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Roughin' It 2

Tony DiMarco
Falcon Studios   FVP212
Andrew Jakk , Casey Monroe , D.O. , Donny Wright , , Parker London , ,
RimmingOutdoor SexCamping / Scouts

Roughin It 2 Falcon Studios`

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Who brought the maple syrup?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

California's beautiful countryside not only produce outstanding wine, but also creates equally luscious backdrops for porn. William Higgins realized back in the 1980s with movies showing horny campers and that Sailor in the Wild. Although today gay sex in the bedroom in perfectly legal, men still seem drawn to doing it in the great outdoors Of course, when you fuck out in the wild, it's possible that someone off in the woods can be watching.

Viewers won't need a proper set of binoculars or camping gear to enjoy Roughing It 2. Tony DiMarco's take on this genre is 100% pure Falcon; a welcome back to the good ol' Falcon that has been missing for several years. And they've even cast two timeless exclusives whose massive sexuality continues to fill the screen - Roman Heart and Erik Rhodes.

Grab your insect repellent, boys, and let's go!

First up we find the tall, dark and handsome Donny Wright (Raging Stallion Giants) enjoying a blowjob in the woods from Trent Locke, a dishwater blond beefcake with a stunningly perfect face. Wright leans his body against a tall Redwood tree, its massive trunk closely resembling the porn star's own erect phallus. They silently ease into a searing scene of passion: ample deep kissing, hungry deep throating that leads to Wright opening Mr. Locke's hatch and fucking him deep.

He's an impressive bottom, because porn star Donny Wright is big -- he's big everywhere. Locke grips the sides of their tree, holding himself up to balance his buddy's doggie style log jam happening in his rear. After taking his big log at length, Wright stands tall to deliver a wet and creamy cum facial that gets caught in the bottom's beard.

Donny Wright and Trent LockeWatch on or Watch Now
Donny Wright tops Trent Locke

Camping with Roman Heart

Next, a soft dawn breaks on a deserted mountainside. Inside a spacious tent we find Roman Heart and Andrew Jakk still snoozing. This new day is causing not only the sun to rise but also plump erections in tighty white Calvin Klein underwear. Jakk sees Heart in this vulnerable state, so he takes matters into his own hands. That is, he gathers his friend's penis into his mouth.

Hart squirms, fully enjoying his good morning blowjob. Naturally Heart returns the favor, but things become especially heated when Jakk lays atop Heart for a sexy sixty-nine. It's at this point that Heart revels that he has eyes on the blond's inviting asshole, lathering it with his tongue. They decide it's best if they take their passions outside the tent.

Standing naked together, they kiss and touch in front of a beautiful nature backdrop. Smoke from last night's campfire curls into the air as Heart plunges deep, throwing a great fuck into Jakk. Like the fire next to them, their sex smolders.

Casey Monroe and Parker WilliamsWatch on or Watch Now
Parker Williams sucks Casey Monroe

Casey Monroe wakes up, starts drinking

"Mornin!" shouts brunet Casey Monroe in his affable Texas drawl, as he steps out of his tent. Monroe and buddy Parker London crack open some beers and start discussing the possibilities of the day. For London, this starts with worshipping Monroe's huge uncut cock.

Ok! This game again..
Monroe, who we've not seen since everyone was Getting Levi's Johnson, decided to shave his pubes before going camping. London sucking Monroe's dick contains many hot visuals. After that, Monroe positions himself behind London's rear end and eases in his cock.

Monroe tops him standing doggie, the brunet's pendulous balls swaying back and forth to his thrusts. Laying on his back, London gets himself off while the top amps up the intensity, fucking him harder. After a noisy orgasm, Monroe pulls out and cums on his camping pal.

To finish, Roughin' It 2 returns to the camping spot Hart and Jaxx christened earlier. This time Erik Rhodes and D.O. emerge from their jeep and they are so intoxicated with the epic view that they cannot keep their hands off of each other. Kissing and touching leads to removing each other's shorts, exposing their big sausages.

D.O. gets on his knees and sucks Rhodes' cock -- which had recently, and famously, just been circumcised. They both climb up into the bed of the jeep so D.O. can fuck Rhodes' brains out, who turns in another breathless bottom performance alongside a sweeping background layer of trees and a bright blue sky.

Who ever said these guys were roughin' it? It all looks pretty comfortable from here.

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Roughin' It 2 Photos:

Andrew Jaxx and Roman HeartWatch on Falcon | Watch Now
Andrew Jaxx sits on Roman Heart
Roman Heart and Andrew JaxxWatch on Falcom | Watch Now
Roman Heart behind Andrew Jaxx
DO tops Erik RhodesWatch on or Watch Now
D.O. tops Erik Rhodes
Erik Rhodes and DOWatch on or Watch Now
Erik Rhodes stands above D.O.

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