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Scandal at Helix Academy

Alex Roman
Helix Studios   HXM029
Ryker Madison , , Casey Tanner , Jessie Montgomery , Doug Acre , Zayne Donovan
Oral SexTwinks, AmericanVoyeurismTheme: Romance

Scandal at Helix Academy

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Who's Tops in His Class?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

What happened to Evan Parker? In the first Helix Academy film, Parker was the school slacker. Now, he's the ruthless Top Dog, who's fucking the freshmen and blackmailing everyone else.

Joined by the equally cynical Casey Tanner, these two have become the Leopold and Loeb of Helix Academy.

Their tightly knit community has little room for our hero, Ryker Madison, who has stumbled into every red-blooded gay boy's dream - a romance with the beautiful Doug Acre. Acre, although wonderful, brings some baggage - He's Madison's teacher.

Parker and Tanner catch them doing it in the classroom (a common occurrence at this school, by the way). Parker responds by dreaming up a bibery scheme so the teacher gives him A's. Should Acre have kept it in his pants? Watch and find out. And speaking of watching, this is one of two scenes director Alex Roman incorporates voyeurism into the plot, which is always a hot elemnt in any tense, all male schoolyard situation.

Finally, Madison brings an impressive performance here as the film's star. He's very cute, and it's easy to see why so many tops want to just put him in their pocket and take him home.

Doug Acre and Ryker MadisonWatch on HelixStudios
Doug Acre and Ryker Madison
In the first film, blond Jessie Montgomery was the new guy. He's still there, apparently rolling with it, as well as living off the scraps Parker throws him. It's definitely a good thing that this isn't happening in a British school, otherwise one of these guys would grow up to be Thom Yorke.

Blackmail. Perfect hair. Hot for teacher. Blond Jessie Montgomery. What more would one want from Scandal at Helix Academy?

Hot for Teacher

"Not here. Someone will catch us."

The broad shouldered hunk's caution is wise. But the impetuous Madison isn't listening. He's in love. Who wouldn't be? The producer's chose well casting Acre. As a teacher, he'd find a barrel full of apples on his desk at the end of every day.

In a hot visual, the half-clothed Madison gets fucked atop a student desk wearing a jock strap. How far have we come from gay porn's 1984 The Bigger the Better with Rick Donovan drilling Matt Ramsey in the classroom? In many ways lots, and in many ways very little.

Their marvelous one-on-one ends with Madison dropping a torrent of jizz onto the classroom floor while getting fucked.

"Don't worry. You have a nice ass, too."

"I know."

Meanwhile, over in the villain's lair, Parker and Tanner are busy concocting their blackmail scheme. Once complete, they toast their work with a most evil fuck atop Parker's self-centered bed sheets.

Parker likes giving Tanner a little spank now and then. He fucks him doggie style, which ultimately switches to Tanner riding on top. After cumming they come down together in post-orgasm kissing that returns them back to their power games.

Evan Parker's Three Way

Things stay heated when Madison walks through the courtyard and hears the sounds of fucking coming from one of the classrooms. Peering in, he finds Parker in flagrante delicto with blondie Montgomery and brunet freshman Zayne Donovan. It's a sweet showcase of voyeurism, as Madison appears throughout the scene in the background, watching the shenanigans through an open window.

Donovan is a dark-haired cutie who, for whatever reason, never appeared in any other videos. Montgomery is his usual sexual dynamo self, but the scene revolves around Parker and the two students servicing his cock with their mouths and their butts.

Montgomery, who's sporting shaved pubes, cums on Donovan's face while Parker pulls out and blows down below. The kid looks a bit overwhelmed.

Doug Acre and Ryker MadisonWatch on HelixStudios
Doug Acre and Ryker Madison
Casey Tanner and Evan ParkerWatch on HelixStudios
Evan Parker pokes Casey Tanner

On the Desk Is Where I Want You!

Naturally, Tanner's moral compass points the same direction as his boyfriend's. In the next scene, Tanner seduces Mr. Acre using a combination of blackmail and that wonderful way he fills out a tight school uniform.

Bending over, Tanner exposes his smooth hole to the teacher. Tanner receives acres of hard cock on the teacher's desk, and he's in rapture. "I think it is, if you want to keep your job." "You're huge!" he exclaims at one point. They finish with Tanner on his back, cumming all over himself.

Putting the Ball Back in Your Court

The movie finishes with Madison playing his endgame with Parker. He surprises Parker in his room and soon they're naked and fucking. With Parker on top, they perform a hot sixty-nine sucking on each other's long dicks.

Slicking it up, Parker slides his hard cock up Madison's tight hole. Intimate audio reveals moment by moment moaning, as the top doggie's Madison up against a tall bookcase. It's a sizzling finale, but has Helix's top dawg finally gotten too big for his britches?

Although school tends to make one feel jaded, this is a delightful, sexy story in which the good guys live happily ever after.

Scandal at Helix Academy Photos:

Casey Tanner and Evan ParkerWatch on HelixStudios
Casey Tanner and Evan Parker
Doug Acre and Casey TannerWatch on HelixStudios
Casey Tanner blackmails the teacher!
Evan Tanner Zayne Donovan and Jessie MontgomeryWatch on HelixStudios
Evan Tanner's Top Dawg at Helix Academy
with Zayne Donovan and Jessie Montgomery

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