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Tools of the Trade

Christian Owen
Hot House Entertainment   HH082
, , , , Trenton Ducati , Tate Ryder , Justin Beal
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Tools of the Trade DVD boxcover

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The hammers bang the anvils.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Cracking open the assembly toolkit, we find an assortment of hammers, clamps and deep sockets. Spread these men out all over the workbench, and we've got a rock solid Hot House video.

Of the video's four tops, three of the models work as "total tops" in the industry. Some may grumble that these guys get boring, but no. They've got the skills on how to use that power between their legs, in the tightest of spaces. Amongst the bottoms, Tools of the Trade is an excellent opportunity to watch dreamy Tate Ryder getting nailed twice. Don't pop a gasket.

The work day opens with Tate Ryder, whose naturally hanging around the employee bathroom shirtless. His beautiful, smooth face and body couldn't be anymore perfect. There's a brief tease with him cruising Jimmy Durano, who all too soon exits. In comes Trenton Ducati, who doesn't let this man slip through his fingers.

In a great visual. Ryder bends over. Ducati takes his time to fuck him with his tongue. You can see the fire in Ducati's eyes as he charges forward, wetting down Ryder's open hole with his mouth. Out pops Ducati's python-size phallus out of his work overalls.

He slides his plumbing snake long and deep inside Ryder, who handles this mind-blowing reaming standing doggie over the urinal trough. For their second fucking position, Ducati thoughtfuly grabs a rickety bench placing it conveniently before them. Here, his conquest can lay while getting fucked.

Using his fat cock, Ducati screws him in long thrusts. The top explodes cum over Ryder, whose already blasted wet seed all over himself.

Tate Ryder and Trenton DucatiWatch on - Watch VOD
Tate Ryder and Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano and Derek ParkerWatch on - Watch VOD
Jimmy Durano and Derek Parker

Jimmy Durano's Fan

It comes as no surprise that Mr. Durano's work clothes which he wears on the job at this construction site includes a white jockstrap. He tools around with some vagely-defined fan equipment when Derek Parker marches in.

Parker's roaming the workplace shirt unbuttoned. Upon seeing Durano, he outright demands to be blown. Durano complies, working over Parker's pipe at length.

Parker's control bottom moves appear so easy and natural, it's difficult to notice. Soon, Durano takes his CAL OSHA condom from his work pants, and rolls it onto his wrench-shaped erection. Easing it in, Durano quickly gets his rhythm going, pounding the daylights out of his associate.

Parker's completely at home bent over, on his knees. In a hot visual, the bottom perches atop another workbench, while Durano climbs above him. He fucks Parker from above, ramming him until his valves cannot hold back, popping open, blowing hot jizz down his backside.

Jimmy Durano above Derek ParkerWatch on - Watch VOD
Jimmy Durano above Derek Parker

Tooling around with Spencer Reed

Many people will watch Tools of the Trade because of the boxcover's fine photograph of Spencer Reed. It was one of Reed's last video's before the porn star switched careers so that he could DJ full time in Berlin. Mr. Reed is in fine form here.

He grabs our attention immediately when he lights his cigarette with a blow torch. Casually smoking, he's interrupted by noisy bottom Justin Beal. With a confident smile, Reed lays down the law and orders Beal to open his pants.

Reed moves like a gentle giant throughout this scene, sucking, getting sucked fucking. With his enormous physique, downed with a carpet of man-hair, he could play a magical titan on the fantasy television show Once Upon a Time. (Fuck Captain Hook!)

Beal stretches his hole open in anticipation of Reed's fur snake. Bent over, Reed fucks him, filling him up all the way, sliding on and out in long thrusts. Beal's bottoming skills here are most impressive. With his scruffy look, dark hair and muscles, Beal looks kind of like Falcon's Tom Chase in his later uberbottom performances.

Like Durano in the previous scene, Reed ends up ramming the bottom from above, this time turned both ways. Reed showers the bottom's chest with cum.

The movie doesn't let up at all. The final scene brings another excellent performance from the returning Mr. Ryder. He's paired here with Topher Dimaggio, who looks just as stunning both in and out of clothes.

From start to finish, these two show sexual attraction. The heat between the two is palpable. The final sequence shows Ryder on his back, legs open wide getting fucked by Dimaggio. It's arguably the hottest visual of the entire film. It's in this position that Ryder explodes all over himself. Dimaggio follows by hosing the bottom down with waves of hot cum - picture perfect money shots to close the film.

For this movie, Hot House shows they've got some real studs in their toolkit.

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Tools of the Trade Photos:

Spencer Reed and Justin Beal Watch on - Watch VOD
Spencer Reed and Justin Beal
Justin Beal and Spencer Reed Watch on - Watch VOD
Spencer Reed above Justin Beal
Topher DiMaggio tops Tate RyderWatch on - Watch VOD
Topher DiMaggio tops Tate Ryder
Topher DiMaggio and Tate RyderWatch on - Watch VOD
Topher DiMaggio behind Tate Ryder

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