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SwimBoy Eurocreme

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Fish Out of Water

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Jaxon Radoc is swimming upstream through a cold, malevolent universe in Swim Boy, a solid entry in Eurocreme's Dream Boy video series. The only escapes from this cruel world comes in the form of four amazingly hot sex scenes from a cast of great looking young men.

The movie follows Radoc's enrollment into a swimming academy, where he eventually falls for his roommate, the extremely charming and handsome Danny Montero. With Montero's three sex scenes, he's stiff competition to be the star here. Montero's chemistry with Radoc is evident, and it's quite sad discovering that his character opportunistically follows around of whoever happens to be in control.

But hey, he's a great bottom!

Sex with the Coach

On Radoc's first evening he passes by the coach's room, who's played by the steely Kayden Gray. Here, as during most of the movie, Gray appears only interested in inserting himself between his students who are getting it on wearing tiny bathing suits. The boys here are Kamyk Walker and Jeremy Chris.

Somewhat terrifyingly, Gray doesn't see Radoc. He only sees his evening's sexual gratification, which to be fair looks quite delicious. Walker is a supple young blond who looks really hot getting fucked. Both Chris and Gray pound his ass on a couch.

Kayden Gray watches Kamyk Walker and Jeremy Chris Watch on Eurocreme
Kayden Gray watches Kamyk Walker and Jeremy Chris

My Soggy Biscuit Orgy

It seems the real heartbreaker of this group is a dark-haired Spaniard who's convincingly played by Kimi Monroe. This guy is a master at getting everyone to stop whatever they are doing and pay attention to him. Tonight, he's wants to see everyone fucking in front of each other.

Monroe presents a game to the boys - everyone jacks off on a cookie. (They call it a biscuit.) Then whoever is the last to ice it with spooge must eat it.

The competetion becomes what is arguably the high point of the film, especially when director Blacky Mendez starts revealing the locked eyes and longing looks of different boys who are quietly reaching out to the true object of their affection.

They move into a group orgy with Radoc fucking and getting fucked. At one point Radoc's buried his dick in the hot ass of Walker. Then in a hot visual the lean Jeremy Chris tops Radoc while Montero tops Walker right beside him.

Late Nights with Danny Montero

Afterwards we find that Radoc's roommate is Montero, and he's determined to say whatever it takes get the blond to put down his book and fuck him. What ensues is a truely touching, intense one-on-one showing them moving through close and tender sexual positions.

Montero looks like he's on top of the world riding Radoc's cock. They finish with Radoc thinking he has a future with this stunning man. Unfortunately Radoc learns this school doesn't teach swimming. It teaches him his place.

Soggy Biscuit Orgy Watch on Eurocreme
Jaxon Radoc bottoms at the Soggy Biscuit Orgy

The 400 Blows

Suddenly, the next day Radoc finds Monroe buzzing around him. He comes onto the blond while swiming in the pool, which leads to a nicely photographed underwater jack off sequence.

After this, Monroe leads a group of guys into tricking the newcomer into almost drowning. They also taunt him at every opportunity because his mother recently died. This is actually a fairly dark part of the movie.

She's not my mother! The final humiliation comes when Radoc discovers that Monroe's fucking Montero. From the outside window, he watches them fuck like rabbits with Montero once again showing off his sumptuous bottom skills. At this swimming school, Monroe is the big fish who's eating all of the smaller fish.


Vile Bodies

By the time the movie ends, we've witnessed multiple scenes of tense cruising coupled with late night lust, sex power games and cheating. Sexually, Swim Boy wins the championship trophy. Plus, the underwater sequences look very good. As far as watching the hero battling the movie's amoral characters, viewers will come away with different opinions because of how cruel the characters are.

Radoc is a compelling figure dramatically and sexually. He's film's the bright spot, Perhaps Eurocreme will show us a glimpse the next chapter of his life in a future Swim Boy Revisited.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Kayden Gray and Jeremy Chris top Kamyk Walker
  2. Group Orgy: Jaxon Radoc, Danny Montero, Kimi Monroe, Jeremy Chris, Kamyk Walker
  3. Jaxon Radoc tops Danny Montero
  4. Jaxon Radoc and Kimi Monroe Jack Off
  5. Kimi Monroe tops Danny Montero

SwimBoy Photos:

Kayden Gray tops Kamyk Walker Watch on Eurocreme
Coach Kayden Gray fucks the students
Danny Montero sucks Jaxon Radoc Watch on Eurocreme
Danny Montero sucks Jaxon Radoc
Kimi Monroe and Jaxon Radoc Watch on Eurocreme
Kimi Monroe makes his move on Jaxon Radoc

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