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The Mix

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Christian Wilde Finds Modern Romance

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With Friends Like These, Why Should We Get Married!
Naked Sword's The Mix is a delightful stew of meat and vegetables, along with strong starches and thick dollops of dairy cream. Plus, there's a hardy helping of comedy stirred in.

It's a play that takes place in a parallel universe where Christian Wilde wants to settle down and get married, Connor Maguire is sexually coming onto random guys and Race Cooper is an asshole.

You can almost see Mr. Wilde recording into his journal, "It was when they legalized gay marriage, things got crazy.". The movie begins one morning when Wilde and his boyfriend, tattooed blond Felix Warner, contentedly snuggle then suddenly a pixie gallops out of the woods. He heralds, "I was in a gathering in the woods and I kind of got lost." Then he sings out, "We can get married!"

The performace inspires Wilde to pop the question to Warner then and there. What transpires is lots of fun between a great cast of models. A breath of fresh air compared to the dark cynicism behind most Naked Sword features, Into The Mix is positively sunny. Completing the picture, Connor Habib, Blue Bailey and Race Cooper are very good at delivering dialogue.

Christian Wilde and Felix Warner [Episode 1 Preview]

We meet Wilde and boyfriend Felix Warner as they come alive on the same fateful morning that same sex marriage is legalized. Upon hearing the message, they start making love. It's a passionate outdoor sex scene with the lucky Mr. Warner underneath Wilde. He's a hot guy to watch get fucked.

They move through a hot sequence depicting Warner bouncing up and down the length of his fiance's cock. To finish, Warner blows a splattery money shot while riding. The bottom uses his sperm to jack his boyfriend off. Once finished, Wilde pops the question of marriage, to which Warner seems hesitant.

They hastily convene an impromptu party at their place, bringing their two disparate groups of friends together, forming the subsequent story and sex scenes of The Mix. In a plot twist, Warner quickly exits leaving us guessing how he's going to answer Wilde's proposal.

Christian Wilde and Felix Warner Watch on NakedSword
Christian Wilde tops Felix Warner
Felix Warner rides Christian Wilde Watch on NakedSword
Felix Warner rides Christian Wilde

Here Come The Guests [Episode 2 Preview]

Despite the new marriage freedoms, Wilde's friend Jack Ferren doesn't have along term commitment on his mind. Ferren needs someplace where he can get fucked by Angel Rock. This transpires into a hot latino escapade. Ferren is a completely new model for us - he's young, with a bright face and smooth, bare chest. Ferren is a delightful contrast to the bigger (in all respects) topman Mr. Rock.

He licks his friend's giant pinga like it's a huge piece of Tamarindo candy. The best part is watching how effortlessly the bottom takes Rock's giant cock in the swimming pool. "Feels good!" announces the top while Ferren rides in his lap. Their splashy pool side sex is the best since Kyle MacLachlin banged Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls.

Don't miss Blue Bailey playing the Peeping Tom while holding a giant bowl of salad.

Angel Rock and Jake Ferran Watch on NakedSword
Angel Rock tops Jake Ferran

Let's Play Get The Guests! [Episode 3 Preview]

It's at this point that The Mix turns into a Greek comedy. Scheming guests Race Cooper and Conner Habib upset everything with the snobby attitudes and ample pouch of prescription drugs. Cooper slips Wilde a mickey, which upsets Wilde-ally Mr. Bailey. Qho reciprocates in kind. Bailey's mix causes Cooper to shirk his attitude and become a sexual animal.

They proceed to go through a tremendous suck and fuck session outside on the porch. In a rousing visual, they take turns fucking each other in a black on white, white on black flip-flop as player pieces in a competitive backgammon game.

"We have got to put a stop to this marriage!"
Cooper cums in Bailey's mouth. Maguire gets his turn on Webber's butt, fucking him on the couch. Afterwards, they carry the bottom around fucking him more at length. Wilde'a busy topping Webber when the bottom, without warning, starts gushing cum. Then, in what is the best money shot of the film, the two tops simultaneously hose down Webber's mouth and face. Their high-flying spurts leave him caked in sticky cum.

Seduced by Connor Maguire [Episode 4 Preview]

The movie's heat continues for the final episode, which is a remarkable play between the "Two Connors". It's endearing watching Mr. Maguire make the moves on Mr. Habib.

Maguire talks Habib out into the woods where he fucks him amongst the redwood trees. Habib shows off his upper body strength by pulling himself up on convenient branches while Maguire explores his ass using both his mouth and his cock. Eventually Habib bends over to take it in a glorious doggie style position at length.

Watching Habib getting his groove on in movies is always lots of fun.

The comedy wraps up neatly, all in a style that Aristophanes would approve of. He was Greek after all. And all the ancient Greeks were gay.

Bonus: Cute Behind the Scenes [Video]

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The Mix Photos:

Jake Ferren sucks Angel Rock
Watch on Naked Sword
Jake Ferren sucks Angel Rock
Blue Bailey and Race Cooper
Watch on Naked Sword
Blue Bailey and Race Cooper
Watch on Naked Sword
Two Connors Fucking

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