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The Ultimate Top

Chris Steele
Jet Set Men  
Brody Wilde , Charlie Roberts , Derek Van Damme , Gavin Waters , Jason Goodman , Kris Jamieson , Logan Vaughn , Mark de Marco , Nick Ryder , Tristan Baldwin
WrestlingHunksSex with the CoachParody / Spoof

The Ultimate Top

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

For years, gay guys have been beating off watching the Spike TV wrestling contest show The Ultimate Fighter. The show's down on the mat, sweating and grunting is immediately recognizable as homoerotic. Add the frequent crotch in the face action, the show is clearly mainstream television's best choice for soft core porn.

So Jet Set only needed a nudge to move this into a hardcore sex contest where the winner of the wrestling contest gets to top the loser right there in the ring. The result is The Ultimate Top. a five scene match which will particularly appeal to the studio's fan base, a cross section of fans of guy sports and guy on guy straight sex action. The studio's production department goes all out securing what appears to be an actual wrestling stage in a gym, with a full assortment of appropriate props.

Tristan Baldwin 3 Way Watch Now on JetSetMen
Tristan Baldwin, Jason Goodman, Charlie Roberts
Everything's done to make it appear like an actual wresting contest, right down to the on camera interviews and a full set of sponsors, products like Bottom Out and Cockstar Synergy Drink.

Technically, it's important to note that many videos have set sex movies on the gym mats in the ring. Frequently, this kind of set quickly becomes boring. (Example, Falcon Studios' RIngside) Director Chris Steele impressively keeps things visually exciting using a fully realized set of camera angles, close-ups, back shots and positions. These production credits combined with a cast of guys throwing themselves into their sweaty work makes The Ultimate Top a great project.

The contest begins when Mike de Marco throws Brody Wilde down on the mat for a win. Wilde must now contend with how to handle the power punching of de Marco's huge phallus. It's as thick as a beer can.

On his knees, Wilde appears to have difficulty sucking it. The question becomes, will the loser be able to properly handle this prick when they're naked and not positioned face to face? Everyone cheers to see Wilde's butt handling de Marco massive meat sliding inside him.

It's a white hot episode, which clearly gets the sexual action off to a great start. Their play ends with a final view of Wilde on his back getting pumped, and jacking his hard cock furiously to a sweaty climax.

Next it's time for bearded Logan Vaughn to lay it out for winning contestant Derek Van Damme. Van Damme is a completely new face, who appears slightly intimidated by all the testosterone requirements in this plot-driven gay porn satire. When it comes time for the anal action, he does fine, throwing a hot fuck into Vaughn's great looking booty.

Coach Nick Ryder Beats Off

Next, the coach of the blue team, Nick Ryder, talks up what's happening and proceeds to beat his rock hard dick. He gives a nice solo performance, concentrating hard on working his dick. Finally he asks, "Want to see me come?"

Who wouldn't? His unloads a nice hot money shot, streaks of cum painting across his shaved pubic area.

After this comes arguably the hottest pairing of the movie, when Kris Jamieson - the high school drug dealer in 21 Hump Street - easily wins his match, allowing him to tap the ass of blond Gavin Waters. Waters has grown his fleece locks out since getting banged over at Hot House. (Trunks 6)

Where did Mr. Jamieson find those beautiful pecs? His sweet face is a perfect match to his brutally long cock, a tool that he uses with aplomb. The director captures lots of nice fucking, and both models blow a pair of winning money shots.

Nick Ryder Watch Now on JetSetMen
Coach Nich Ryder beats off

Coach Tristan Baldwin Intervenes

We are the champions, my friends. The movie places a lot of non-sexual wrestling camera time on Tristan Baldwin. Baldwin began his porn career in niche wrestling videos, leading us to conclude that he's personally experienced in the sport. For the final scene, Baldwin has to jump into the match between Charlie Roberts and Jason Goodman.

Goodman loses, and ends up on bottom. This is a delightful turn of events for the model who only topped in 21 Hump Street. Both Roberts and Baldwin take turns on his ass. If anything, this hammering on the backdoor of Mr. Goodman is too brief.

Completing the spectacle, Mr. Baldwin ejaculates, and licks up his own seed off his hand. Roberts blows a surprisingly huge load on the loser, who looks rather turned on by it.

All five sex scenes in The Ultimate Top are hot. Many will enjoy the extra non-sexual wrestling bouts and film storyline describing the rivalries between the two teams. Some may find that it's all really fake, but it's probably not any more disingenuous or contrived than any other wrestling program on television today.

The Ultimate Top Photos:

Logan Vaughn and Derek Van Damme Watch Now on JetSetMen
Logan Vaughn and Derek Van Damme
Brody Wilde and Mike De Marco Watch Now on JetSetMen
Mike de Marco points at Brody Wilde
Kris Jamieson and Gavin Waters Watch Now on JetSetMen
Gavin Waters sucks Kris Jamieson

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