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Star Struck

Keith Kannon
Flava Works  
Baby Star , Ken Mariano , Malo , PM Dawn , Slim Goodie , Usher Richbanks
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Star Struck

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Up in the heavens, his little hole twinkles. A shaft of light shines out, calling for a throbbing shaft of meat to fill the heavenly insides.

Make no mistake, there's no false advertising here. Viewers will be enchanted under an evil spell watching the star of Star Struck, Little Star. A luscious Latin boy with a compact, tattooed body, Baby Star is a demigod child - stingray dexterity and callipygian plump buttocks! He rides cocks like Ja'far rides a magic carpet.

Be careful. Nature so often plays tricks on us mortals. Many such beautiful creatures are also poisonous, and that mischievous smile could break your heart. Keith Kannon and Flava Works has captured the all sex magic in Star Struck, making it a must-see video in the studio's library.

Introducing Baby Star Watch on or Watch VOD
Meet Baby Star

A Big P.M. Dawn Fan

Things immediately take off in the first scene as Baby Star uses a ploy of playing the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to trick P.M. Dawn to pound him. Starting here we'll see Baby Star's hungry ass effortlessly swallow a parade of black battle axes in all imaginable sex positions. Can this insatiable little cock hound ever get enough?

So small, these big black guys pick him up and carry the bottom all over the room, dropping him down for more to the hilt boning.

After this we are treated to a nice solo in which Mr. Star demonstrates all of his body moves, many of which involve him bending over. To finish he jacks off shooting a big money shot onto himself.

Ken Mariano Bangs Baby Star

Baby Star shows up at the wrong hotel room for the "Bachelor Party auditions". Nevertheless, Marino insists, "Show me what you got!" Ken Mariano enjoys a veritable butt feast of our hero's assets before sliding his own hefty cock deed inside. In a hot visual, the top pins Baby Star down on the bed with both hands as he fucks him, followed by the bottom rising up and bucking all over Mariano's erection. To finish, Star cums while getting fucked, followed by the top cumming on his sweet face.
Baby Star and Ken Mariano Watch on or Watch VOD
Ken Mariano tops Baby Star

Slim Goodie Bangs Baby Star

Slim Goodie gets some alone time with Star, which they quickly use to get better acquainted. Here again, Star shows off his consummate skills as a bottom. There's a lengthy, extremely hot sequence with Star getting plowed on his stomach, his face expressing everything his little body is feeling. At one point he rises up to reveal his own rock hard-on.

Goodie keeps things riveting with a rapid-fire, continuous fucking of the bottom's ass, who uses his free hands to pinch the kid's nipples. Once again, it may be difficult to get through in one sitting. The top works up a real, visible sweat here. So will the viewer.

"You'll never guess - my flight was cancelled." "Oh no. I'm coming over now to see you."

Baby Star Plays Hot Top

Next, Mr. Star and Malo enjoy a reunion of sorts when they take their long friendship up a notch to being friends with benefits. This time we are treated to watching Mr. Star as a top, who, it turns out, is great. This guy is one hot firecracker. Like a good bottom, he knows how to fuck, which makes this one of the strongest episodes in the whole video.

The movie finishes with our hero taking on a handsome black man named Usher Richbanks. As in previous episodes, Star follows his usual modus operandi: he takes his partner's cock, sits down on it,and he rides. He rides and rides until everyone's seeing stars.

Star Stuck left us stunned. Literally - Star Struck! We haven't seen a Black/Latin production this good in years. You can watch Star Struck and many other Flava works right now on Naked Sword.

Star Struck Photos:

Baby Star and Slim Goodie Watch on or Watch VOD
Slim Goodie inspects Baby Star
PM Dawn and Baby Star Watch on or Watch VOD
Baby Star rides PM Dawn
Baby Star tops Malo Watch on or Watch VOD
Baby Star tops Malo

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