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Summer of Sweat

mr. Pam
Naked Sword  
Mickey Taylor , Dakota Wolfe , Bray Love , Jason Maddox , Kyle Kash , Leo Sweetwood , Lucas Knight
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Summer of Sweat

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Postcards from My Edge

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Summer of Sweat is a solid all-sex vacation from Naked Sword. Via two of its scenes, the movie becomes an engaging postcard for the sultry sex machine that is Bray Love. While watching the scenes play out, one wonders if his first episode with Lucas Knight is an escort appointment. Or is he enjoying a Summer indulgence of an afternoon trick? Either way this boy knows how to find dick.

But first, we begin with a hot scene featuring gay porn's newest happy warrior Mickey Taylor. In most places, summertime makes the boys especially horny, and Taylor's hormones appear to be cooking at full boil.

Wearing little else but sunglasses, Taylor and Dakota Wolfe cannot stop pawing each other on a visit to Ocean Beach. They move their party into the back seat of a large truck where Wolfe sucks Taylor off.

The combination of Wolfe's devoted oral skills and Taylor's beautiful cock gins up lots of great footage. After this, Taylor invites his friend to his place where they cannot even make in into the house. Taylor goes to town fucking Wolfe atop a deck chair on the patio. Look in the surrounding windows, are the neighbors jacking off?

Dakota Wolfe sucks Mickey Taylor Watch on Naked Sword
Dakota Wolfe sucks Mickey Tayler

Fillet of Bray

Lucas Knight enjoys a cocktail, and decides to call Bray Love to his place so he can tend to his big penis. The brunet spark plug lights things by getting on his knees and sucking. In a hot visual, Knight places his big hands behind Love's head and face fucks him with his humongous cock.

Their sex is visibly intense. "I think this hole is ready for me" announces the top, who flips Love onto his fours. After getting it all inside him, they take a moment getting used to each other.

Then, Love signals the green light by saying "Go for it." upon which Knight goes to town. The bottom occasionally resorts to biting down on the blanket while squirming.

Bray Love amd Lucas Knight Watch on Naked Sword
Lucas Knight behind Bray Love

Fuck the Hell out of Me!

For those of you unfamiliar with Jason Maddox, he's the castmember with the "I'm going to fuck the hell out of you" look on his face. Maddox makes good on his promise with insatiable newcomer Kyle Kash.

Kash loves it. He can't keep that smile off his face when Maddox wraps around him, thrusting from behind. In a great visual, we see the top drop his load in a long stream into Kash's waiting mouth.

Drip! Drip! Drip!

The movie concludes with Leo Sweetwood on the streets of San Francisco patiently waiting for Mr. Love to appear. Bray should really time his afternoon trysts better so he doesn't keep his boyfriend waiting. Nothing good will come of that.

Is he angry? Does he suspect? All we know is that Sweetwood needs to get laid, and Love obliges. Love gets to strut his top man stuff in this scene, fucking Sweetwood's bubble butt standing up against the wall of an outdoor shed.

Things gets even hotter when they switch positions with Sweetwood pounding Love in a rickety chair. He fucks Love so hard it looks like the chair is about to break apart. Nobody is concerned. I don't think any amount of ass hammering could hurt anything. Love cums mid-ride, followed by Sweetwood shooting a splatterfest of cum onto Love's face.

Summer always brings out the sexy beast in a guy. Summer of Sweat captures it with ample inspiration and perspiration.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Mikey Taylor tops Dakota Wolfe
  2. Lucas Knight tops Bray Love
  3. Jason Maddox tops Kyle Kash
  4. Leo Sweetwood and Bray Love flip-flop
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Summer of Sweat Photos:

Mickey Taylor and Dakota Wolfe Watch on Naked Sword
Dakota Wolfe rides Mickey Taylor
Bray Love and Lucas Knight Watch on Naked Sword
Bray Love rides Lucas Knight
Jason Maddox tops Kyle Kash Watch on Naked Sword
Jason Maddox tops Kyle Kash
Bray Love tops Leo Sweetwood Watch on Naked Sword
Bray Love tops Leo Sweetwood
Video Preview Scene 4
Leo Sweetwood and Bray Love

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