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FraternityX   FX060
Kevin , Angelo , Grant Fisher , Andy
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Gobble Gobble!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

FraternityX offfers a soup to nuts explanation on how the guys spend Thanksgiving day. In this episode, the guys spontaneously decide that Grant Fisher's going to be their turkey. After moving through numerous rounds of sucking their dicks, they tie him up along with the ceremonial Gala apple wedged in his mouth.

Animated with holiday joviality, Angelo, Kevin and Andy ejaculate into a cup. These hot juices get injected into the turkey's ass with a convenient turkey baster. Afterwards. the guys continue this foul display by perching Fisher atop the island in the center of the kitchen. Here the guys proceed to fuck him at length. The bottom cannot do anything during this except groan.

Some may find this rather depraved. Other's may see this as a metaphoric symbol of the meat eating holidays versus the idealic life of vegetarianism.

In a high moment, the guys taunt Fisher with gobble gobble noises while fucking him. After everyone's done, Fisher sits alone in the kitchen, silently eating his apple. Nobody involved with this episode will soon be forgetting this Thanksgiving.

Also FraternityX vereran Angelo is back, and he's cut his hair!

Thanksgiving Day at FraternityX
Thanksgiving Day at FraternityX
Stuffing Grant Fisher
Stuffing Grant Fisher

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