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That Good Dick: Tyson

Keith Kannon
Flava Works  
Deka , Ignition , Ken Mariano , Manny Baby , Tastee , Tyson
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That Good Dick: Tyson

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Travel with a Man Whose Only Law Is Lust

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Mr. Tyson is one of many perfectly good, reliable Black tops who has moved through the industry over the years. His whole body is thick. And so is his dick. It's a real hole wrecker that he happily inserts into five noisy bottoms, prying open their assholes (with varying degrees of tightness) like a can opener. Tyson modestly explains at the start of the film "My name is Tyson, aka TKO." We can call him "TK." His remarks are culled from his fine solo in episode three.

The video's name, Tyson: That Good Dick, is reminiscent of Pittbull Productions' popular videos which trot out their star tops, especially Supreme / Castro and his Love of the Dick series. I never really saw what the big deal was with Supreme. And frankly, Flava's Tyson is much more interesting to watch because he's not a total trade, gay for pay top.

Typical of Flava Works model spotlight videos, there are five sexual episodes packaged with a solo scene, always interesting to watch to get a better look and understanding of the model. (Example, Baby Star in Star Struck.)

Most enjoyable are scenes three and four, which appear to have been filmed in a themed sex club / hotel, where Tyson's banging with the cavemen and the ninjas. More on that in a bit.

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Meet Tyson
First up, since he's "near his crib," Tyson rings up Manny Boy, a Flava bottom boy regular. Tyson screws him on his oversized, comfy couch and finishes by cumming on his face and lips. Afterwards it's smiles all around.

After this, hold on because things heat up fast. Tastee is the next guy on Tyson's to-do list. Tyson apparently has been eyeing this cute young thing for weeks. Before they hook-up they have an extended conversation involving Tyson's confusion about whether the guy he has seen Tastee with in the clubs was his boyfriend, as well as Tyson's suspicion's that Tastee is a hot bottom. Turns out, Tyson was 100 percent correct on that note.

Tastee has booty for days. Tyson pounds his jiggly butt all over the couch in extended ass-fucking passion. Tyson's lots more turned on here, and his shows by his fat cock and the huge load he squirts out of it, coating Tastee's face and mouth like glazed sugar. Tasty!

Ken Mariano and Tyson Watch on or Watch VOD
Ken Mariano sucks Tyson

It ain't much different than the caveman times

The video twenty eight-minute episode begins featuring just the TKO man himself. Carrying loads of bling and sporting Papi underwear, the photographer takes photographs while they comfortably chit chat. Tyson is a natural before the camera. At one point he lays down on a red shag carpet, thick meat pointed up in the air like Vesuvius ready to blow.

When asked what is the freakiest thing you've ever done, his answer has to go down in the record books - "I fucked my best friend's father." He continues, "He was hot..eight-pack!". Tyson gets bonus points!

Afterwards we find Tyson dozing on a bed wearing this leather, hunter-gatherer codpiece. Ken Mariano crawls up to him wearing the same garment. Are they home from gladiator school? Actually it looks like a "theme room" from one of Florida's notorious sex clubs. But which one? Mariano rouses Tyson is no time, whose cobra has in no time risen to full mast. Tyson kisses all over the bottom before ramming it in.

Silly porn stars like to play with Samurai swords.
They fuck like animals amidst the boulder rock decor and wall paintings of the cavemen. Mariano is fully turned on, riding high.

They move to a standing fuck position on what looks like a rock cliff that's washed over by a waterfall. The bottom ends up on his back, legs wide apart with Tyson thrusting inside him. It's like we're seeing the dawn of man!

Fall on My Sword!

It gets better when Tyson, dressed in a Ninja-leather outfit, confronts similarly dressed Ignition with his long sword drawn, giving a speech about what it means to spare one's life. Tyson slashes Ignition out of his clothes, and presents his cock. The grateful bottom responds by giving his new master a lengthy blow job, deep throating the fat shaft down to the base. The master eats out Ignition's ass before he fucks it. Another hot scene!

In the final episode, Tyson has returned to the twenty first-century, leaving behind his costume dramas to pounce on Deka. (AKA De'Ka) Deka's another fine-assed Black bottom, so Tyson apparently is in heaven. He tops Deka all over his bed in lots of wild positions. It is a nice ending to the video.

That Good Dick: Tyson starts off show, but soon features some hot sex, especially when our hero takes his bottom boys to the sexy theme rooms. You can watch That Good Dick: Tyson and many other Flava works right now on Naked Sword.

That Good Dick: Tyson Photos:

Tyson and Ignition Watch on or Watch VOD
Ninja Love: Tyson tops Ignition
Tyson and Tastee Watch on or Watch VOD
Tyson tops Tastee
Tyson tops Deka Watch on or Watch VOD
Tyson tops Deka

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