnson, "He who makes a beast of himself removes the pain of being human."

And the title Viral Loads informs every scene (and every orgasm) in the film by definition. This is a bareback movie, and although the jacket does not explicitly say so, every sign and signal implies that these loads are quite literally viral, rather than the Mansex is a virus explanation used on the rear cover of the film.

So with all that said, the "science project" elephant in the room cannot be ignored, and neither can the reality that some out there certainly fetishize "conversion sex". It is not our job here to judge or comment on this, but those of you who cannot stomach such a thing might want to give this film a wide berth. However, if your constitution is less weak, or indeed if you actively pursue dark or taboo pleasures, you will find some extremely erotic fare here, with some first rate models, fresh and fantastic set-ups, and amazing sexual chemistry.

Blue Bailey in Viral LoadsWatch | Download in High Def
Blue Bailey stars in Viral Loads

Don't Go Down to the Basement..

Viral Loads' super strong opener "Adult Bookstore Basement Fuck" stars uber-hot sub boy (and for my tastes one of the best models in this movie) Blue Bailey, of The Mix and Bareback Bound fame, and hung Daddy top Steven Richards (Sleaze 3, Lust Resort), whose ball sack is already soaked wet with Bailey's glistening saliva as the scene begins. Richards' nasty veiny rock-hard cock is already pummeling the sheer fucking hell out of the boy's throat as the scene opens. He does not hold back on his verbal direction either, and this only adds to the intensity of the action, and Bailey's slurping and sucking, and "Yes Sir" responses make the scene absolutely cum inducing.

But it's when poppers-sniffing Bailey is turned around and his ass is fucked quite literally to hell and back that the action reaches a pinnacle of intensity that makes this scene a stand-out classic. The up-close camera work allows us full access to Bailey's facial reactions, and it just has to be seen to be believed. His mixture of emotions including pleasure, pain, passion, innocence, lust, and god knows what else is displayed right there on film for us, in a spectacularly intimate and supremely erotic way that truly has to be seen to be enjoyed. Absolutely stunning.

"He who makes a beast of himself removes the pain of being human."
Samuel Johnson
Bailey is the star of the next two scenes too. "Blue's Glory Hole Dessert" has our now clean shaven sub-slut sucking some amazing anonymous dicks dry through the glory hole, even stooping down to lick the spilt cum from the bookstore floor.

"Man Worship" completes his dark initiation, as he is the centerpiece in a room of over 10 craven cock-bearers, each end of the lad stuffed and loaded by cock after cock after cock in an extended gangbang featuring tops of all shapes and sizes. At some point an absolutely massive jar of spunk (yes, labelled poz cum) is injected into his boyhole by Dayton O'Connor and Drew Sebastian, and Max X hungry wide-open mouth makes sure nothing is wasted. My god, its nasty stuff. See it to believe it.

If you haven't shot your days' worth of cum already during the first near hour long trilogy we'll be absolutely amazed, but there's much more to cum. Next, a threesome featuring blond uncut hottie Logan Stevens, bearded brunette Dayton O'Connor and bottom-in-waiting Gabriel who is enticed in to the action after a steamy 69 session between Stevens and O'Connor. Gabriel is fucked raw by both tops, who trade out his holes in a variety of positions, until he is so wide open his hole just eats up the erect phalluses when the duo decide to double penetrate his ass in the scene's climax.

"Roadside Fuck" keeps the focus on Dayton O'Conner's huge manhood, and introduces bottom Gunner in a graffiti-board landscape onto which Gunner leans to maintain stability as he is power penetrated hard, deep, and wild until thick white cum pours out of his well fucked ass.

Next "Pure Trash" finds newcummer Anthony Bartkus fucking the well pierced and tattooed bottom-slut Pete Summers in a cheap motel setting. The action is intense, slutty and, well… as cheap and dirty as you would expect.

Viral Loads Trailer

Anal Amputee

Quite simply one of the most unique offerings is the next scene "Complete", featuring masculine bearded top Drew Sebastian and bottom boy Nick. When the scene first opens we see a close up of Nick sucking on Sebastian's throbbing meat, but it is not until the camera zooms out that the true uniqueness of the scene becomes apparent. Nick has lost a leg in a highway crash, and he has little more than a stump on one side of his body, but this does not stop him from slutting down with the best of them one bit, as we clearly see here. Nicks' sheer maneuverability betrays his greedy cock lust, as he is fed, fucked and seeded in all manner of positions by Sebastian, all the time maintaining his balance while being raw-fucked to sheer breaking point. It is a one-of-a-kind experience, and kudos to Treasure Island Media for showing that man-to-man sex takes such a variety of forms.

"Cheap Motel, Sleazy Fuck" begins outdoors on a real motel balcony, and pair's models skinny hung boy Rad Matthews (The After Party) with Jack Hammer (Danny Blue And Jack Hammer) who's outdoor smoking, fondling and goosing leads them inside for some more intimate and hardcore action.

Interestingly it is Hammer who bottoms here, in a sexually depraved bare fucking as cheap as the room it was shot in. And the reservoir of cum in Hammer's hole at the conclusion of the sex would be a fitting end to this collection in itself, was it not for the bonus scene offered up as a freebie from the archives...

"Gold From The Vault" is a never before seen threesome starring porn legends Brad McGuire (Manfuck Manifesto), Austin Shadow (Fearless) and Alan Gregory (Dungeon Gang Bang). It's hard to believe this scene has never seen the light of day just from the sheer popularity of its three stars, but until now it has not. At last though we finally get to enjoy bottom Gregory deep throating over-endowed Shadow while he takes skinhead McGuire's uncovered penis in his hole, before trading orifices for the top-duo. Finally, a wince inducing double fuck compliments of the super-hung pair that ultimately completes this absolutely amazing collection of debauchery, breeding, and forbidden sex.

If dark sex magic is what you're seeking, you will find it here in wanton abandonment. Envelope pushing, genre-changing, carefree, dangerous and absolutely superb. Fall under its spell.

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Blue Bailey Gang BangWatch | Download in High Def
Blue Bailey's Viral Loads Gang Bang
Viral LoadsWatch | Download in High Def
Taking Loads

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