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Sexy Beast

Jake Jaxson
Cocky Boys  
, Christopher Daniels , , Kennedy Carter , , , , AJ Irons

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Breaking In Jake Bass

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Sexy Beast contains some high moments culled from the Cockyboys video collection, notably the movie's two episodes starring Gabriel Clark (aka Gabriel Lenfant), the video's "Sexy Beast" himself. In the Cockyboys world, if Seth Knight was a little monster, then this guy is the friendly dragon.

In this video he takes two guys under his wing -- newly signed model Jake Bass as well as the all-thing-sexual Tommy Defendi. Yes, there's no denying that being able to fuck all the precocious boys on camera is pretty nifty. He must have the best job in the world. I hope they aren't expecting some nitpicking video reviewer somewhere to dig up some negative to this man's job. Are they?

Impossible. Because there isn't any.

Clark has become a reliably enjoying presence in the studio's movies, joyfully taking the role of official trainer like Dano Sulik and Sebastian Bonnet did for Bel Ami's wonderful Personal Trainers series. His opening scene with Bass is simultaneously interesting for the interview and arousing for the sex.

With Bass on his back getting fucked, Cark is a marvelous foil to the smaller "kids". Clark is as equally good an interviewer as he is a boy fucker. (I always wondered what Bass' ass cheek tattoo said!)

He fucks Bass in what is arguably the hottest scene of the film, christening across a big bed in several hot positions. Bass is clearly turned on, and easily fires out his orgasm with the top going at it between his legs.

Clark finishes. "You have my approval," exclaims the trainer, unleashing Mr. Bass onto the world. World: watch out.

Jake Bass and Gabriel ClarkWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Behind Jack Bass
Gabriel Clark and Jake BassWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Sucking Gabriel Clark

We've Been Down This Road Before

After the first episode, you might get the impression this "video" was slapped together in about fifteen minutes. An internet search reveals that most other websites invested even less time in watching Sexy Beast.

Over on TLAvideo, Justin Hismouth writes, "His (Clark's) scenes with Tommy Defendi, Kennedy Carter, Phenix Saint, and Bobby Clark are among some of the best I've seen in quite a while."

Hismouth is all talk here, because Clark does not appear in one frame of video with Carter or Saint or Clark. Oh well. So, the porn business spam grinds on... What is a Cockyboy? "When you're fill of attitude, you don't really need anything else."

Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled review..

Scene two is very hot. The problem is that it's essentially scene three from the Name of the Game, except the tattoo-etching foreplay between Saint and Carter is deleted. Both models are superb examples of men, and if you've not seen that movie, it's worth every penny. But nothing on any credits indicate this, so it may come as a surprise to some. If you're so inclined to see just the sex here, it ceratinly stands on its own.

(Studmall writes that this scene should be Phenix Saint and Bobby Clark, which would explain why Clark's officially listed in the credits.)

Wolf Hudson Nails It

The third epsiode is very good. Too bad the models init are conspicuously missing from the credits. (Consequently the TLAvideo reviewer who allegedly saw this movie never refers to this omission either.) This is a shame because Wolf Hudson doesn't film gay sex porn much nowadays, working with straight studios, and he throws a very hot fuck to A.J. Irons.

He also shows off amazing dick sucking skill while going down on Irons, who loves it so much his hips instinctively begin face fucking him. Then Hudson throws Irons' legs in the air and lathers his asshole with his tongue.

Turns out, Irons is just as hot to watch get fucked as Mr. Bass in episode one. Hudson makes mincemeat of his ass, enjoying every minute of it.

Tommy Defendi and Gabriel ClarkWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Gabriel Clark and Tommy Defendi kiss
Gabriel Clark and Tommy DefendiWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Beneath Gabriel Clark

Guess Who Fucks Tommy Defendi?

"God damn you're so fucking sexy!"
- Tommy Defendi
After this, Clark returns to strut his top man stuff with Tommy Defendi. Watching this is a treat because Defendi typically tops now.

His torpedo-sized penis stays hard as he bucks up and down in Clark's lap. Like Bass, Defendi is clearly turned on by Clark's bedroom moves. Both models put on a fine performance here, and fans of either will not be disappointed.

Clark cums on Defendi's face, and then he licks it off.

The video closes exactly like the studio's other all-sex complications do, with a solo. (like in Edge of Glory or Break Him In: Tommy Initiates Max Here we are treated to an intimate session of self-pleasure with Christopher Daniels, who in his career has worked for all the major studios. (He's an astonishly capable bottom with Rafael Alencar in Naked Sword Hooker Stories.)

Gone is his baby-face, replaced now with the strong confidence of a man. His beard bristles a dirty blond color. He's made himself comfortable sitting by an open window, jacking off while intermittently checking out what's happening outside.

Reaching down into his underwear, Daniels fingers his butt while masturbating. This is hot for awhile, but the scene drags on as he keeps masturbating. If he had an orgasm at the end, he's didn't ejaculate.

Did something get lost in edit?

Sexy Beast Photos:

Wolf Hudson and AJ IronsWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Wolf Hudson blasts above AJ Irons

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