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Ready to Fuck

Nick Foxx
Falcon Studios   FEG001
Falcon Edge
, Nick Sterling , Adrian Hart , Rey Luis , Joseph Rough , , Landon Conrad ,
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Ready to Fuck FEG001

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Are you ready, Freddie?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Falcon has been aggressively promoting their new line of all-sex videos, which they've branded as Falcon Edge. The first entry in the fledgling line is Ready to Fuck, which contains an eye-grabbing box cover of porn star Jimmy Durano looking all cocked and in position. If this movie is the shape of what's to come with the subsequent releases of Falcon Edge, it's all definitely worth the hype.

Putting on my critic's hat (aka, my witch's hat), my only gripe with the video is that all four of the scenes are filmed in the exact same room set. In this time of episodic video produced for website release, this is probably inevitable. Otherwise, if you're going to watch Ready to Fuck, get ready to edge.

Ready to Fuck is nicely shot and superbly edited by a new director to Falcon, Nick Foxx, who clearly coaxes the best sexual action out his models from start to finish. He appears to have paired expert models with newer ones. Even better he's also mixed things up racially to create some wonderfully stimulating sexual action. Bonus points for that.

First comes a straight up episode starring Ryan Rose and Nick Sterling. Both guys appeared separately in this year's FVP 240 Best Buddies. (For those of you keeping up with the product code naming conventions, this first film in the Falcon Edge series is FEG001.)

Rose's departs slightly from his usual squeaky clean look in previous videos. Sterling is not exactly a pretty boy, a muscle man or a daddy, but he exudes elements of each. It's enough to whet Rose's appetites and get the juices flowing.

On his knees, Sterling works over Rose's pretty dick. Sterling's mouth is the key to opening all of his doors. They quickly move through oral sex to Sterling hopping on couch to get his ass eaten out. Then the fucking begins.

Ryan Rose and Nick SterlingWatch on or Watch Now
Ryan Rose tops Nick Sterling
The sexual energy released from both men is palpable. Rose takes his first turn topping Sterling doggie style over the couch. Then we find Sterling's tongue unlocking Rose's iron-clad ass. Sterling fucks Rose across a plush carpet, who's skin reddens and perspires as he squirms in pleasure. They trade off again with Sterling riding on top, which apparently is also what takes his over the edge, cumming all over Rose's belly beneath him.

Sterling looks like a hungry baby bird, mouth open, eagerly waiting for Rose to feed him his sperm. Rose's orgasm triggers Sterling's second money shot of the scene.

Mr. Sterling will see you now.

Meet Adrian Hart

Next, Landon Conrad looks perfectly happy laying back playing with himself until he nods Adrian Hart over to join him. Hart's a sweet-faced black guy with a stunning body. He's truly gorgeous.

As a matter of fact, watching this black bottom in action may be the high point of the entire film. Conrad doesn't dominate him. Hart a bottom who pushes back, building up a full sweat in the process. Hart does, however, get pinned into the couch.

Hart's clearly equally turned on here judging by his full erection while getting fucked. Finishing up, Hart unloads onto Conrad's already cum-covered cock.

Call an Expert

Next we meet an interesting new figure who proceeds to satisfy stud muffin Connor Maguire's carnal needs. Joseph Rough looks like quite the dirty blond.

They begin entwined together smooching, which leads to Rough charming Maguire's penis out of his underwear. He sucks and swallows it like a lollipop.

After this the grinning Maguire is smiling even more when Rough climbs on top and rides it. Maguire may have found his dream sexual toy - it does all the work! He just needs to lay back on the couch, and then turn his switch to "on".

"Let's Get Ready to Rumble!"
At last, Maguire finds his legs and gets behind Rough to finish him off. Next we meet the third roommate: the now shaved-headed Bobby Clark, who seems to be the slacker in this group of renters. We watch what's going to be the highlight of his day: calling up a local grocer and requesting the hunky Nick Sterling as the delivery boy.

Clark brushes off Sterling's attempt to leave without having sex. Apparently they've hooked up this way many times before. Getting on his knees, unbuttoning Sterling's pants, Clark cannot wait to get him naked.

Connor Maguire and Joseph RoughWatch on | Watch Now
Joseph Rough sucks Connor Maguire
Joseph Rough rides Connor MaguireWatch on | Watch Now
Joesph Rough rides Connor Maguire
There's a master list somewhere with the names of go-to guys who are chomping at the bit, poised to stampede on in a primed butthole. Jimmy Durano tops this list. Closing out Ready to Fuck, we find Durano standing naked, stroking his cock and looking at this cute guy on the couch like he's food.

The food's name is Rey Luis. (Rey Luis phonetically in Spanish means "King Luis") Durano makes him his queen.

A short Hispanic with a shaved head and stunning ass, he's a tasty morsel. Durano opens his butt and starts tongue lapping. After filling it with his tongue, he replaces it with the full length of his famous cock.

If Jimmy Durano was standing erect and looking at you like food, wouldn't you be ready to fuck too?

Jimmy Durano above Rey LuisWatch on or Watch Now
Jimmy Durano above Rey Luis
Jimmy Durano rims Rey LuisWatch on or Watch Now
Jimmy Durano rims Rey Luis

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