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Twinky and the Bear: A Beary Gay XXX Tale

Manville Entertainment   MVL-03
Shay Michaels , Dustin Gold , Ryan Colton , Dusty Williams , Brian Davilla , Chase Young , , Fabio Stallone , Ian Levine
BearsDaddy / BoyTwinks, AmericanHairy GuysParody / Spoof

Twinky and the Bear MVL-03

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It's a Twink Home Invasion

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Goldilocks never had it so easy. But then she's not Ian Levine.

Twinky and the Bear is an enjoyable diversion from Manville Entertainment. The movie showcases what the manly men of a certain age are teaching today's millennial generation when they barge into their homes. They are eager students.

In all four of the film's scenes, the twinks break and enter the bears' homes, and quickly settle in. They only have to put up with a few growls before they are pulled into getting fucked by the bears, or, as in one hot episode, fucking them.

Technically, the production could be a little more polished. Hearing the models' speak their lines isn't easy as the live sound level is uneven. (Couldn't they be recorded separately on a digital microphone? If it sounds cheesy, so what? This is a parody, after all.). Considering just the sound and some dim lighting here and there, for a movie like this it's fine.

Everyone should enjoy watching the boys find their porridge.

He Came in Through the Kitchen Window

Prepare yourself now. After watching the first scene, you'll become envious of Fabio Stallone. Why does Chase Young have to climb into his kitchen window? We all have perfectly good ones. Why does that guy have to be the lucky strike?

Foreplay commences with nice dick sucking, followed by Stallone eating Young's ass to a chorus of coos including "Fuck me, daddy" and "You like that hole". The strapping Italian reaches into a cabinet where he just so happens to have condoms on hand just for such impromptu situations. (Are other neighborhood twinks unexpectedly climbing into his kitchen?)

Stallone dick is fat, uncut and curved. Young clenches his teeth when the bear shoves it in his ass. Many viewers may be more familiar with Stallone's alternate porn moniker, Luca Bondi. Actually, compared to many other videos of Stallone / Bondi's, this one is vanilla. And you know what? It's a nice change!

Both guys are a hot couple to watch. Maybe after they finished, Stallone baked a nice gingerbread.

Chase Young finds a windowWatch Now
Chase Young finds an open window
Chase Young sucks Fabio StalloneWatch Now
Chase Young sucks Fabio Stallone

Hibernation Mode (In the Sling)

Horned-up hottie Dustin Gold happens upon the slumbering Shay Michaels, who's hibernating for the Winter in his sling. Can't he just let sleeping bears lie?


Upon stealing in through the garage door, Gold is all apologies to the bearded beast. He soothes him with kisses and love, all without Michaels having to even get out of his perch.

In this scene, it's the twink who tops the bear, and both guys play their roles perfectly. Gold shines as a top, using his long cock to pound Michaels' ass. And he sure knows his way around fucking guys in slings. In a high moment Gold raises his hands high, grabbing onto the bars of device while pounding.

Gold grips onto Michaels big, sexy legs as the bear cums in his mouth.

More Fur and Fangs

In the next episode, we meet another twink who's youthful self-centeredness causes him to stray onto private property. Ryan Colton may be simply seeking a telephone to make a call, but Dusty Williams catches him and decides that he's letting him off that easily.

Williams let his fingers do the walking across Colton's naked body, grabbing both ass cheeks with his hands to fuck him from behind. There's also hot footage of the kid riding Williams' dick, who's all smiles. It's another hot hook-up, which once again ends with the bear cumming into the twink's mouth.

Dustin Gold and Shay MichaelsWatch Now
Dustin Gold undresses Shay Michaels

I was fucked by two grizzlies! The last episode is arguably the film's best. This may be because of the appearance of Ian Levine, or Levine's ass, or the fact that he ends up in bed with a friendly bear couple who fucks him royally. Take your pick.

Ian Levine has booty for days (as well as an extremely attractive personal demeanor that comes out on camera). He ends up in the bed of Christian Matthews and Brian Davilla, a couple who takes as much pleasure sharing Levine with themselves as they do with us.

After passing him around back and forth, Levine moves to the front of the bed to squirt on both of their faces. He does, although his money shot is so strong, lots of it flies over the designated area hitting Matthews' furry chest.

Despite Levine's messy sperm shooting, the guys all feel their encounter hit the spot. "That was just right!" announces the smiling Levine.

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Twinky and the Bear: A Beary Gay XXX Tale Photos:

Ian Levine rides Christian MatthewsWatch Now
Ian Levine rides Christian Matthews
Dusty Williams tops Ryan ColtonWatch Now
Dusty Williams tops Ryan Colton

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