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The Haunting

Jake Jaxson
Cocky Boys  
Arnaud Chagall , Ricky Roman , Dale Cooper , Dillon Rossi , , Jake Steel , Max Ryder
Science Fiction/SurrealRimmingOutdoor SexTattoosOrtonesqueTheme: Romance

The Haunting cover

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Love Is Eternal

Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

For years now, when people asked me about what exaxtly porn is, that is, as a film medium, I've compared it as something akin to horror movies. Porn is a genre that typically relies on a small number of quick set-ups. Where porn relies on money shots as orgasms, in horror, its "money shots" are blood and guts.

On that note, not all porn movies are grindhouse cliches, and nor are all horror films. So along comes The Haunting from director Jake Jaxson and the studio CockyBoys, which stunningly combines the best of both to create a completely fresh movie. For over two hours, the movie simultaneously is compelling and interesting to watch as it is erotic.

At it's heart, The Haunting is a deeply romantic story. The main characters are the tormented spirits Raif and Joe (played by Ricky Roman and Arnaud Chagall), who haunt the house where they were tragically murdered a hundred years earlier. The secret gay lovers were about to consummate their love, when the angry father catches them in flagrante delicto. The Haunting starts with the story of present-day boyfriends Dillon Rossi and Jake Steel, who rent what turns out to be a haunted house over Halloween weekend. Of all the film, episode one truly raises to the level of being fairly creepy.

Rossi and Steel take a detour to visit in an old cemetery. The general ambiance makes Rossi horny, who pursuades a reluctant Steel into oral sex next to the mausoleum.

Rossi, a sultry curly-haired Italian, turns in a subtle yet sexually strong performance for the film. His acting and sensual lovemaking are convincing. When watching the non-sexual parts of the film, Rossi is one reason it's so easy to forget they are watching an x-rated porn. That is, until the sex starts.

On his knees, he gives Steel a jaw-dropping, impromptu blow-job. It culminates with an unforgettable visual of Steel's engorged cock blasting cum into Rossi's open mouth.

The Haunting Trailer
Dillon Rossi and Jake SteelWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Dillon Rossi and Jake Steel
Dale Cooper and Ricky RomanWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Dale Cooper and Ricky Roman
Later that night, at the haunted house, the two enjoy a romantic pasta meal (Italians and their pasta!). Falling asleep, director Jaxson creates arguably the most imaginative three-way ever: it's initiated by ghost Chagall.

Jaxson effectively uses camera tricks and mood lighting to make us wonder if Chagall has assumed corporeal form so he can ride their cocks. Or have the guys somehow slipped into the beyond for this supernatural encounter?

Laying in bed, Chagall takes turns arousing both of them with touching and deep kisses. At this early point, Rossi's big cock is fully hard inspiring Ghost Chagall to sit on it. After riding him at length, the ghost gets behind Steel and tops him. Steel hops on Rossi, who genuinely appears to enjoy having bottoms straddle him, followed by him topping Chagall.

The three way culminates with Chagall and Steel climaxing into Rossi's mouth. Rossi's cum dessert causes him to explode his own mascarpone all over himself.

Going My Way?

Events lead to Rossi and Steel going missing. In the second episode we meet Dale Cooper, a private investigator hired to track them down. The clues lead him back to the same house. Driving along the road, Cooper passes a mysterious figure (Ricky Roman), who locks eyes with him. Roman is the second restless ghost who wanders the roads seeking closure.

Cooper's haunted by the sight of Roman. Jacking off in the house later, Cooper fantasizes picking Roman up, and bringing him back for a bedroom romp. In another stirringly imaginative set of visuals, we watch this turn into a gonad-churning one-on-one sex scene where Cooper and Roman fuck each other with endless abandon.

Watching them lock together in a sixty-nine is electric, which generates increasingly higher power as Cooper explores Roman's flawless body. Cooper ravishes Roman's beautiful butt, first with his mouth and then his cock. Roman responds by getting behind Cooper and fucking his hairy ass. They explode in near-simultaneous orgasm over Cooper's torso.

Waking up, Cooper realizes it was all a dream, but the ghost continues following him. Roman ultimately points Cooper to a remote shed on the property when he uncovers key secrets.

Raif and JoeWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Raif and Joe

Lifting the Curse with Gay Love and Unicorns

Christian Wilde, in one of his most interesting roles ever in gay porn, plays a successful gay artist named "Claus Heist" (cute pun), who is compelled to buy the haunted house. What's drawing him to buying an expensive remote house with a violent history?

The gothically-dressed Wilde makes a phone call, and soon arrives at his new home. Wilde walks around looking like Gary Oldman's daytime Dracula, right down to the tinted round glasses. I found this really funny. (I'm presuming this is intentional.)

Wilde is welcomed by his realtor, the eternally grateful Max Ryder. If this were the artist Damien Hirst, Ryder would have at this point been pickled in a tank of formaldehyde. Instead, Wilde fucks him like a demon possessed.

They screw all over the house. The hottest visual shows the two from the back, Ryder's leg resting high on the staircase with Wilde pumping from behind. They end up on the couch where Ryder rides the top until he blasts cum all over himself.

Wilde then unceremoniously throws Ryder outside like an unwanted dog. Why do rich artists have to be so weird? David Hockney wouldn't have done that.

"I've been waiting to do that for so long."
- Ricky Roman
The second half of the episode resolves the story, showing how the curse gets lifted and the film's tortured couple finally finish their sacred ceremony after being so horribly interrupted.

Roman and Chagall return for a fine encore. Roman stuts his top man stuff, filling Chagall's gaping love hole with his succulent uncut cock. Roman's cum shot is enormous, shooting across the length of Chagall's body and hitting him bulls-eye directly in the face.

Bang bang. You shot me down, Roman.

Ricky Roman tops Dale CooperWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Ricky Roman tops Dale Cooper

I Believe in Ghosts

The fourth scene closes bringing together Cooper and Steel, where they cope with their supernatural experiences by fucking. This time, Steel plays the top, jousting Cooper with his woody from every angle. Cooper's sexual potency, as usual, reads off the Richter scale. The final shot of him on the edge of the bed, on his back, cumming all over himself while getting fucked is a picture perfect close.

Viewers will have to watch for themselves specifically how the story works out. Safe to say, Jaxson's poignant story-telling puts the movie on a brave new level of hardcore sexual filmmaking. It's not porn, it's art, honey.

Even though creatively and technically The Haunting is a landmark film, do not overlook newcomers Dillon Rossi and Ricky Roman, whose performances here should launch them into major models. Plus, Christian Wilde's thrilling and eclectic turn as "Claus Heist" is a must-see for his fans.

The Haunting Photos:

Christian Wilde and Max RyderWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Christian Wilde above Max Ryder
Dale Cooper and Jake SteelWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Jake Steel sucks Dale Cooper

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