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ThugBoy 7: Built to Fuck

Flava Works  
69 , Brandon Johnson , Danger Zone , Elmo Jackson , J-Rock , Magic , Mr. Saukei , Nick Wild , Remy Mars , Rico Watts , Thug Nasty , Will2K
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ThugBoy 7: Built to Fuck

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J-Rock's intense fucking starts this video like visiting an amusement park and immediately hopping on their best roller coaster. J-Rock's large man hands clasp Nick Wild's full moon buttcheeks, slowly pushing them into his massive cock. Looking up at the sky, the top's eyes roll back in pleasure.

Building steam, J-Rock increases the speed of his thrusts, using the bottom as a pincushion of love, flipping him around through a variety of positions. Wild's sweet curved cock stays hard the whole time, and he easily dumps a ton of juice as body rocks from the back still getting jack hammered.

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J-Rock takes charge
After cumming on Wild's face, a breathless J-Rock announces &Stay Tuned. More to come, baby. Just got out of Dade County. Yo!"

Hold up! Will2k flies all the way across the country, from New York to Florida, to get fucked by J.D. Magic. Will2K is a noisy bottom who looks like he really enjoys it. He curls his long arms and legs around the top while he's fucking him. However the scene lags because it's entirely filmed with the bottom on his stomach and there are no action close ups.

Next up, it's two hung Black boys who heat things back up again. Sly Remy Mars shows his smooth operator skills by chatting up Thug Nasty in his hotel lobby, and getting him up to his hotel room.

First, Remy Mars fucks Thug Nasty doggie style, which effortlessly moves into a fine flip-flop where Mr. Nasty drills Mars, sending the moaning kid into orbit. Both guys are hot fuckers whose expressive faces make it truly exciting. No wait, what's the most exciting is watching them curl into a sixty-nine and simultaneously cum into each other's mouths.

After this comes a standard paint by numbers hook-up between Elmo Jackson and Brandon Johnson. Both guys are sexy, but they mostly go through the motions and don't exhibit the rock hard energy seen with earlier couples.

There's A Hunger on Munger

Stay Tuned. More to come, baby. Just got out of Dade County. Yo!
- J-Rock
DangerZone seduces the innocent, quiet Rico Watts on the streets of Dallas' West End district, getting him back to his crib so they can smoke a joint. Watts gets flipped on his stomach, where he's a really hot guy to watch get fucked. Danger Zone dominates him easily, culminating with the bottom taking a wild ride on top, bucking back and forth with clear precision.

Want to watch a real man take it up the ass? Stay tuned to Thugboy #7's last scene. The movie finishes with Mr. Saukei stopping on the street to ask Sixty-Nine for directions. Instead, what he gets is a tight man ass to insert his erection.

Saukei is a short guy. He plays extra hard, getting extra sweaty, when pinning down his new friend. It's a hot ending.

(Note: On Naked Sword, the movie gets cut short before the much anticipated money shot)

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Remy Mars tops Thug Nasty
Rico Watts and Danger Zone Watch on ThugBoy.comn
Danger Zone tops Rico Watts
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Mr Saukei tops 69

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