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Saddle Up

Christian Owen
Hot House Entertainment   HHP094
Derek Atlas , , , , , Angelo , Micah Brandt
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Saddle Up HH094

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Lust in the Dust

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Hot House has left their dark dungeons and cruisy locker rooms. In Saddle Up they've packed up the wagon train and headed down a sun lit, dusty road to film sex in the great American outdoors. There's lots to like in this six scene rodeo starring Hot House / Falcon's latest stable of wranglers and farm hands, specifically two big and buff studs who are Hot House's current exclusives, Derek Atlas and Ricky Decker.

And if you're feeling sick, don't worry. That rich ranch air will fix you right up. Just look at how horny it's made Mr. Decker! Actually for this reviewer, it was other models who really kicked up some excitement. Arguably Saddle Up's hottest scene is the lust in the dust between Jimmy Durano and Micah Brandt.

Two of the film's six scenes are all-oral teasers, starting with the first. Here we find an exquisitely rugged Brian Bonds going down on his knees for Ryan Rose. It's a tantalizing appetizer, especially since Rose appears to love getting his dick sucked.

Bonds' enthusiastic oral work is matched by Rose's massive cum shot that spews out covering the dirty blond's scruffy face.

Derek Atlas tops Ricky DeckerWatch on - Watch VOD
Hot House Exclusives - Derek Atlas tops Ricky Decker

Kick Up Your Heels!

After this, Ricky Decker kicks up his heels for bald-headed Angelo in the movie's first full sex scene. Angelo starts the horse play by spraying the fully clothed Decker with a water hose. After trading blow jobs, Angelo plugs Decker's butt with his own uncut hose.

Watching Decker with his heels to the sky getting fucked is hot. He makes a big mess shooting cum all over his tights abs.

Next up is my favorite scene: we find the stunning Micah Brandt getting all hot and bothered by himself with a wet sponge. As is his technique, Mr. Durano materializes ready to take care of a bottom in need. And Brandt is a fabulous bottom.

He's beautiful from head to toe. Durano zeroes in on his superb bubble butt. After receiving a nice blow job, Durano orders Brandt to stand up and turn around. Taking a Magnum condom from his sock, Durano wraps it up and shoves it in. In a most charming setting, they fuck on the large extended wheels of an old tractor.

Durano pulls out and rains a milky white river onto Brandt's baby smooth skin.

Angelo tops Ricky DeckerWatch on - Watch VOD
Angelo tops Ricky Decker

I'd Love to Lay You Down

Following this is a Ricky Decker double shot. Bonds must have just finished watching some animals fucking, because he back and horny again. Bonds pulls Decker's erection from his shorts and sticks it in his mouth. In a nice visual, director Christian Owen's camera picks up Decker's lean, furry torso and his firm cock. He sucks on it with expert skill, causing Decker to squirm around in happy pleasure.

When Bonds feels Decker's hot cum hit his face, he shoots as well.

We aren't done with Mr. Decker yet. Thankfully he's still horny because next Atas shows up while Decker's sweeping out the barn. (Sweeping? He's always sweeping like the kid in The Last Picture Show!)

They kiss as Atlas slowly removes Decker's jeans. After sucking each other's tools, they decide to test the firmness of some of the nearby haystacks in the barn. Laying down, Atlas plows Decker on his back.

Flipping him over, the top pulls Decker towards him when he fucking. When finished, Atlas hoses down the bottom with heavy amounts of jizz. Decker's cock explodes like a volcano.

Skinny Dippin'

Bonds returns for the movie's finale. Still in heat, he attempts to cool off by taking a cold bath in the water tank. Sitting there squeezing a sponge over himself, Bonds balls tighten up in the clear water.

Suddenly, Rose appears ready to finish what they started in the movie's opening vignette. Watching Bonds bending over a water tank and presenting himself to Ryan Rose is quite a sight. After making a delicious lunch out of rimming Bonds' prime ass, he rolls on a condom and skewers it with his meat rod. After topping him doggie, the bottom sits in Rose's lap and rides him like a horse.

Their horseplay ends in a stirring finish with Bonds ejaculating a joyous fountain while getting fucked, followed by Rose caking the bottom's face in thick, white cum.

Saddle up! Brian Bonds is in town. Overall, it's nice to see Hot House move from their usual dark sets into a bright Western outdoor setting. With its six scenes, viewers will finish watching Saddle Up, wanting to see more bucking broncos and lassos. But that horse has already left the barn.

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Saddle Up Photos:

Jimmy Durano and Micah BrandtWatch on - Watch VOD
Have you driven a Ford lately?
Jimmy Dirano tops Micah Brandt
Ryan Rose tops Brian BondsWatch on - Watch VOD
Ryan Rose tops Brian Bonds

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