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Smokin' Hot

Jake Jaxson
Cocky Boys  
, Ben Rose , Dominic Pacifico , , , Lorenzo (CockyBoys) , Kennedy Carter , Pierre Fitch , Stephen Forest
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Smokin Hot cover

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Cocky Boy Role Reversal

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Since this was filmed, both Dominic Pacifico and Pierre Fitch have branded their own membership sex sites. Today both have developed into powerful porn stars. And they more frequently play the active top role in sex scenes nowadays. Not so here.

Other models in the video swap their usual positions This time: Jake Bass tops, Stephen Forest bottoms and even the devestatingly handsome Kennedy Carter gets to strut his topman stuff. Has the world turned upside down? No. It's just smokin hot.

To get started, strap on your seat belts. Mr. Pacifico has arrived in Montreal and he's paired-up with CockyBoys' in-house stud Clark. As usual, Clark begins things by walking his partner through a brief interview, which Pacifico, who has a great screen presence, happily gives.

"I wanna bend over on my hands and knees while you fuckin' ram me!"
- Dominic Pacifico

Pacifico confesses that when he gets fucked, he becomes a powerbottom. As a result, they fit like a glove. Starting with a frenzied trade-off of blow-jobs, Pacifico eases into the bottoming position, arching his ass high in thge air like he's a cat in heat.

Clark salves this short-term by burying his face into the brunet's big buns. Clark performs a full tease licking it with his tounge, pushing in fingers and slapping his perfect-size uncut cock all over it.

Clark leaves his new friend gasping for air when he face-fucks him. From the moment Clark sticks his dick inside Pacifico, things become electric. Pacifico gnashes his teeth onto the bedcovers in ecstacy, while Clark pounds his cakes from behind. They continue on this high frequency through several equally hot positions. In short, these two guys put on an unforgettable sex show, and a super opening to the video.

Dominic Pacifico and Gabriel ClarkWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Gabriel Clark takes Dominic Pacifico for a spin
Pierre Fitch and Ben RoseWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Ben Rose behind Pierre Fitch

Sticking It to Pierre

"You don't have to worry about hurting me, if you force it in there." Pierre Fitch offers this gentle advice to Mr. Rose with his butt up in the air, balancing himself on his elbows. They do it, and Rose gets pretty rough and tumble with his friend. At one point, Rose surprises the doggie-style Fitch when fucking him by pulling his curly hair.

(If Fitch has seen Rose's interview confession in Sunday Funday with Arnaud Chagall, where he explictly spells out his penchant for pulling hair when going "boom boom" to a bottom, then he would have been prepared!)

Rose drills Fitch on the leather-covered ottoman, followed by them moving to the couch where Fitch balances his body by pushing one hand against the wall. Rose pulls out and cums, followed by Fitch's own money shot. This scene may trigger some discussion - despite Fitch's just fuck me advise, he looks less comfortable here compared to when he's topping. It all kind of looks rushed. Or perhaps sexually they didn't connect.

You Wanna Ride in My Mercedes, Boy?

Jake Bass' first CockyBoys roadtrip apparently was with porn star Jimmy Clay. All that driving makes Bass horny, who, once parked in the garage, orders Clay to stay in the verhicle. "..there's no reason to end this now, " says Bass as he unbottons the driver's pants fly.

Nude, and in the front seat, Bass polishes Clay's stick shift. As the car's a convertible, Clay sits his ass atop the boot where Bass continues his long, happy blowjob. When Clay raises his legs, Bass exclaims "It's Christmas!", diving his tongue deep inside Clay's muscular cheeks. Bass proceeds to teach Clay a thing or two about his magic tongue.

Then, Bass stands up in the back seat to fuck him. Then if things couldn't get any hotter, they flip-flop. Bass perches his lithe body atop the back of the front seat in the car, sticking his ass out at waist-level for Clay's incoming penis. Their joyous scene lasts almost thirty brief minutes.

To top it all off, Bass looks right into the camera and warns, "I'm gonna cum!" Stand back.

Jake Bass and Jimmy ClayWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Jake Bass unbuttons Jimmy Clay

The Best Part of Waking Up

Switching gears from the wild car fuck, next comes a romantic, soft scene showing Stephen Forest and Kennedy Carter awakening for a morning of leisurely lovemaking. The two beutifully contrast each other - the Latino dark-skinned, boyish Forest versus the muscular, Irish white as a sheet Mr. Carter.

Their sumptuous sex is all the more convincing by their clear chemistry together. After a lengthy round of foreplay, Forest stands up on the bed, braces the headboard and bends over. Carter sinks his big, uncut cock inside, throwing him a perfectly wonderful standing doggie fuck. The bottom rocks back meeting Carter's forward moves.

Kennedy tops the kid on his stomach, then on his back. If their wedded bliss couldn't become any more obvious, they cum simultaneously.

Smokin' Hot ends with Clark returning for a second scene, this time to "interview" a muscular friend of his named Lorenzo. Clark's pretty chit-chatty with him, which for Clark fans, will find him confessing some interesting tidbits. "We're both two bisexuals," Clark points out before getting down to business.

Lorenzo shows some stage freight here, but Clark helps him as much as he can. They trade a long session of oral before Clark, briefly, tops him.

Smokin' Hot features no cigar or cigarette smoking, despite the cover art depicting Jimmy Clay puffing a stogie. Clay's burning hot flip-flop with Jake Bass compensates for the price of the packaging. The rollicking opening scene with Clark plugging Pacifico also smolders. Mix in the others, and they aren't kidding. It's smokin' hot.

Smokin' Hot Photos:

Jimmy Clay and Jake BassWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Jimmy Clay tops Jake Bass
Stephen Forest below Kennedy CarterWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Stephen Forest below Kennedy Carter
Kennedy Carter and Stephen ForestWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Kennedy Carter tops Stephen Forest

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