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The Dom

Christian Owen
Hot House Entertainment   HH083
James Ryder , Trenton Ducati , , J.R. Bronson , Jake Genesis , , Franco Ferarri , Jordano Santoro , , Tate Ryder
Kink / SextoysRimmingHunks

The Dom cover

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There's no rest for a top.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The tops in this dungeon have little time for rest. The boy in the sling waits to be fisted. Someone needs to take the sub out of his cage so he go for a walk. Someone else is waiting to be drenched.

Then there's the bound and gagged Tate Ryder, whose pent up sexual energy could power an entire city. That guy needs two tops to achieve that (temporary) satisfaction.

Through five hard-hitting scenes, Hot House's The Dom is an unapologetic expose of the toil and hardships that today's bottoms place on their mates. The Dom is also a good showcase for the devastatingly handsome Brazilian Franco Ferarri. He appears in two scenes. Ferarri first plays (convincingly) a "dom" who then apparently must come back for more. In the video's final scene, he's chained to the wall now in the role of the submissive.

He's truly an unexpected pleasure.

Trenton Ducati and James Ryder Watch on - Watch VOD
Walk That Dog!
Trenton Ducati above James Ryder Watch on - Watch VOD
Trenton Ducati above James Ryder

The Slings and Arrows of J.R. Bronson

Perfectly manicured muscle bottom J.R. Bronson is waiting. He's in the sling, legs spread, hole fully exposed through his leather jockstrap. (A beauty of a jockstrap, by the way!) Mr. Ferrari appears just in time to get to work.

He immediately gives the bottom what he wants, which is a titanic plugging of his anal cavity. They quickly get down to business with Ferarri sleeving a pair of massive rubber gloves onto both hands. A pail of viscous lube helps Ferrari go a long way on his spelunking adventure.

After fisting him, Ferrari uses his cock to fuck Bronson some more. Both guys build it all up, followed by releasing their orgasms, leaving Bronson as the cum rag. After this, it's time for Trenton Ducati to walk the dog. This scene is an enjoyable remake of the original "Walk The Dog" episode in Skuff II: Downright Filthy back in 2003.

James Ryder is a well-behaved pooch, who upon release from his cage licks Ducati's leather boot. For that he gets to drink water from his bowl.

Ryder also loves his bone, which he carries around in his mouth. Soon that's replaced by Ducati's bone, who stays completely and impressively in character for the entire scene. Naturally, Ducati fucks him doggie style.

Tate Ryder and Jake GenesisWatch on - Watch VOD
Tate Ryder and Jake Genesis

Of Human Bondage

Of all the scenes, the third is arguably the best. The daddy / boy performance between Jake Genesis and Tate Ryder is electric. Wearing a leather harness, Ryder is bound, gagged and fully erect. Genesis, whose clad in matching attire, looks as powerful as ever as he gazes upon his buddy, running his man hands up and down the length of Ryder's cock.

"I love your hole."
-Jake Genesis
Genesis thoroughly plows Ryder's melon-shaped ass cheeks. Then, after spying on them doing it from outside, Derek Parker swaggers in with his still-smoldering cigarette.

He extinguishes it on Ryder's leather chest harness while he's getting fucked. Parker takes Genesis' position for sloppy seconds, ramming Mr. Ryder's insatiable butt. After Genesis fucks, shoots and leaves, it up to Parker and Ryder to take us to the scene's climax.

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

This this we find what is the the weirdest set of the film. Mitch Vaughn is tethered half submerged in a wading pool. Water rains down onto him as Jimmy Durano takes giant swigs of liquid from a beer bottle, spraying it out on him.

It's a variation of Chinese Water Torture until Durano opens his pouch, unfurling his beautiful curved erection. After Vaughn inhales it with his mouth, Durano sticks it up his ass.

Durano pulls out and rains his own fountain of jizz onto the bottom's inner thigh. Vaughn follows with his own eye-popping multi-spurter. These may he the best money shots of the film.

The Orgasm Is All

Finally, for the last scene, Ferrari returns to the dungeon. Somehow he's gotten himself chained to the wall. Fortunately, the gas-mask wearing Jordano Santoro shows up guided by his lamp. Is this Diogenes looking for an honest man?

Ferrari begs to be fucked. Santoro responds to his demand by flogging him, then finally unchaining his new friend.

Santoro, who never removes the gas mask during the scene, ends up learning his lesson in philosophy. In this place, the only real truth is what he undeniably feels when Ferrari places his wet mouth on his stiff cock. Santoro's body is gorgeous, from his shaved head to his bubble butt, his silky smooth skin. Plus, with the mask, he's got a little of that Darth Vader going on there.

With Santoro's hand planted firmly on the back of Ferrari's head, he face fucks him, punctuated with frequent gagging. Then, Ferrari sits on it. The moment of truth comes when Ferrari spatters his load all over Santoro's mask, followed by the top's own money shot.

With five scenes of kink, and great looking gear, The Dom runs through the gamut, chewing us up and spitting us back out again.

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The Dom Photos:

JR Bronson and Franco FerrariWatch on - Watch VOD
J.R. Bronson opens for Franco Ferrari
Tate Ryder Three WayWatch on - Watch VOD
Derek Parker, Tate Ryder, Jake Genesis
Jimmy Durano and Mitch VaughnWatch on - Watch VOD
Jimmy Durano and Mitch Vaughn
Franco Ferrari and Jordano Santoro Watch on - Watch VOD
Franco Ferrari below Jordano Santoro
Franco Ferrari above Jordano Santoro Watch on - Watch VOD
Franco Ferrari above Jordano Santoro

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