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Skin on Skin 6

Marty Stevens Lucas Ridgeston
Bel Ami  
Movie Series
Skin on Skin
Ariel Vanean , Dario Dolce , Erik Bouna , Florian Nemec , Gaelan Binoche , Jean-Daniel Chagall , Manuel Rios , Mick Lovell , Sascha Chaykin
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Skin on Skin 6

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Mick Lovell forgets the condoms and hops onto Manuel Rios.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Guys used to complain over on the ATKOL boards that they found the Lukas Ridgeston Presents line from Bel Ami to be dull. After watching Bel Ami's Skin on Skin 6, it will be impossible to figure out what the gripes could be about. The Skin on Skin series combines the company's reigning set of Eastern European models and combines them with exhaustive sexual action sans condoms.

In the case of this particular video, the studio coaxes their 2012 American-born bombshell Mick Lovell into the bareback action, finishing the film with an eye-popping versafuck with the equally hung Spaniard Manuel Rios. Bel Ami obviously knew they had caught lightening in a bottle with his closing feature. But don't get distracted by the shiniest bright objects. Delightfully, all four scenes here are first rate.

Florian Nemec Fucks His Friends

Everything begins with the shirtless Florian Nemec, Ariel Vanean and Eric Bouna washing a car. Their wet and wild romp turns into explicit horseplay once indoors, where they proceed to do each other all across one very lucky couch.

Nemec is one of these gorgeous Hungarian guys with insatiable sexual appetites that Bel Ami's recently been hiring with remarkable success. Same with Mr. Bouna, who's more lean in body mass and sports a tighter haircut. And then there's Vanean. Dreamy Ariel Vanean.

Sharing the same name as the spite from Shakespeare's The Tempest, Ariel is a magical figure. Watching him doing anything, being himself in videos is captivating. (His presence really shines throughout the Back in Africa videos) We can't make up our minds whether magic in the scene comes from how Nemec uses his dick, or how Vanean gets fucked. "Hell, yes!" exclaims an effusive Vanean after getting spooged in both his mouth and ass.

The scene continues with the sweet second part, in which Bouna bottoms for the now highly aroused Vanean, as well as the seemingly indefatigable Nemec. It ends is a fine finish of all three erupting high flying shots of jizz reaching all the way into the bottom's eyes. Most red blooded males at this point will need to take a break from the film.

Florian Nemec and Ariel Vanean Watch on Bel Ami
Florian Nemec fucks Ariel Vanean (Eric Bouna right)

Dario Dolce flies into orbit

Welcome back. The second episode in video is a lusty one on one between Dario Dolce and Sascha Chaykin. Watching them together, they genuinely look like real boyfriends. Is it the dreamy looks misting their eyes? Is it the contrast between the raven haired Dolce compared to the fairer Chaykin? Or perhaps it's the intense bottoming performance by Mr. Dolce.

I'll have some of whatever Dario Dolce is on. Dolce endures at Bel Ami, along with Kevin Warhol, as one the studio's hottest little fuckers. Touching his asshole with anything - a finger, a tongue, a dick - sends him into orbit. Both Dolce and Chaykin separately filmed hot bareback stuff in Kristen Bjorn's Sex City.

Here, they suck each other ravenously, back and forth, then in a frenzied sixty-nine. Dolce then sits on Cheykin's naked cock, happily bucking up and down on it. Chaykin fucks him silly, culminating with banging the brunet on his back, pulling out and shooting his cum into the bottom's mouth.

Dario Dolce and Sascha Chaykin Watch on Bel Ami
Dario Dolce above Sascha Chaykin
So who's on the lucky end of Jean-Daniel Chagall's stick nowadays? The very charming and sexy Gaelan Binoche, a newer Bel Ami studlet. We find them coiled together in bed, as if they'd been cuddling all night. Director Marty Stevens quizzes them with the usual, enjoyable Bel Ami chit chat, provoking Chagall to open his pants, popping out his lovely boner.

Chagall is amazingly good looking young man. Their one on one builds nicely with Binoche happily ending up on the receiving end of his buddy's lovemaking. Most bareback studios completely ignore or do not understand how to film passion nowadays. Kudos to Bel Ami for capturing it so nicely in this hot sex scene.

Another question that comes to mind watching this is whether Mr. Binoche ever tops. His erection is beautiful - a downward slope in contrast to Chagall's curved upward slope. Binoche's ass is nice a tight, evidenced by the fact that after Chagall slides his cock in, it comes out with his slick foreskin pulled forward.

Considering how this episode is book ended by powerhouse three way and the Lovell / Rios flip flop, it's easy to overlook this scene. Don't miss this sweet coupling.

Mick Lowell abandons the condoms

Manuel Rios has a remarkable dick. It would not be a particularly easy widget to fit in anyone's butt. Skin on Skin 6 ends with the mega scene everyone's talked about. If you haven't bothered to see the DVD boxcover depicting Mick Lovell sitting down on a bare cock as thick as a tree trunk, then maybe you'll be in for a surprise. Otherwise, Bel Ami makes full use of this bombshell. And it's great!

Lovell and Manuel Rios decide to spend the afternoon doing "guy stuff" like short track motor racing. Running around in their race cars doesn't leave them tired. In fact, it fuels a multi-orgasm flip flop where the two fuck each other across numerous rooms of a beautifully decorated condo.

Watching Rios getting fucked is a pretty rare sight, and he appears to take Lovell's thick meat pretty well. After a bit he gets used to it. On the other hand, no one will ever tire of watching Lovell's butt easily open up to Rios' huge cock. It just slips right in. To top it all off, their money shots conclude with post-orgasm fucking.

There are literally dozens of reasons to watch Skin on Skin 6. Bel Ami has put together arguably the hottest bareback video of 2012, dripping with love from beginning to end. If you don't want to buy the DVD, you can rent it streaming forever, or binge on all the Bel Ami high def bareback on

Skin on Skin 6 Photos:

Skin on Skin 6 Photos

Jean-Daniel Chagall and Gaelan Binoche Watch on Bel Ami
Gaelan Binoche sucks Jean-Daniel Chagall
Manuel Rios fucks Mick Lovell Watch on Bel Ami
Manuel Rios fucks Mick Lovell
Mick Lovell and Manuel Rios Watch on Bel Ami
Mick Lovell tops Manuel Rios

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