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Slammed (Jon Phelps)

Liam Cole
Treasure Island Media  
Anton Dickson , Enzo , Este , Jake Ascot , Jake Scott , Jon Phelps , Keiran XXL , Myles Bentley , Paul Mann , Rob Tyler , Scott Williams , Sebastian Slater , Simon Layton
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Slammed (Jon Phelps)

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I'm taking a ride with my best friend.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Let's begin this by stating that anyone reading this review, or watching this movie, needs to leave their judgement at the door. Without question, Slammed, Treasure Island Media and London-based director Liam Cole sets the record for pushing the envelope on the subjects of bareback gay sex combined with drugs. Is this possibly one of the final taboo subjects for gay porn?

That many guys partake in long fuck sessions along with recreational stimulants is a massive open secret. So why not incorporate this into a Treasure Island video? It clearly fits the company's relentless devotion to depictions of gay sex as practiced by contemporary males. Nothing makes these guys blanch.

What's most impressive about Slammed is Liam Cole's careful presentation of everything, filmed so that the viewer - the viewer as the voyeur - might have found themselves at a sex party, where the guys are partying. And just like a typical individual at this event, either they will know what they are doing just outside of view, or they will be clueless to what's going on.

I written this before about Treasure Island, and it's worth repeating here again - the studio is always been less about the porn business, and more about porn as art. Controversial art. Robert Mapplethorpe art. Recognizing this actually sharpens the entire point of the movie: it's an honest point of view on what guys today do in the name of lust.

Slammed contains two DVDs. Sticking to the party drug innuendo material first, on disc one we meet Jon Phelps, a party bottom who's transformation as a human recepticle for cock is captured on camera. At the start, the director notes, "You might need the light on for you-know-what." Keiran the XXL Australian, who is Phelps' instigator in all this, laughs, "I'm sure we'll be fine." "Literally a stab in the dark."

Jon Phelps and KierenWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
I'm taking a ride with my best friend.
For you kids in the dark, what is implied here is the double entendre that is the film's name - they slam meth at the beginning of an epic sex party. To be clear here, this is never at all specifically depicted. What are they talking about? What are they doing? Welcome to the fantasy.

Quickly, we're watching Phelps fly into orbit. Keiran proceeds to open him up, starting slowly, gradually increasing his moves. Their fucking is lengthy, passionate and torrid. It also goes on for over an hour. At the start, Phelps' hole is tight, and he squirms underneath Keiran's XXL size phallus. By the time he gets to the gang bang, "He's heaps looser!" announces the Australian.

Some people may grow tired of all the Phelps/Keiran action in this movie. One of the problems with this whole film, across both discs, is that Kieran "Bogarts" Jon Phelps. But you can always skip around, and, to be honest, when guys party and have sex, it goes on forever.

Some Great Rewards

After the marathon sex session between Keiran and Phelps, we are presented with additional treats. First up is a hunky muscle-bottom named Scott Williams. Clad in a perfect-fitting black jockstrap, Williams waits blindfolded, and with bound wrists, in a comfortable bed for guys to show up and fuck him.

His first taker turns out to be a really hot, Mediterranean guy named Enzo. Enzo's hairy torso is matched by his scruffy face and hair tied back in a small pony tail. He fucks like a beast. He pumps the bottom in lots of positions, but the hottest is watching them do it on all fours. For round two, the top is Sebastian Slater. (Overload). Slater is one of these humongously endowed tops that this director seems to so effortlessly recruit. Slater's schlong is a monster. And Williams' bubble butt takes all of it. Disc one finishes with a hot episode starring Cole's on-screen muse Anton Dickson and Jake Ascott, who is one Mr. Cole's more recent bottom recruits and one of our latest infatuations. Tall, bearded and handsome, Ascott is a suburb bottom. He takes cock effortlessly, all the while clearly enjoying it.

His own big uncut dick wags around hard while getting fucked. Everything culminated with Ascott getting creamed from Dickson's Swedish meatballs. No drug insinuations here. Their fucking is a positively sober reality. After over twenty minutes of lovemaking, Dickson cream's the bottom's hungry ass doggie style.

Enzo and Scott WilliamsWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Enzo tastes Scott Williams

Slammed Disc 2: Never Let Me Down Again

If you think we've finished with Keiran and Phelps, think again. They're barely just getting started. Disc two opens with Keiran keeping his meat cooking inside Phelps until a phalanx of tops march in from the street. These daddy's include Paul Mann, Myles Bentley, Thomas Bauer, Simon Layton, the always hot n' sexy Nikos, somebody called "Esté", the mononamed Hassam and the truly humongous Rob Tyler.

After destroying the bed, they repair to the living room where the guys unleash an all out assult on Phelps' still jock strap-clad ass. Extra points go to the director for having them fuck on the British Union Jack rub - now how mod is that?

After about twenty minutes into the forty-five minute gang bang, cream pie is served! (Not that anyone's hungry.)

Slammed Gang BangWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Stinging insects decend upon Jon Phelps

Just Can't Get Enough

The final segment on the DVD is titled "Jon Phelps, Part 3". Effectively, it's an "after party" where four members of the cast break out additional chemicals to carry their frolic into the wee morning hours. Once again, it's not explicitly stated, but it appears that they've all now switched to GHB.

And for those readers not so enlightened, this - as long as they don't drink too much and pass out - takes them on a different trajectory more along the lines of tenderness and passion. In the same lounge as before, it's Keiran and Phelps, along with the returning Thomas Bauer and (I think) Myles Bentley.

The most interesting part of this segment is watching the drug transform Keiran into a demanding bottom. Was anyone expecting that? Their after-party is a fifty-five minute coda to what has been clearly one rollicking evening.

Amazingly Phelps comes though it all in the end. So, amazingly, does his jock strap. Hopefully he never washed it and subsequently sold it online for a substantial amount of money. Like they say in the song: Everything Counts in Large Amounts.

Treasure Island's Slammed may be just your cup of tea. Then again it may not. If you dislike drugs or personally steer away from them, you'll not get into this movie. Nevertheless, it's a potent fantasy, enthralling some people, repulsing others. Of course, one rule of porn is that it's impossible to ever make everyone happy.

NOTE: Want to see ALL of Slammed? You can buy it streaming VOD on Maleflixx or, for the same price, through Treasure Island Media's website.

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Slammed (Jon Phelps) Photos:

Anton Dickson and Jake AscottWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Anton Dickson and Jake Ascott enjoy a passionate moment
Jon Phelps in SlammedWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
This is the end

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