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Name of the Game

Jake Jaxson
Cocky Boys  
, Kennedy Carter , , Mason Star , , , Turk Mason
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Name of the Game

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The Name of the Game Is Fucking

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars continues demonstrating that it's fast becoming a major player in the quickly-changing gay porn industry by releasing their first story-driven film The Name of the Game.

It's is a showcase for the studio's flagship model Tommy Defendi. Defendi's sexual prowess, masculine looks and smart employment choices over the past two years minted him into a new household name for almost every red-blooded gay male. He plays the movie's main character, an aspiring artist living in New York City, who makes ends meet by turning tricks while waiting patiently for his big career break.

This is not all. The movie's biggest surprise is the impressive performance from Cocky Boy model Mason Star, who plays a slightly naive new arrival to the city (from Sacramento, which is Star's real hometown). Simply put, Star is an amazing bottom to watch get fucked. His continuous stream of facial expressions is utterly fascinating to watch, adding a whole new layer on top of the intense sex happening at the same time. Oh, and by the way, his dick is huge - ten inches!

Defendi, Star and Phenix Saint form the perfect trinity for the film, which turns the Name of the Game's opening gambit into an unforgettable winner. (Blog: Mason Star learns the name of the game in New York.)

Phenix Saint fucks Mason StarWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Phenix Saint welcomes Mason Star to New York City

Sitting on a Park Bench, Waiting for the Man to Come

Alone in New York City, Star ponders his options when the dashingly handsome Saint parks next to him. They hit it off. In short order Saint has the new guy back at his apartment fucking his brains out. This scene is edited with a quick cut - right to the fucking. This is a very hot, unexpected move by directors Jake Jaxson and Ray Dragon.

Tommy Defendi fucks Mason StarWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Mason Star discovers New York City
Saint stands behind Star, who's bent over still wearing his shirt, his pants pushed down to the ankles. Starr cums in Saint's big, outstretched hand which he seeds into the bottom's mouth, smearing it across his smooth chest.

Meanwhile, Defendi is struggling to find a new model for his upcoming art show. (He's an abstract artist who if you notice seems to have a fascination with drawing large, colorful images of razorblades.) Saint listens patiently to Defendi's pent up anxiety and frustrations and, being a good friend, offers an Occam's razor solution - use the hot guy he just fucked, who lives right across the street.

He introduces Defendi to Starr, and he begins drawing some sketches. Soon the struggling artist is face fucking him. "I want to fuck you," declares Defendi. Star climbs atop the work bench starting another of the film's really hot fucks. Once again, the director makes it a point to show the models' facial expressions. Watch Defendi's face -- you will see exactly when his dick penetrates Star's butt.

This isn't enough for Star. He insists they call Saint into the room. Flipping the bottom over on the desk, Saint tops him on his back while Defendi explodes into Star's open mouth.

Meet the New Go Go Boy

Later, Star ends up working as a dancer a New York City dance club. Have you ever wondered what the dancers do before they appear on stage? Wearing nothing but tight underwear, Star and fellow brunet Gabriel Clark cannot keep their paws off each other.

They stop in order to perform for the general public, however they agree to later take up from where they left off. We soon find them all alone, in the bar's lounge seat area getting frisky. Clark works over Star's butt, probing it with his tongue and fingers.

He slides his big uncut cock into Star's butt. It's another memorable display punctuated by Star's nashing of teeth, turning his head in what looks like a mask of pain and pleasure. Clark pounds him in every possible position, culminating in Star cumming while getting fucked followed by a huge multi spurt money shot from the top.

It's always been a fantasy of mine to fuck a guy in a bar. - Gabriel Clark After this, Saint returns to the streets of Manhattan to go on the prowl again. This time he snags a tattoo artist. Kennedy Carter is a red-headed Brit who has filmed porn in both the UK and in the United States. Wielding a stunning uncut cock, he's another one of the extra long limbs on display in this movie.

They ignite their scene by acting out a real fantasy: two butch guys comparing their ink. They remove pieces of clothing until their own bare skin touches, which at that point they grab each other pulling themselves into a tight kiss.

It's hot gay sex New Yorker style - doing in a cramped bedroom with a view of the passing elevated train. Saint effortlessly shows off his skills here, sexually consuming Carter. They embrace in a passionate sixty-nine, Carter blowing on Saint's fat cock, that protrudes straight up like a snorkel.

The room may be cramped, but it serves it purpose - the guys deliver a moan-filled "Fuck, Yeah" sex scene with Saint humping Carter while chanting comments like "You're so fucking tight." An empty beer bottle watches them from the naked nightstand.

Carter matches Saint by throwing his legs way back, heels to the ceiling. Saint drills him in the fading sunlight, moving through many positions. Towering over the bottom, Saint releases his load, his massive body visibly and audibly quaking to the conclusion of an extended workout.

The Name of the Game Movie Trailer

Does Tommy Defendi Live Happily Ever After?

The rest of the movie follows Mr. Defendi and how he ultimately resolves his career as an aspiring artist. First he meets up with Turk Mason, who's hired him as an escort for an afternoon's fucking.

Now we get to watch Defendi alone with Mason. let's point out here that Tommy Defendi is one real sex machine. He fucks the smaller Mason with amazing method: he starts and he stops. He slows down, then he fucks faster. With his cock firmly inside, he takes a pause, appearing to clear his head, collecting himself to resume his steady domination of his sexual partner. This is all amazing to watch, in large part because he practices this all so effortlessly. No "paint by numbers" porn here!

After his trick, Defendi meets a rich art dealer (Marc Dylan) who promises to give him the big break he's always wanted, only if he can fulfill his lifelong fantasy - being the gang bang bottom, blindfolded for a group of hot guys. Defendi comes through with his promise, assembling the entire cast in a room jacking off their big dicks, waiting for Defendi to lead Dylan in.

Honestly, I found the orgy to be anti-climactic. Others may find it great, but in comparison to the earlier scenes, this orgy has trouble taking off. There are some hot moments, in particular watching Mason Star fuck Turk Mason.

How do things work out for our hero? I'm not going to give away the ending outright. But I'll say that throughout the movie I presumed that the outcome would be similar to the dramatic porn movies of Michael Lucas, such as Assassin, Missing or Michael Lucas La Dolce Vita. These movies are filled with characters haunted by inner demons in a dark, cynical world. The producers of The Name of the Game chose a happy ending.

We're happy to see more studios thriving in New York City, using the iconic town as a backdrop for filming hot gay porn. A story about nice guys who engage in great sex, The Name of the Game is clearly a must-see film. Cocky Boys looks like it will be giving crosstown rival Lucas Entertainment a run for their money.

Name of the Game Photos:

Phenix Saint fucks Kennedy CarterWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Phenix Saint fucks Kennedy Carter
Tommy Defendi fucks Turk MasonWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Tommy Defendi fucks Turk Mason

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