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Sunday Funday

Jake Jaxson
Cocky Boys  
Ben Rose , Arnaud Chagall , , Kennedy Carter , Logan Robbins , Brant Moore , Jecht Parker , Leo Lefonce , Michael Fritz
SolosHunksMen of Canada

Sunday Funday Boxcover

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This Sunday, forget the Bloody Marys.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

One of the website episode collections, CockyBoys presents a good reason to go out on Sundays. Sunday Funday is five episodes of sexy revelry featuring the studio's French Canadian guys. (Many are regulars at Montreal-based Videoboys) Viewers may also recognize a number of these same models from the yoga orgy scene in Project Gogoboy, helmed by Gabriel Clark, who's in this movie, too.

Starting off the funday festivities is a wild romp between the slim Arnaud Chagall and the muscular Ben Rose, and it's the must-see video of the film. The guys begin with Rose interviewing Chagall, coaxing forth candid descriptions of the kinds of guys he likes.

Bingo! Mr. Perfect just happens to be Mr. Rose! (And Rose is a real hunk.)

"I like to take control.
Get behind a guy --- BOOM! BOOM!"
- Ben Rose
Rose loves taking control and fucking a hot boy's butt. Soon, we are treated to watching him show off his promised sexual skills.

Rose is an impressive top, topping Chagall on a leather couch, and later carrying him over to a large open bed.

Ben Rose and Arnaud ChagallWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Ben Rose above Arnaud Chagall

Kennedy Carter

Kennedy Carter filmed some excellent stuff for CockyBoys, notably in The Name of the Game. The next episode features Kennedy sudsing it up in the bathtub with Jecht Parker, who brings a refreshing bit of color to the studio. Parker is really hot, and the perfect foil to Carter.

Carter bounces up and down on Parker at length. The only drawback to the scene is the camera work isn't up to snuff. To much of the video continuously blurs and refocuses. Perhaps filming in the bathroom wasn't so good an idea. Carter gets fucked on his back on the bathroom floor, legs up in the air, and finally (the hottest sequence) with his being bent over the bathroom counter. Some hot footage here, except for that damn auto-focus.

Pounced-Upon While Showering

Next, Leo LeFonce awakens from what appears to be the morning after a convivial Saturday evening. Semi-staggering to the shower, he finds Gabriel Clark bathing with a semi hard-on. Clark needs little convincing to pluck a new Video boy model. LeFonce is perfect bait - he's tall, skinny and pale with that rough trade dyed blond hair. He's also got a fuckable ass.

After some perfunctory ass licking, Clark deems it's time, slipping his hard cock into LeFonce's backside. The bottom grits his teeth as he takes it. Fortunately for LeFonce, the stand-up shower has a shelf he can hold onto.

The camera frequently moves back away from the models, into the entryway of the bathroom. It's as if we had sneaked into their room and were spying on them ourselves.

Then, these two bad boys repair to the bedroom, where Clark rolls LeFonce up into a pretzel and lathers his ass with his tongue. Clark then fucks him again for good measure. Clark creams thick, sugary cum all over LeFonce's O-face.

Gabriel Clark and Leo LefonceWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Gabriel Clark meets Leo Lefonce
Leo Lefonce and Gabriel ClarkWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Gabriel Clark meats Leo Lefonce
After this, things settle own for a bit so Montreal brunet Michael Fritz can enjoy his own Sunday funday alone atop a washing machine. Next to a box of Cheer detergent, he brings cheer to his penis, beating his meat until he stand up, face sweaty, and squirts out an impressive money shot.

The last episode of Sunday Funday occurs on a grand staircase, where Logan Robbins meet a mature-looking Brant Moore (his long hair makes him look like a brother on the Brady Bunch). At first, it looks like the scene could be another technical disappointment, like the previous one. Things perk up quickly.

"Did you sleep well?"
- Brant Moore
Robbins' cock perks up impressively. Moore works over his friend's cock at length, giving him a delicious blowjob. Of course, Moore carries quite a big stick himself.

Another thing that makes this interesting is that bottoming on-screen is something new for Moore. In his first videos like Betwinked and the Dicks of Hazzard, he tops.

Slim and smooth, Moore's in nice shape, sticking his pert butt out so Robbins can fuck it. They both cum simultaneously, too.

Sunday Funday has some rough patches, but also contains some hot stuff, especially the first scene with Rose and Chagall, as well as Clark banging Lafonce in the shower. There's other good stuff mixed in as well. Remember, since it's the close of a long weekend, sometimes on Sundays we have to settle.

Sunday Funday Photos:

Kennedy Carter and Jecht ParkerWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Kennedy Carter and Jecht Parker
Brant Moore and Logan RobbinsWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Brant Moore sucks Logan Robbins

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