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Skin on Skin 4

Lucas Ridgeston Marty Stevens
Bel Ami  
Movie Series
Skin on Skin
Alex Orioli , Dario Dolce , Florian Nemec , Gaelan Binoche , Jim Kerouac , Julien Hussey , Luke Hamill , Phillipe Gaudin , Todd Rosset
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Skin on Skin 4

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Surrender, Dolce!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Skin on Skin 4 begins with a tumultuous episode featuring Bel Ami beauty Jim Kerouac using his hose to tame the wild stallion Dario Dolce. It's a rollicking half hour of love, sweat and cum. (That's them fucking on the DVD boxcover)

Kerouac is a slim, handsome star who the studio has been actively grooming into one of its major stars. His hook-up with long-time porn star Dolce only affirms his position in the Bel Ami universe - he's a great top who's able to handle some of the wildest bottom boys in Europe. (Before Dolce, Kerouac tamed the insatiable Kevin Warhol in the highly enjoyable 2011 Jim, a video completely devoted to the new model.

Kerouac and Dolce start off being actively frisky, pawing each other and tearing off each other's clothes. Dolce grabs onto Kerouac's magnificent cock and sucks away. Two pendulous boners bounce as they slowly work themselves up the stairwell. In return, Kerouac wraps his own dick-sucking lips on his buddy's erection.

Kerouac fondles Dolce's butt, squeezing his ripe cheeks, drooling over it like it's perfect fruit ready to be plucked. And it is. Whatever Dolce's actual sexual orientation, he's wild to watch get fucked. After sucking Kerouac off, eating lots of his load, they shower off as a brief cool down before the anal sequence. Dolce sits is fine ass down onto Kerouac's unsheathed cock riding him at length. This continues in numerous joyous positions, all the while Dolce squirming in sheer ecstacy underneath Kerouac's throbbing body.

After twenty seven minutes of fucking, Kerouac fucks a huge load out of Dolce, spraying up into his hair. After that, Dolce bends over doggie so Kerouac can screw to orgasm, cumming on his ass and sticking it back in. Clearly, both are happy campers.

Jim Kerouac and Dario Dolce Watch on Bel Ami | Watch VOD
Dario Dolce spreads for Jim Kerouac
Jim Kerouac barebacks Dario Dolce Watch on Bel Ami | Watch VOD
Jim Kerouac enjoys a bareback orgasm with Dario Dolce

Alex Orioli Brings the Italian Meats

Next, Julien Hussey and Florian Nemec decide that for lunch they want to eat Italian stallion Alex Orioli. Interestingly, Orioli isn't the bottom here. (Orioli's Bel Ami experience goes way back to bottoming in 2005's Enchanted Forest) In a hot episode, Orioli and Nemec stuff their meat into Hussey's hungry butt.

Hussey and Nemec are several recent Hungarian hunks who Bel Ami's been casting with remarkable success. Bottom boy lovers in particular will take a shine to Hussey's hotness when he takes it up the ass. (Hussey gets passed around a lot when Bel Ami's Back in Africa.)

Orioli plows him doggie style, a position which inspires the bottom to wiggle and shake his butt around in a frenzy. After this, Nemec drills Hussey on his back, where the bottom takes it in a more relaxed stride, while simultaneously getting face-fucked in his mouth with Orioli's Italian sausage. In a hot visual, Orioli suddenly squirts huge blasts of hot cream into Hussey's mouth, running down his chin. It takes a few moments for them to compose themselves, all the while Nemec never loses a beat fucking Hussey.

Clearly turned on, Nemec soon pulls out and ejaculates a giant load onto Hussey's winking asshole. Rivers of white cum run down and across Hussey's hairless ass. Nemec just can't stop gushing! To finish, Hussey jacks himself off with Orioli licking up the bottom's hot load.

Alex Orioli and Julien Hussey Watch on Bel Ami | Watch VOD
Alex Orioli hoses down Julien Hussey
The weak episode in the collection appears next -- Luke Hamill and Todd Rosset return from vacation just in time for the studio to test a new video camera, which they immediately take for a test run by bareback fucking. Unfortunately the scene misfires on many levels.

Hamill, who has put on countless wonderful sex shows in his career, seems unable to sexually connect here. Rosset, recently has worked on the camera-side of Bel Ami videos, although both models officially "trained" in Bel Ami's A+ in 2005.

Another thing, they fuck on a very uncomfortable wooden table in what looks like an old Elk's Lodge that your dad might have dragged you to when you were a kid. Russet cums, followed by Hamill shooting a healthy shot of milk into Rosset's mouth.

Gaelan Binoche Gets Naughty

But aren't you constantly horny? One of Bel Ami's less publicized models is Gaelan Binoche, who, when put before a camera, looks fantastic. He effortlessly snaps into the boys-enjoying-a-rukuss-horseplay attitude which has defined Bel Ami so successfully over the years. He has a beautiful face, a beautiful smile and an equally impressive dick.

In Skin on Skin 6, he gives his ass up to super-star Jean-Daniel Chagall. He's on more equal footing here with Phillipe Gaudin, so equal in fact that they perform a breathless flip-flop fuck that closes the video out on a superb note. Like many of the Skin on Skin bareback episodes, it's divided into two parts. First, Binoche throws a heated fuck into Gaudin's sweet body, all ending with smiles all around and Gaudin's creamed hole.

Part two starts with the two awakening from a nap, and they have to figure out how to deal with Gaudin's cute stiffie. This time the heavy petting and sweet kissing leads to Binoche getting fucked. It's nice seeing Gaudin strut his top man stuff!

Their skin on skin lovemaking ends with the two dropping hot loads into each other's mouths, gobbling up cum like hungry birds.

Skin on Skin 4 is a fine entry in the popular bareback video series. The Kerouac / Dolce opening fuck scene is a must-see. If you don't want to buy the DVD, you can rent it streaming forever, or binge on all the Bel Ami high def bareback on

Skin on Skin 4 Photos:

Skin on Skin 4 Photos

Luke Hamill and Todd Rosset Watch on Bel Ami | Watch VOD
Luke Hamill and Todd Rosset
Gaelan Binoche and Phillipe Gaudin Watch on Bel Ami | Watch VOD
Gaelan Binoche bangs Phillipe Gaudin
Gaelan Binoche barebacks Phillipe Gaudin Watch on Bel Ami | Watch VOD
Drip! Drip! Drip! Phillipe Gaudin gets creamed.

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