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Steve Cruz
Raging Stallion Studios  
Shawn Wolfe , Jimmy Fanz , Adam Ramzi , Aleks Buldocek , Boomer Banks , , , James Jamesson
Oral SexRimmingOutdoor SexHairy GuysMystery/Thriller

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Is it me or are the locals freaky?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The moon's rising on Raging Stallion. This time, it's a different kind of animal. In Timberwolves, we find a society of gay bears and cubs living peacefully out in the country, where the daily occupations are fishing and fucking. What else lurks in the dark shadows of this Grizzly Peyton Place?

Laced throughout this are the fortunes of three gay friends (all bottoms): Shawn Wolfe, Jimmy Fanz and Marcus Isaacs. They are drawn to the area's scenery, as well as the big dicks. Director Steve Cruz skillfully combines this fun plot, plus some atmospheric monster innuendo, into a four scene sex flick.

If you haven't been following Raging Stallion lately, the guy everyone's talking about is Boomer Banks. This guy is something else. My personal appreciation is because he's a nice change from the usual stamped-out models from the porn industry. He's sexually ravenous, wields a beautiful cock, oh, and he's a man of color.

Stay on the roads. Keep clear of the forest! Combine his visible charisma with that, and Banks reminds this writer of former Raging Stallion exclusive Manuel Torres from several years ago. Woof! The movie starts with Banks seducing Marcus Isaacs at a bar while shooting some pool.

They adjourn to one of the area's enigmatic secrets - "The Bend," which appears to also offer a comfortable outdoor rear deck and jacuzzi. Planting passionate kisses competes with removing each other's clothing. Hopping into the jacuzzi, they trade blow-jobs. Banks in particular seems very happy lavishing oral attention onto his friend's tree of life. He's makes love to it with his open mouth.

Boomer Banks and Marcus Isaacs Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Boomer Banks kisses Marcus Isaacs
Marcus Isaacs and Boomer Banks Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Marcus Isaacs above Boomer Banks
Of course, it would be unfair to go without mentioning Isaacs blowjob skills. He deep throats Banks' full erection to base. Their fucking contains equal impact. Banks hammers the bottom from below in long, controlled thrusts, followed by them reassembling into missionary position. Isaacs handles everything with appropriate pleasure moans. In a fine finish, Banks cums into Isaacs' open mouth.

Tommy defend's a visitor

Seemingly hairier than ever, Tommy Defendi catches backpacker Adam Ramzi travelling through the woods. He confronts him making vague warnings about the potential dangers inherent in touring the California's rural parks and towns. It's unclear if this genuinely spooks Ramzi, or if he's simply turned on by Defendi's attention.

He follows Defendi to his cabin, who suddenly decides it's time to change out of his angling wardrobe. Pants off, Defendi's worm bait dangles freely between his legs, and Ramzi's hooked!

Ramzi is a great bottom who clearly likes taking control. Watch closely and it's clear Defendi loves this - one high moment shows Ramzi over Defendi, alternating between the bottom bouncing on Defendi's cock, and Defendi doing the work thrusting upward, while the bottom holds his position.

They end up on the couch with Ramzi bent over an arm taking the top's full thrusts. Defendi closes the act with a show-stopping eight spurt money shot that for a while never seems to end.

Adam Ramzi below Tommy Defendi Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tommy Defendi peers down onto Adam Ramzi

Aleks and the Wolfe

Some potent pot brownies make Shawn Wolfe horny. He ditches his friends so that he can fish for some cock at the bar. He catches a Goliath!

The tall, tattooed and literally carpeted in thick hair, Aleks Buldocek sees Wolfe making eyes at him. Unbuttoning his pants, Wolfe inhales Buldocek's cock.

Soon, Wolfe finds himself over a barrel. (Literally.) Buldocek fucks him over a convenient wooden barrel there in the bar. The top punctuates his thrusts every so often by slamming it into Wolfe, causing the bottom to squirm about, keeping himself together so he doesn't lose his marbles.

Wolfe announced he was looking for a big cock. He found it. Wolfe finally unloads his cum, flying out. Buldocek drops a big load, when it starts hitting the camera, Wolfe drinks the rest off lapping it into his mouth with his tongue.

Jimmy Fanz's freaky moondance

The next day, Fanz awakens in a strange bed. Standing over him is James Jamesson, Raging Stallion's resident sex manic Mountain Man who appears to be a descendant of the man on the Pioneer Corn Meal baking products packages. Here's where things turn weird: Fanz and Jamesson begin with a rousing sex session in a comfortable-looking bedroom.

Big and Irish (he's got the red pubes to prove it), Jamesson sinks his claws into his new discovery. Jamesson fucks him all over the bed. The bottom stays all smiles the entire time, taking it doggie style (where he looks particularly hot), and later on his back.

Listen carefully. Franz's moans turn into howling. The bottom cums first, followed by Jamesson standing over him, gushing out a raging river of jizz.

In a post-orgasm coda, Jamesson retires to the bathroom, who washes his face. He stops and stares at himself in the mirror. Who does he see? "Bob" from Twin Peaks? Meanwhile, Franz, still in bed, notices broken glass from the door on the floor.

What does it all mean?

Hopefully Raging Stallion is planning a sequel. What happens to our heroes? Do condoms also protect against lycanthropy? Is Jameson a werewolf, or is he about to make cornbread for his new lover with corn meal from his grandfather's food company?

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Timberwolves Photos:

Timberwolves Photos:
Adam Ramzi above Tommy Defendi Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Adam Ramzi rides Tommy Defendi
Aleks Buldocek and Shawn Wolfe Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Aleks Buldocek tops Shawn Wolfe
James Jamesson and Jimmy Fanz Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
James Jamesson behind Jimmy Fanz

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