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Sperm Assault

Max Sohl
Treasure Island Media  
Christian , Kurt Wood , Tim Skyler , Marco Cruise , , , Fyerfli , Tober Brandt , Isaiah Foxx , Jake Majors , Jayden Brooks , Jessy Karson , Justin , Kevin Slater , Nature , ,
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Sperm Assault Treasure Island Media

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

We somehow missed reviewing Sperm Assault back when it was originally released by Treasure Island Media in 2010. Since it's release, the Max Sohl-directed film has turned out to be one of the studio's most enduring works. A symphony of sex and sleaze, it should make any of the studio's "must see" top ten lists.

The high moments start in the movie's very first second when we find Christian getting one of best ass plowings ever recorded to video. He's with a towering Black man named Mr. Marky, whose thick beer can of a cock pushes the power bottom to the max. He ends up fucking Christian in a sling (a nice sling scene as well, incidentally). Here the sounds of the tops massive floppy balls licking the backside of Christian's butt sounds gorgeous.

This is the first time I'd seen Marky in action, who subsequently went on to use his talents in a porn career as a highly sought after bareback top. During this time, it seemed like the only Black guy filming at Treasure Island was Jerry Stearns, so this guy was a breath of fresh air. And he smiles when he fucks!

Getting fucked and filled up by a huge Black guy in the sling - this is how it's done, folks!

Next comes the highly anticipated Tim Skylar gang bang, a spermy affair that's made even more memorable by the fact that it looks to have been filmed in a condemned house. A large hole in the ceiling watches the festivities from above as Ian Jay gives Skylar his second load of the scene, creaming his wide open ass. Fyerfli and Kurt Wood had already seeded it.

Is that a trash bag over what was once a wall window? Cum streams down Skylar's leg when finished.

Mr. Marky and ChristianWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Mr. Marky tops Christian

A New Kind of Hasty Pudding

The third scene, and we're only really just getting started here, is a five star video with Dimitri Santiago fucking this small Latino bottom's brain out. His name is Jake Majors. It's the only thing we've ever found him in, and he cannot get enough of Santiago.

The kid can get fucked on his stomach all day. Majors' muscular ass is left creamed.

And then there was cum... Next up is a short and sweet video featuring Mr. Jay coming back to strut his top man stuff a second time around. He's giving his love to Tober Brandt, who had "crossed over" from a major career with the condom studios, Titan, Hot House and Raging Stallion.

After Jay breeds him, they roll around on the bed kissing. Treasure Island's going all out for the romance and lovey dovey this time!

Ian Jay tops Tober BrandtWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Ian Jay tops Tober Brandt
The fifth scene with black guys Nature and Isiah Foxx is first rate. A chocolate scene that's nice and vanilla, if you think about it. And then afterwards come the three final scenes - all show-stoppers.

Claiming a Slice of the Christian Pie

He's not a cum dump. He's a pail. We are witness to a good looking guy named Vencint Knight who is one of the hottest cum dumps who's graced the Treasure Island cameras. He lays on this hotel bed as guy after guy shows up, fucks his increasingly juicy ass and then adds more seed.

This scene is arguably what gives the movie it's name.

After this, director Max Sohl rolls out another star bottom - Marco Cruise. Cruise gets to contend with the returning Mr. Marky and Santiago. They share him over a bench in what appears to be a locker room. (Surely a set?)

Personally, I preferred the two earlier scenes pairing Marky with Christian (electric!) and Santiago with the delicious Mr. Majors. However, Cruise has lots of fans, this scene measures up fine.

Nature and Isaiah FoxxWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Isaiah Foxx's sperm assault from Nature
The DVD includes a bonus scene that is absolutely wonderful. In it, humongous Canadian porn star Jessy Karson shows up - another big crossover to bareback at this time - and Christian's on his stomach ready to take all of him. This is Christian's second assault from a pair of large, pendulous balls in this movie.

Notch another great sex scene on Christian's belt. After this, Karson went on to film a lot of videos for Dark Alley / Raw Fuck Club. This is before they make him cut his hair.

Look Back in Wonder

Technically, Sperm Assault is a ripe example of Sohl at his creative height. The title cards connecting the scenes feature the names of the models, all in a font that's slightly whimsical and slightly sinister. We see his hands arranging the names while holding a lit cigarette.

There's even a unique musical accompaniment for the credits. Sohl moves his camera to different angles to capture the action, as opposed to much of today's grindhouse work that includes far less variations. I sincerely miss this stuff in the studio's more recent productions.

Combine this with eight scenes offering all the different ways to get a sperm soaking, and we've got a classic on our hands. Even though Sperm Assault isn't part of one of the studio's major video series, don't overlook it.

At the time of this writing, Sperm Assault is one of dozens of Treasure Island movies playing on Naked Sword, although the final, bonus scene with Karson and Christian is omitted. However the entire full-length film rotates into the cinema for members of TIMfuck.

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Sperm Assault Photos:

Dimitri Santiago tops Jake MajorsWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Dimitri Santiago tops Jake Majors
Jessie Karson and ChristianWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Bonus! Jessie Karson tops Christian

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