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Score (Parts 1 and 2)

Christian Owen Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH072
, Bo Dean , Brandon Lewis , Craig Reynolds , Gavin Waters , John Magnum , Johnny Torque , Kyle King , Logan Scott , Samuel O'Toole , , , Tyler Ford ,
Oral SexAthletes / SportsHorsehungHunksUniforms: Sports Gear

Score (Parts 1 and 2)

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Everybody is decked out in sports gear - Kyle King Got Pummeled

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

What's everyone training for in Score? Are the Gay Games starting soon? The two DVD, six scene feature combines the team of roughed up Hot House men, placing them in their own temple festooned with shiny, new sports gear, all conjured up in the minds of Hot House visionaries Steve Scarborough and Christian Owen.

At first I thought the set looked uncomfortable and out of place. However by the end of scene one, watching Kyle King quaking and sweating at the end of his sex session, my heart and mind was won over. (Actually there are a few moments during the two-part video where the models look strained by the set's boxy platforms.)

This members-only gym is makes a fine spectacle of the colorful and interesting world of sports gear. Score blends this into the sexual escapades very well. Thus, you'll lose some pounds just watching the movie. (Lose weight - watch this porn!)

Kyle King and Bo Dean Watch on - Watch VOD
Kyle King blows Bo Dean
Brandon Lewis and Johnny Torque Watch on - Watch VOD
Johnny Torque's festooned in gear
The movie begins with the arousing visual of Mr. King chowing down on Bo Dean's crotch, who keeps his actual privates separated from his mouth with a large athletic jock strap. Dean is very hot - a straight-looking top with a fine thick dick, who we've never seen before. King shows off his expert deep throating skills.

Sticking his hard dick inside King causes the beefy bottom to literally turn on, like a light. He writhes and wiggles in intense pleasure fucking himself on Dean's joystick, both on top and on his fours.

Boxing with Topher Dimaggio

Things stay heated in the second scene when the sultry Topher Dimaggio gets his mitts on red headed rascal, and now a Hot House Exclusive, Blu Kennedy. Dimaggio is physically a small guy, which is always an interesting counter-point to the bigger bottoms he's continuously paired with. Kennedy's definitely been hitting the gym.

Dimaggio himself strikes a beautiful compact figure with perfect chest and abs, strong shoulders and fabulous ass. Kennedy has always been smokin' hot, especially when getting fucked on screen. Dimaggio does the honors here, fucking the red head in his lap at length while the bottom offers spread eagle views of his gorgeous inner thighs, all the while keeping his athletic shoes and socks on, pulled up over his curvaceous calves.

Dimaggio loves to butt fuck staying inside as Kennedy shoots his money shot, followed by Dimaggio's own copious multi-spurt fountain of man juice.

Blu Kennedy and Topher Dimaggio Watch on - Watch VOD
Topher Dimaggio scores with Blu Kennedy
After this comes another highly enjoyable one on one, this time between the handsome Brandon Lewis, who gets rammed hard and deep by another new face, Johnny Torque. The name "Torque" is correct, because this guy maintains real power between his legs.

Torque lays back, enjoying a perfectly lovely blow job from Lewis, who looks superb in his wide-ass jock strap. The high point of their anal action comes when Lewis hops off Torque's erection, bends into the doggie position, which pulls the top back into him like a magnet. This is arguably the best scene of Score, Part 1. Both guys produce excellent money shots.

Valentin Petrov's Gear in the Headlights

The movie ends on a great note when we find Logan Scott and Valentin Petrov exercising on opposite side of the work out area. (Scott works out in nothing but a gray jock, ball cap and weight gloves.) Although Scott's wearing the jock, he's not the one who gets fucked.

In a pleasant turn of events, the sexy Petrov gets slowly explored from head to toe. Petrov, a Russian, is quite exotic looking. He's a choice compliment to the all-American jock next door Scott, who clearly has a very fun time normalizing relations with our country's enduring geopolitical foe. Right up the ass, first with his tongue and then with his dick!

It's a win / win for everyone. All four episodes of the part one dvd are great. But who's really keeping score? Find out in Part Two.

Score: Part One Photos

Blu Kennedy and Topher Dimaggio Watch on - Watch VOD
Topher Dimaggio watches Blu Kennedy
Johnny Torque and Brandon Lewis Watch on - Watch VOD
Johnny Torque scores with Brandon Lewis

Score, Part 2

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Samuel O'Toole Evens the Score

Hot House's Score two part DVD offers more than just the noisy, mnusclebound man sex. It boldly stokes the gym gear fetish in almost every scene. Of course, you can get picky and observe that one guy's wearing football gear while his scene partner sports knee pads from baseball. Such is the gear fashion contradiction in the smoking hot opening episode between the confidently endowed Samuel O'Toole and the smaller Trent Diesel. Let's feast on O'Toole for a minute. What an amazing crotch! (Not to mention is smile melts icebergs.)

The two guys trade off friendly dick sucking, followed by O'Toole closely inspecting his buddy's muscular butt. O'Toole a powerful machine. Diesel lifts his shiny black sports shoes, socks, feet and legs way high to accommodate O'Toole's massive thrusting body. Is any of this uncomfortable? Does it matter? They both get off. O'Toole hoses down the bottom, whose already slick from his own cum.

Samuel OToole and Trent Diesel Watch on - Watch VOD
Trent Diesel scores with Samuel O'Toole
Next we join blond Gavin Waters chatting up the returning King, still half-dressed in baseball gear. (Waters is dressed for soccer.) Both jocks are still up for playing some ball. Waters is a ray of sunshine: sexually confident, chatty, smiling. After working King's muscular butt with his tongue, he announces that he's ready for fuck it with his big, uncut dick.

As before, King starts humming as soon as Waters' dick lands in his butt. He finds a convenient set of gymnastic rings to hang off of while getting fucked. Waters and King end up scoring nice orgasms, leaving each other breathless.

Johnny Torque Takes Another Turn

Fans of Johnny Torque don't fret. The youthful, spunky top returns this time to take a Lacrosse stick to the subservient Tyler Ford. Both Torque and Ford are very hot guys. However they look a little lost trying to figure out what to do sexually with the Lacrosse stick.

They eventually reach more comfortable territory with Torque pumping Ford's butt doggie style. They may have looked a little lost for a bit, but they both end up finishing the scene by squirting big money shots. "You like my stick, huh?" quips Mr. Torque. What a charmer!

Kyle King starts humming as soon as Gavin Waters' dick lands in his butt. John Magnum, wearing reflective highway patrol sunglasses, ends Score on a rollicking note. He screams of "more intensity" to Craig Reynolds as he hangs from the gymnastic rings. Reynolds looks voluptuous as a beefcake bottom, who boils up to the exact same intensity level as his partner, putting on a fine show.

Both models are expert performers, growling and throwing their big bodies into each other. When it comes to the homoerotic sports and gear fetishes in gay porn, Hot House shows once again that they are in a league of their own.

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Score: Part Two Photos
Gavin Waters and Kyle King Watch on - Watch VOD
Kyle King scores with Gavin Waters
John Magnum and Craig Raynolds Watch on - Watch VOD
John Magnum and Craig Reynolds score
Craig Reynolds and John Magnum Watch on - Watch VOD
Craig Reynolds above John Magnum

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