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San Francisco Meat Packers 1 & 2

Tony DiMarco
Raging Stallion Studios   RS116
Boomer Banks , , Shawn Wolfe , , Angelo Marconi , Tony Orion , Landon Conrad , Adam Wirthmore , Fabio Stallone , Angel Rock , , , Hans Berlin
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San Francisco Meat Packers RS116

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Time to Trim the Brisket

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In barbecue circles, they say that you should never rush good brisket, so what's cooking over at Raging Stallion? You'll see that they've opened-up their smoke pits and turned out a giant all-meat dinner that's guaranteed to tickle your ribs.

San Francisco Meat Packers is a two-part video, consisting of eight smoking hot scenes all set in what appears to be a very cruisy butcher shop. Director Tony Dimarco has cast the video with the studio's top flight talent, but the unquestionable star here is Boomer Banks. He's become legendary overnight for his sizable sausage.

Banks bookends the video, doing it in the first and last episodes. Sandwiched between him are pieces of tasty white bread - Billy Santoro, Shawn Wolfe and Adam Wirthmore. And that's just the bottom-side of this buffet.

Part One: Cooked to Perfection

For the opener, dark-skinned Angelo Marconi comes onto Banks, a tall, tattooed Latino who's steely presence takes control of the screen. Amazingly, Marconi's advances melt the man like butter. Marconi removes Banks's cock from his pants and starts polishing it in shiny glory. Banks' eyes roll back in his head.
Boomer Banks above Angelo Marconi Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Boomer Banks above Angelo Marconi
Tony Orion sucks Fabio Stallone Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tony Orion sucks Fabio Stallone
For the anal, Marconi takes it all up his round rump. Raging Stallion keeps this guy around because he can successfully break in any stallion, and this time is no exception. Marconi cums while getting fucked, after which Banks stands up and delivers his own sensational money shot.

"What are you willing to do for this job?"
Next we learn that this meat packing operation is run by the cigar-chomping Fabio Stallone. Tony Orion shows up begging for a job, and his prospects for successfully landing it relies heavily on how he handles Stallone's growing cock pushing through his unbuttoned jeans.

Orion gets on his knees and puts it in his mouth, treating us to another of the film's lengthy, delicious sessions of cock worship. Stallone's meat not only thick, but it bends to the left. The sexy bottom handles it both orally and anally like a champ.

In a hot visual, Stallone fucks the squirming Orion on top of his desk. Stallone cums in Orion's mouth. Now that's showing who's the boss!

Stick It In - Meat Side Up!

After this we find Billy Santoro hard at work, when he's interrupted by Shawn Wolfe. This inspires Santoro to wrap up his own meat and stuff it up Wolfe's fine ass. Santoro goes all out fucking the moaning Wolfe all over his kitchen.

Nobody sprawls across a metal kitchen prep table with their legs in the air like Shawn Wolfe.

Santoro enjoys a big, noisy orgasm while cumming in the bottom's mouth.

Billy Santoro tops Shawn Wolfe Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Billy Santoro sticks Shawn Wolfe

Hey, Watch That Meat!

It's worth pointing out that Raging Stallion's art department does a nice job on the sets, specifically the hanging slabs of marbled meat which form the background to most of the movie. Who's lurking behind the slabs of marbled meat? It's a peeping Tom! (Only in a Raging Stallion movie.)

Our lurker is superstar Landon Conrad, who's gets so aroused during the earlier Santoro / Wolfe duet, he's super horned-up by the time he's discovered by handsome Adam Wirthmore. Wirthmore, who has performed frequently at Next Door Buddies, is new performer to us.

Not knowing how to cook, is like not knowing how to fuck.
A sensual surprise, Wirthmore makes a perfect foil to Conrad, who has a tremendous time working over his fabulous butt. After eating it out, Conrad tops him in several positions, including lots of hot doggie style.

To finish, Wirthmore takes Conrad's huge multi-spurt cumshot in his mouth. That's important, because when you're eating barbecue, you shouldn't forget the sauce.

Part Two: Dry Rub the Meat

Part Two of San Francisco Meat Packers starts by rolling out someone who's exquisitely supplied in the meat department - Angel Cruz. Chris Bines is intent on taking everything the top dishes out.

Cruz is very hot to watch - he plays with his nipples, he pulls his foreskin forward, he face fucks. As a bottom, Bines matches him point for point. For the fucking, the high point shows him riding Cruz's cock from above while balancing himself on the meat hook chains.

Who else has a job in this place? Tommy Defendi, of course! Defendi, who always sounds perennially disenchanted with everything until someone's working over his cock, decides the best way to perk up Hans Berlin's attitude is to drop his own slab of meat onto the blond's surprised face.

Defendi's reaming of his young, dirty blond is unquestionably one of this video's big highlights. The top takes his time lathering Berlin's ass before he fucks it. Watching Defendi opening up his target bulls-eye elevates the film's tension.

Berlin's talents as a bottom are most impressive. His ass swallows Defendi's massive meat as if it were a Slim Jim. After a rollicking fuck, Defendi sprays down Berlin's face and open mouth with a signature money shot.

Landon Conrad and Adam Wirthmore Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Landon Conrad sticks Adam Wirthmore

It's a Sausage Fest

San Francisco Meat Packers keeps things cooking for two more scenes. Mr. Marconi shows up again looking for more dick. The seemingly eternally horny Jimmy Durano shows up and sates his appetite.

Then for the finale, Banks reappears this time to see if his meat measures up to the cuts of steak Mr. Santoro handles throughout the day. Santoro shows off great deep throat skills here, matched by Banks' fucking. (Banks still performs as a strong and silent-type top.) This takes to the end of Raging Stallion's meat-lovers delight.

Headed up by Banks, the tops offer tons of tube steak to create eight full scenes of succulent sex. At the San Francisco Meat Factory, these guys all know their way around a kitchen. It brings to mind a saying we have in Texas, "Not knowing how to cook, is like not knowing how to fuck."

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San Francisco Meat Packers 1 & 2 Photos:

Tommy Defendi tops Hans Berlin Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tommy Defendi tops Hans Berlin
Tommy Defendi tops Hans Berlin Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Jack Ryan tops Billy Berlin
Jimmy Durano tops Angelo Marconi Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Jimmy Durano tops Angelo Marconi
Boomer Banks tops Billy Santoro Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Boomer Banks above Billy Santoro

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