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Sex Lies and a Briefcase

Casey Roberts
Helix Studios   HX97
Christian Collins , Dallas Trenton , Derrick Porter , Jacobey London , Jake Tyler , Luke Allen , Ethan Hart
Twinks, AmericanMystery/Thriller

Sex Lies and a Briefcase cover

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The Twink and the Valise

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The bad news is that once you watch the preview of Helix Studios' Sex, Lies and a Briefcase, your expectations for a gay porn/spy thriller will probably not live up to original expectations. The good news is that its plot inconsistences and excuses to start action sequences aren't a problem. (Such things hobble mainstream Hollywood movies today like Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier.)

The story is about a lost cash and cocaine-filled briefcase, which falls into the hands of Helix twinks. Viewers will watch this and wonder, "What's with these Millennials? They don't take the cash? They don't do the drugs? The only thing that matters to them is playing Hide the Salami.

"What are you doing with all that?"
"What about going on a cruise.."
"Oh, I'd love to go on a cruise with you."
This movie is actually kind of campy. Ethan Hart beings home the dirty briefcase, immediately showing it to boyfriend Luke Allen. Then they forget everything and start having sex. These two begin a surprisingly hot flip-flop fuck on the couch.

Both Hart and Allen are so cute you just want to put them in your pocket and take them home with you. Hart got his bum annihilated by Kyler Ash in Beach Bum. This time he shows off his topping skills, which are a very pleasant surprise.

In a memorable display, he tops Allen bent over the couch. They move into an arousing flip-flop with Hart sitting on Allen's dick who rides it until he can't hold back any more. Announcing to the room he's coming, Hart sprays a gallon of twink juice all over himself without slowing down his lap dance one iota.

Ethan Hart and Luke Allen BriefcaseWatch on HelixStudios
Ethan Hart shows Luke Allen his McGuffin

Jacobey London Steals the Loot

At this point, it's safe to watch the rest of the video for the sex, which turns out to be very good. Especially the second scene of the film, which turns into a rousing three-way instigated by Jacoby London, Allen's crafty roommate.

Opening the suitcase that's full of enough dirty money and illegal drugs to fuel one of Tony Montana's weekend parties, brunet Jake Tyler and blond Derrick Porter are triggered into going on a sex spree. London and Tyler have big dicks, which Porter services admirably.

They pull little Porter's pants off, who instinctively throws his legs into the air. In a great visual sequence, the two tops take turns on fucking Porter in lots of positions on the bed. The director makes things even hotter by making use of the full length mirror on the closet door next to them. Porter's super fine ass deserves all the attention it gets.

To finish, London creams all over Tyler's face, causing his dick to visibly bulge extra hard. He spews cum all over himself like a unclogged water hose.

"Do you mind keeping the briefcase for awhile?"
-Derrick Porter

Christian Collins Double Shot

After this, Porter's lust drives him to immediately walk over to Christian Collins' place, casually carrying the money-stuffed briefcase like its an iPod. Pushing it aside, they get down and dirty in a hot and heavy make-out session.

Collins dry humps Porter through his clothes. Taking turns sucking each other, they end up pretzeled in a sixty-nine. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Collins' body of work (eg. Out in the Open), at this point viewers with see that he has the biggest cock of the entire cast.

With Porter on his back, legs held high, he slides in. He takes it fairly easy on the bottom. They continue doing it with Porter riding him on top, which presents a great view of his ass.

Porter's cock can't stop spewing thick cum. Christian releases his own heavy multi-spurter on top of that, which leaves the bottom's flat smooth stomach layered in wet, sticky goo.

Ethan Hart and Luke AllenWatch on HelixStudios
Ethan Hart rides Luke Allen

Not Derrick, But Dallas!

The final episode of the video features an encore performance from Mr. Collins, who's penis must be legendary in his town. Bottoms don't stop calling him!

He happens upon reddish-blond hottie Dallas Trenton, who sweet talks his way into the top's bedroom in no time. Trenton is an extremely sensual, arousing bottom to watch. The make out fully clothed at length, pawing each other like puppies.

Collins has to throw Trenton off his dick for a while so he can have a chance sucking him. The delay only makes Trenton want it more. He sits on it, as Collins proceeds to fuck him at length in upward thrusts. In another high visual, the bottom's head stays buried in a pillow as Collins bangs him from behind. There's no need for the massively hung Collins to go slow or hold back with a bottom like this guy.

Collins pumps Trenton in increasing intensity, which builds them both to bursting their loads. It's a perfect sexual ending.

As to the story of Sex, Lies and a Briefcase, you'll probably have stopped following it awhile back. That's okay. All four of the sex scenes are enjoyable. It's easy to see how Porter and Allen became popular Helix bottoms. Plus, Collins knows how to use his big cock.

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Sex Lies and a Briefcase Photos:

Derrick Porter, Jacobey London and Jake TylerWatch on HelixStudios
Derrick Porter, Jacobey London and Jake Tyler
Sex Lies and a Briefcase Three WayWatch on HelixStudios
Jacobey London, Jake Tyler and Derrick Porter
Derrick Porter and Christian CollinsWatch on HelixStudios
Derrick Porter and Christian Collins
Dallas Trenton and Christian CollinsWatch on HelixStudios
Dallas Trenton rides Christian Collins

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