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Sex City (Part 1 and Part 2)

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Alex Orioli , Benjamin Bloom , Bradon Manilow , Bruno Jones , Christian Herzog , Dario Dolce , Dennis DNello , Dolph Lambert , Elijah Peters , Gael Goceva , Lucio Saints , Maikel Cash , Manuel Rios , Milo Peters , Nicolas Taxman , Sascha Chaykin , Scott Carter , Vadim Farell
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Sex City (Part 1 and Part 2)

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We Built This City on Cock and Hole

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

What would happen if you took Kristen Bjorn's latin man and combined them with Bel Ami's Czechs? The result is a stirring candy confection that's as remarkable as when Reece's invented the peanut butter cup.

Bjorn seems to have taken residence in Barcelona, and it's clearly tilted his style more towards the urban, cosmopolitan look of Europe. His film style no longer has some of the grittier look and feel of South America. During that period, Bjorn's city of men was Manville. Today it is Sex City.

This probably makes it easier to produce a project like Sex City, so that casting and traveling the guys from Prague, Berlin, Paris, Rome and Barcelona are all mostly in the European Union. This two part video chronicles another union of sorts - intense, passionate and unending sexual connections by beautiful men. They cruise each other in the narrow, winding streets. They grab attention by wagging their huge uncut dicks in each other's direction.

Maikel Cash and Dennis D'Nello Watch on KristenBjorn - Watch VOD
Bareback Couple:
Maikel Cash and Dennis D'Nello
Bjorn also takes a page from El Rancho, salting the movie with condom free sex. This time there are, not one, but two bareback episodes, which front the beginning of the film. These scenes are astonishingly erotic. We'll get to those in a minute.

Another notable characteristic of Sex City is Bjorn's casting a number of Bel Ami models who we've not seen in several years - such as Sascha Chaykin, Alex Orioli and Benjamin Bloom. These guys aren't twinks anymore, they are fine men. It is very nice seeing these models in action again, particularly Chaykin.

Life in the city begins with a pair of scenes depicting two sets of "couples in committed relationships" making love au naturel. The first shows the more traditional European Bjorn-style hunks doing it: Maikel Cash and Dennis D'Nello. D'Nello is a dreamy muscle bottom. Just before he sits on Cash's bare dick, he teases it, perched right above the top gyrating his hole around, teasing his dick. Slowly easing himself down on it, we are treated to some great fucking culminating with D'Nello blowing his load into Cash's mouth. Holy smokes!

Not to be outdone, here come the Bel Ami boys. Dolph Lambert and Dario Dolce prove that they are no shrinking violets when it comes to condom free sex play. They start by showering themselves off, kissing under the running water. Their hard dicks keep poking out in all directions and getting in the way. What to do?

The repair to the bedroom for a jaw-dropping flip-flop fuck that must be seen to be believed. (Blog: Dolph Lambert finds love in Sex City) You could eat these boys for breakfast and not be hungry for a month. Lambert effortlessly produces some picture perfect money shots. And viewers can enjoy all this with the added dimension of the musical accompaniment - a pleasant spanish guitar that repeatedly moves into a rendering of George Michael's 1988 hit single Father Figure. (I'm not kidding.)

Sascha Chaykin and Manuel Rios enjoy Sex City Watch on - Watch VOD
Would you invite Sascha Chaykin and Manuel Rios on up?

Sascha Chaykin Cruises the Sex City Streets

From here on, the scenes all employ condoms, which does not mean one should switch it off. There's ample Kristen Bjorn magic ahead. First we find Sascha Chaykin and Manuel Rios walking the streets of Sex City. They stop under the balcony of Bruno Jones, who invites them inside after Chaykin removes Rios' engorged penis from his jeans and waves it around like its a key to the city.

Both Chaykin and Rios have appeared in a string of Bel Ami movies from about five years previous. Rios, who has a massively thick dick, spectacularly fucked Kevin Warhol in Kinky Angels. Chaykin filmed frequently for the studio including lots of gay sex frolic in South Africa as well as taking a naked visit to the Enchanted Forest.

Chaykin and Rios move inside Jones' flat where they proceed to ascend his anal staircase. This is one of those amazing Bjorn scenes where the camera just stays there watching the guys systematically move through every sexual position imaginable. Eight money shots later, we've seen Jones and Chaykin get fucked by the other two, we've watched Rios swap off between two bottoms' butts and a leisurely love train with three sets of wonderful open legs connected by dicks in asses.

Sascha Chaykin his brains fucked out in a sizzling three way. Actually, they all do. Following this comes what is comparatively a bit of a respite when Alex Orioli gets naked with a small, cute latino bottom we've never seen before named Gael Goceva. Orioli bounced around a number of Bel Ami movies several years ago, typically getting fucked. (The Private Life of Brandon Manilow) He has since developed into quite the studly top.

Standing with their open jeans falling down their legs, it becomes clear that Orioli's got the bigger dick. Their sex scene is very hot - notably Goceva looks great bent over and getting fucked. Orioli pulls out and showers the bottom's smooth butt with hot cum.

Part one of Sex City ends with a rather flat coupling between two more Bel Ami veterans - big-dick Brandon Manilow and Benjamin Bloom. Manilow played a top for years at Bel Ami, and apparently things haven't changed. He fucks Bloom cumming a huge gusher onto the bottom. For us, this scene was rather bland, especially compared to everything before it. Fortunately Manilow and Bloom return in the next movie for a fiery four way.

Tune in and watch. Same Bjorn-time, same Bjorn-channel.

Sex City: Part One Photos

Dolph Lambert fucks Dario Dolce Watch on - Watch VOD
Bareback Couple: Dolph Lambert fucks Dario Dolce
Gael Goceva and Alex Orioli Watch on - Watch VOD
Alex Orioli sucks Gael Goceva
Dolph Lambert and Maikel Cash fuck Dennis D'Nello (Dario Dolce, right) Watch on - Watch VOD
Dolph Lambert and Maikel Cash fuck Dennis D'Nello (Dario Dolce, right)

Sex City, Part 2

The second part of Sex City continues the same organization Bjorn uses in in the first: two couples who have sex earlier in the film hook-up together later in town for a spontaneous four-way. And let's not kid around, these two four-way sex scenes are both hot, one in particular is volcanic.

Our problem with this film is the opening episode featuring Bel Ami's lascivious twins, Elijah Peters and Milo Peters. You've heard about the Peters twins haven't you? These guys have been burning up the Internet for the past year enjoying all kinds of sexual antics that have pushed the twincest envelope to new heights.

I confess that these guys do not do much for me. But they are a big ticket, which is probably why Bjorn casts them in the opening three way with German hunk Christian Herzog (Sex City). These guys have two very long sex scenes together. It starts with lengthy sausage sucking followed by Herzog getting sandwiched by a Peters twin on both sides - a twin gets fucked by him as the other twin fucks him.

This is followed by an achingly slow sequence of the twins lapping at Herzog's open butt, followed by finger fucking. The twins then decide to stretch the Herzog's man ass even more by simultaneously sticking both of their dicks in him. This is one of the movie's two solid DP sex scenes. The Peters twins dicks are reasonably sized, but nothing to really write home about for a Kristen Bjorn movie. It looked like Herzog's butt wanted a lot more. We kind of felt the same way.

Lucio Saints and Nicolas Taxman Watch on KristenBjorn - Watch VOD
Lucio Saints sucks Nicolas Taxman
Lucas Kazan Movies
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Lucio Saints Cums to Our Rescue!

Not to worry, here come Spanish beauties Lucio Saints and Nicolas Taxman to save the day! These superb sexual specimens first appeared on our radar in Bjorn's 2010 blockbuster Costa Brava. Their one-on-one together nicely shows off each other's skills, Saints as a commanding top and Taxman as a receptive bottom. Saints fucks the cum out of him.

Meet Vadim Farell

Next comes the best surprise of the entire movie, a strapping Hungarian stud named Vadim Farell. Like all Hungarians, this guy appears to have just left the gym. A Bel Ami model, his body is muscular and toned. He carries a beautiful, uncut nine inch cock, which he uses with aplomb.

He gets paired up with one of the Latin models, Scott Carter. Carter looks astonishingly like Michael Lucas in the face. In fact his entire body is cut similarly to the gay porn entrepreneur. However unlike Mr. Lucas, Carter is more than happy to get fucked. This is where Farell fits right in.

Have we mentioned Vadim Farell is an amazing top? Farrell's huge dick aches to be sprung out of his red AussieBum underwear. Once accomplished, he grips the back of Carter's head and face fucks him.

When it's time for the anal intercourse, Carter hangs off a low rook beam like a bat where Farell hits the bulls eye pounding him with his steel erection. After fucking him side saddle on the bed, the top shoots a giant load of cum into Carter's mouth.

A City of Endless Four-Ways

From this point the movie reaches an extended multiple orgasm peak as four couples from earlier in the film hook-up into two rollicking four-ways that will leave the viewer completely drained. Benjamin Bloom and Brandon Manilow are enjoying an outdoor cigarette break when they spy Lucio Saints and Nicolas Taxman, who take the Czechs back to their flat. The couples instantly split up so that Taxman is pawing and kissing Manilow, as Bloom attacks Saints. One by one, the pants are opened and out pops full erections.

After lengthy cock sucking and ass eating, Taxman sits down on Manilow riding him while the bent over Bloom gets banged hard from behind by Saints, an effortlessly relentless top.

Not to be outdone, Manilow proceeds to fuck Saints as well while inches away Taxman takes a plunge into Bloom's well-worn asshole. Big money shots spew all around punctuated with Taxman licking up Bloom's hot cream.

Who's got dicks big enough to double penetrate Scott Carter? And we're not done yet: Farell shows up at a bar with Alex Orioli and Gael Goceva from Part One. The bartender happens to be Scott Carter from earlier. He decides to stop slinging drinks opting instead for arousing the crowd by dancing naked on the top of the bar. Dick sucking leads to the first round of money shots.

Somehow the guys adjourn to a more intimate setting where Carter gets split wide by the double dicks of Orioli and Farell in the second of the movie's great DP sequences. The scene ends with big ejaculations, but it seems abbreviated, especially after the preceding fourgy.

Part Two is a little more uneven than the stellar Part One. However there's the Saints and Taxman match-up, their subsequent fantastic four way, as well as a lot of Vadim Farell to gape at. And if sales records are any indication, there are lots of people who will thrill to the Peters twins' latest prey.

Adding the Bel Ami guys makes a great touch. We have to ask: Does this mean that we're going to see some of our favorite missing in action Bel Ami beauties from earlier popping up in Sarava video productions? Where Steve Jennings? Sebastian Bonnet? Renato Amoroso? Let's keep our fingers crossed that in the future there will be more tales from this city.

Sex City (Part 1 and Part 2) Photos:

Sex City: Part Two Photos
Christian Herzog between the Peters Twins Watch on - Watch VOD
Christian Herzog between the Peters Twins
Kristen Bjorn Sex City Four Way Watch on - Watch VOD
Sex City Life: Benjamin Bloom sucks Lucio Saints,
Nicolas Taxman sucks Brandon Manilow
Sex City Four Way Watch on - Watch VOD
Sex City Four Way
Vadim Farell fucks Scott Carter Watch on - Watch VOD
Vadim Farell fucks Scott Carter

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