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Raw Violations

Marco Paris
Studio   RS 24
, , , , , Marcelo Mastro , Robby Mendez , Jayden Alexander , Sandro
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Raw Violations RS 24

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Raw Violations brings an end to the need for policing the Internet for barebacking. The reason is that the action is so hot it has to be breaking the law. There's really no need to slap the cuffs on these bottoms - Leonardo, Robbie Mendez and Nate Foxx - because they don't run from giant erections. Just looking at Mr. Marky and Red's dicks make the legs go weak.

Also during this, Leonardo fans will enjoy a double feature. The sex-crazed satyr shows off his talents in the first and last episodes. Arguably the hottest scene, however, brings Mendez with a sexy top named Knockout. This dude is hot!

Mr Marky behind LeonardoWatch VOD
Mr Marky behind Leonardo
Marcelo Mastro tops Sandro Watch VOD
Marcelo Mastro tops Sandro

Raw Violations Scene Rundown

  • Mr. Marky vs. Leonardo
    Leonardo keeps his demeanor as he's slapped with Mr. Marky big subpoena. On his knees, the little devil stuffs his mouth with Marky's fat cock like it's the choicest cut from a plate of sausage. The top relishes it so much, he's licking his lips.

    Leonardo offers up his ass for a bacchanalian feast that in some states is still illegal. Standing with his underwear pulls down past his ass, Marky pushes his face in. The kid's ready.

    In a hot visual, Leonardo's in Marky's lap slowly sliding down on it. Marky big hands grab the bottom's smooth butt cheeks and move him back and forth. The top's head falls back in pleasure. He moves them through several more positions on the couch, ending with Leonardo getting fully creampied, which seems to be one of Marky's signature specialities.

    Marky withdraws and gobs of his cum runs out.

    Occupy My Ass!
  • Marcelo Mastro vs. Sandro
    How much exactly did Sandro get paid for this? Sandro is one of these beautiful Brazilian bodybuilders who clearly is here to get fucked and get a check. He gives cursory attention to Marcelo Mastro's, but he let's him suck and fuck him.

    He's not enjoying it, but that's actually the magic formula for many people. He's in good hands with Mastro, who's because a real porn star professional down below the equator. Actually Sandro gradually gets more used to it.

    They end up in a nice position on the couch showing the top banging him from behind, and then Sandro's getting it on his stomach. Loosen up, Sandro!

    Mastro is a barebacking maestro.

  • Red vs. Nate Foxx
    Our story hits the boiling point when Red throws a sensational fuck into a sexy bottom named Nate Foxx. The screen crackles because it evident that both guys are genuinely turned on here. Red has definitely worked his magic. Foxx's cock stays rock hard swinging around the entire time he's getting fucked.

    Red sees no end in fuck positions for his bottom buddy. He pumps him on his back at length. Then in the middle of the scene, Red cools down to receive another blow job, which takes him right back up again. Now it's the finale: Red positions himself behind Foxx and goes to town until his ass the top's lava-like cum starts pouring out of his ass.

  • Raw Violations Preview

    Mr Markey vs. Leonardo!
    Watch Full Movie in High Def Now
  • Knockout vs. Robbie Mendez
    The next scene keeps things rolling. Here we find Robbie Mendez putting his mouth on Knockout's uncut cock. From here, there's no going back. Knockout is aptly named - his body is actually a real knock out. So is his face and his dick, which is long with capped with a big, thick foreskin! Compared to many of the tops paired with Mendez, he's genuinely affectionate. If there's anyone who can display affection while face fucking someone, it's Knockout.

    Mendez appears to be understanding these messages. He languishes on top of Knockout, fucking himself with expert bottom boy precision. The eventually move to a memorable visual with the bottom on his side getting piston fucked.

    During all this, Mendez even manages to crack a smile. It's like Valentine's Day on the set of Raw Strokes today. The top gets off by cumming in Mendez's mouth. (Trivia - this scene was Knockout's first filmed sex scene in his career).

    Knockout tops Robby Mendez Watch VOD
    Knockout tops Robby Mendez
  • Jayden Alexander vs. Leonardo
    Last but not least, the final scene of Raw Violations with Jayden Alexander and Leonardo is worth at least a couple of citations. Laying on the bed, Alexander's stout penis points to the ceiling. Leonardo knows what to do.

    Alexander's cock isn't one of the monsters compared to many of the other guys on this website. It's only "big". Actually this makes his fucking of Leonardo refreshingly nice to watch.

    He bangs him at length doggie style, pausing for moments while pulling out. Everything looks great. They move through several more positions until Leonardo gets a full blast of sweet cum in his mouth.

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Raw Violations is a nice fine scene collection of videos from the Raw Strokes library. Maybe someone should issue a citation to Nate Foxx, as he didn't yield the right of way to Red's big dick.

Can someone issue a ticket to Robbie Mendez for a possession of a great ass charge?

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Raw Violations Photos:

Red tops Nate Foxx Watch VOD
Red tops Nate Foxx
Leonardo opens for Jayden Alexander Watch VOD
Leonardo opens for Jayden Alexander

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