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Raw Ordeal

Marco Paris
Studio   RS 41
, , , , Kappa , Jameel Wight , Champ Robinson , Adam Moon , Marcelo Mastro , Hugo
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Raw Ordeal RS 41

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Just Getting Out of Bed Here Is an Ordeal

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

One thing is certain. Getting through this video without cumming is an ordeal.

For many it will be the first scene, which the producers wisely fronted with today's blockbuster porn star Armand Rizzo. (Rizzo is credited in production with his earlier moniker Joey Rodriguez. You know I kind of liked his earlier name. Isn't "Armond" kind of pretentious?)

However, there's a lot more to like here. Let's get started.

Armond Rizzo and Hot RodWatch VOD
Hot Rod opens up Armond Rizzo
Marcello Mastro tops Hugo Watch VOD
Marcello Mastro tops Hugo

Raw Ordeal Scene Rundown

  • Hot Rod vs. Armond Rizzo
    Hold the phone. Mr. Rizzo will not be taking calls for the next hour. Hot Rod does not hold back on this guy.

    Rizzo's magic ass casts a spell that has the top in a fit of ass pounding. Rizzo squirms a little bit at first, but he seems ready for the drumming. These are a truly fabulous pairing.

    By the time end of the scene, Hot Rod pumping delicious marshmallow cream from Rizzo's ass. This, however is just pre-cum. We get to see the top's full heaving orgasm that's deposited far, far inside the young man.

    Now that wasn't an ordeal, was it?

    Loads = Love
  • Marcelo Mastro vs. Hugo
    Scene two takes us down South American way to Brazil, where we find Brazilian top stud Marcelo Mastro readying to split Hugo up the middle with his thick bottle of a cock. Mr. Mastro worked for years in Alexander Pictures' condom films as Marcelo Sousa.

    It sure looks a lot easier taking his big dick without a rubber. Hugo is your classic, subservient Brazilan bottom (read that as trade / gay for pay.

    There's a great visual showing Mastro's thrusting cock up close as they lay side by side on the bed. He fucks like a well-oiled machine. The bottom cums while getting fucked. That is followed by the top jacking out his load, which Hugo moves in to lick up.

  • Mr. Marky vs. Jake Knight
    Next comes a hot scene with one of our favorite tops, Mr. Marky. In a nice surprise, he's paired with a bottom who is lighter skinned than the usual crew. Wearing a cap through the entire scene, Jake Knight is easy on the eyes, and very eager to get fucked by our hero.

    Knight needs a few minutes to get used to it. "Hold it in there!" he says to the top once he's crammed it all inside. Soon, Markey's pendulous balls are swinging away to his signature moves. Knight squirms underneath him, but he's not moving anywhere anytime soon.

    Marky hammers him at length flat on his stomach using that mallet of an erection. Suddenly he pulls out and, howling, he fires a volley of spooge that splatters across Knight's stunned face.

    Don't overlook this scene!

  • Raw Ordeal Preview

    Mr. Marky tops Jake Knight!
    Watch Full Movie in High Definition Now
  • Champ Robinson vs. Adam Moon
    If Champ Robinson's face is any indication, Adam Moon's ass must be made of the softest velvet. After sucking him, Moon climbs right on, gyrating his hips. Robinson's trapped! He can't go anywhere! And he looks like he's soaring to the stars.

    He works the same magic with his ass in Bareback Hustle. (I think he's paired with Kappa in that one.) Anyway, watching him move atop Robinson is an unexpected treat.

    Robinson tops Moon in other positions, but they do return to him riding on top again. Finally, the camera captures the backside of Robinson as he has one of his shaky orgasms deep inside the bottom. Watch in full screen high definition sharpness to see Robinson's balls doing their work.

    Joey Rodriguez under Hot Rod Watch VOD
    Mr. Rizzo, you have a telephone call..
  • Kappa vs. Jameel Wright
    The final scene brings Kappa back. As always, he looks like he's tall as a beanstalk and carries a thick third leg. His bottom is a new recruit named Jameel Wright, who's a little on the skinny side.

    Kappa enjoys rimming him before sticking it in, and he loves cumming in his ass.

Let A Thousand Ordeals Bloom

Raw Ordeal is a solid five scene video from Raw Strokes, where our favorite humongous tops and high capacity bottoms come together for real shows of sex. And how 'bout that Armond Rizzo?

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Raw Ordeal Photos:

Champ Robinson tops Adam Moon Watch VOD
Champ Robinson bangs Adam Moon
Kappa tops Jameel Wright Watch VOD
Kappa tops Jameel Wright

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