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The Tourist

Steve Cruz
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Rogan Richards , Abraham Al Malek , Dario Beck , Bruno Boni , Donato Reyes , Alessio Veneziano , Paco
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The Tourist Raging Stallion

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Carpe Deim

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Steve Cruz and Raging Stallion have returned to film in Spain. Has anyone else noticed that the stories this studio creates depict Spain as a very scary place?

In Raging Stallion's Addicted, we see a man (Francesco D'Macho) creeping around and watching people through their windows. In The Tourist we meet traveller Rogan Richards being abducted for sex by Abraham Al Malek, who at the end of the film is finally choked to death by the bare hands of our hero on his couch.

What's going on here, guys? This is beautiful Spain! A land filled with beautiful men, Madrid, Gaudi architecture and beaches. These guys should be fucking and, after that, dancing flamenco.

The Tourist is adeptly carried by the film's star, Mr. Richards. Since we last saw him in Behind the Big Top, he's grown a burly beard. Richards' powerful presence could have been used better overall, as this gentle giant appears to have a wide array of talent But why are we complaining? He fucks two guys in the film - his abductor Abraham Al Malek and later the man who rescues him from Al Malek's shabby flat, a strong man with one name: "Paco."

Abraham Al Malek and Rogan Richards Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Rogan Richards behind Abraham Al Malek
Let's talk about Abraham Al Malek. He's just the right combination of sultry and dangerous. His fuck scene with with Richards is sensational. Watching him blow Richards who's shaking in ecstacy while pinching his own pierced nipples can only be described as masculinity divine.

They moan. They groan. They roll around this couch, which looks like it has a whole series of porn movies that it could tell. Al Malek braces himself for the best when Richards pushes his tongue inside that hairy ass. Not long afterwards, he's taking the bodybuilder's cock like being rammed mercilessly by a diesel engine. Getting fucked by Richards looks like an intense experience. Just don't look in my attic.

When Richards cums, he spews what looks like quarts of delicious heavy cream from his cock. In this scene's money shot, they stand shoulder to shoulder and ejaculate. Richards eclipses this in his second scene with Paco, whose face he hoses down to the point that it looks like he's been frosted like a sweet cinnamon roll.

Rogan Richards tops Abraham Al Malek Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Rogan Richards pokes around in Spain

Take the Money and Run

As the movie continues, we discover that Al Malek is part of a ring of escorts, whose nihilistic livelihood centers around a daily grind of taking money and maintaining power. Meet Donato Rayes, Alessio Veneziano and Dario Beck. They meet on the streets of Madrid, and telephone Al Malek requesting his couch.

Al Malek says that's all fine, but just don't go up into the attic where he's got Richards naked, bound and gagged. No problemo!

I learned two things from watching their three-way. I was reminded that Rayes is one sexy fucker. (See also Kristen Bjorn's Jagged Mountain) And second, Beck has a really hairy ass. The high visual is seeing Beck jacking off and watching Rayes top Veneziano. (Slipping a bit of voyeurism into any group scene always jacks things up.)

All three of these guys are hirsute. I don't know if Madrid's climate is especially dry. If it is and there's a lot of static electricity in the air, these three men could have sparked a fire.

Rogan Richards tops Paco Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Rescued! Rogan Richards tops Paco

His Last Little Death

The final scene of The Tourist shows Al Malek's spidery arms wrapping around the latest fly caught in his web, the sexy Italian Bruno Boni. I'm so glad to see Mr. Boni still filming, and continuing to look really amazing. We first talked about him six years ago in Lucas Kazan's Italians and Other Strangers.

Since then, I'm happy to report that his ass is to die for. In the sex scene with Al Malek, Boni keeps his sausage fully erect throughout, creating a panoply of wonderful visuals showing him taking it doggie style as well as riding the top with his sexy legs splayed wide.

Watching Al Malek work him over is arguably the high point of the film for this reviewer.

Richards is a man who potential talents are tapped nicely here, but you'll be left hoping for a future project that takes things higher. It's nice that Raging Stallion continues its presence producing movies in this part of the world, tapping into a set of guys which not too long ago was the exclusive purview of Bjorn and a few other directors. If these stories are true, you may want to hold off on that Spanish vacation, and buy this movie to watch safely at home.

The Tourist Photos:

Donato Reyes tops Dario Beck Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Donato Reyes tops Dario Beck
Donato Reyes rides Alesio Veneziano Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Donato Reyes rides Alesio Veneziano
Abraham Al Malek and Bruno Boni Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Abraham Al Malek and Bruno Boni
Abraham Al Malek behind Bruno Boni Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Abraham Al Malek behind Bruno Boni

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