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Raw Players

Marco Paris
Champ Robinson , Nandito , Damien Vasquez , , Drilla , Marvin (RawStrokes) , Eduardo (RawStrokes) , , , , Lil Papi
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Players only love you when they're playing.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

They say thunder only happens when it's raining. That being the case, Raw Players is a perfect storm starring men of color, bothhung tops, fine bottoms engaged in five episodes of bareback action. I've rented a number of videos from and is probably my favorite.

The tops here represent today's leading Black and Hispanic bareback models, from the massively gorgeous Champ Robinson to wild ass destroyer Antonio Biaggi.

There's also one new, enigmatic model who's suddenly showing up everywhere - the mononamed Red, whose name you can't forget because it's tattoed on his torso.

Champ Robertson and NanditoWatch VOD
Nandito sucks Champ Robertson
Nandito and Champ Robertson Watch VOD
Champ Robertson tops Nandito

Raw Players Scene Rundown

  • Champ Robinson tops Nandito
    A five-star opener. It is difficult to decide which is more jaw-dropping - Robinson's sequoia-sized phallus or Nandito's astonishing ass capacity. Robinson takes his time, and he doesn't hold back. Filmed in high definition, every body slam Robinson makes will make your eyeballs bulge.
  • Nandito is one of's collection of astonishingly talented bottoms that the studio has discovered. When we say talented, we mean extra roomy inside. We mean capacious.

    Nandito is also very cute. When Robertson eats out his ass, he looks like he could be enjoying candy dessert, a velvety smooth ice cream. As with all these boys, they squirm about, writhing below these giants, controlling throughout this one hellacious fuck. Nut on my face!
    - June Quinones

  • Damien Vasquez tops June Quinones
    June declares at the start, Damon Vasquez's tubesteak hanging before him, that he wants the man to "nut on my face." Vasquez fulfills his wish. However, it's only after a twenty-minute session of cock-worship and ass pounding. Vasquez rams the bottom side-saddle at length. Quinones lays there taking all of it, peering down frequently to see it sliding in and out of his ass.

    At various times, Quinones grabs the top's cock and holds it. It's so big, there's plenty of room for it. After that, Quinones continues to show off his amazing bottoming talents by perching atop Vasquez's ballistic missile, sliding all the way down and proceeding to fuck it furiously.

    He deserved every drop of that nut.

  • Drilla tops Lil' Papi
    Both Drilla and Lil' Papi (Bareback Rebels) put in a solid performance here. Both models film many scenes like this. After topping Lil' Papi at length, it looks like Drilla cums inside the bottom.

    The scene closes with Lil' Papi bending over and presenting the evidence.

  • Marvin tops Eduardo
    This scene looks like it was filmed in Brazil. The guys are powerfully built and hot to watch, but it contains the typical marks - the top seems silently disengaged. Occasionally he's spotted viewing what's probably a television at some fixed point off camera. Also, the room's decor style is distinctively shabby third world.

    On the upside, Marvin has a beautiful cock matched with a full set of potent looking balls. He fucks Eduardo first laying on his back and then doggie style, who seems to betray some difficulty in handling it. He's the one bottom in this entire film whose a little tight.

    Marvin's reduced to impaling him with mostly half-way thrusts. Despite this, he's able to cum hands-free, shooting a lot of thick cream which he pushes back in with his cummy cock.

    Raw Players Preview

    Red, Julius Ceazher & Antonio Biaggi
    Watch in Full HD Now
  • Red and Antonio Biaggi top Julius Ceazher
    Closing Raw Players is the video's pièce de résistance - a high-octane three-way starring two fantastic tops, Red and Antonio Biaggi, and one truly indefatigable bottom, Julius Ceazher.

    Biaggi, of course, continues to be a legendary top. Raw Players is the first video in which I have seen Rad, who lately has popped up in lots of videos from other bareback Black/Blatino producers. Departing from usual "all business" behavior, Red has a habit of looking into the camera and flashing a grin. It's nice to see someone putting cracks in the usual stone-faced personas, unbending for an afternoon of bareback fucking.

    Ceazher is adorable. The Latino lad handles both guys with astonishing sexual ease. He lets the tops do whatever they want to him. (Tthe hotel room setting comes complete with well-drained bottles of Swiss Navy lube on opposite tables around the bed, as well as a bottle of poppers and a spray can of that aerosol stuff along with a clean white towel. Enough provisions for Ceahzer to handle a sex-starved army.)

Raw Players Ready for Prime Time

Director Marco Paris has hit a snappy stride with Raw Players captures great bareback action.

Tops Champ Robinson, Antonio Biaggi, Red, as well as the bottoms like Mr. Ceahzer, are today's perfect Internet man-obsessions. Although sometimes I wished the director with intercut the close-ups with shots of the guys a little further back, everything's filmed in amazing high definition.

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Raw Players Photos:

Damien Vasquez and June Quinones Watch VOD
June Quinones rides Damien Vasquez
Marvin and Eduardo Watch VOD
Marvin tops Eduardo
Red, Julius Ceazher and Antonio Biaggi Watch VOD
Red, Julius Ceazher and Antonio Biaggi

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