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Raw Latin Heat

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 213
Drae Axtell , Xavier Saldana , Rafael Lords , Leo Alexander , Mario Costa , Pedro Andreas , Sean Duran ,
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Raw Latin Heat LVP 213

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Who's the Top Banana?

Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

Go over to Lucas Entertainment today and shake the mango tree. Out will fall a perfectly ripened video titled Raw Latin Heat. Highlights of the festivities include the following: Mario Costa and Leo Alexander head up the sausage party, as their cocks are shaped akin to baseball bats. Sean Duran gets overcome with tropical passion. Latin bottoms Armond Rizzo and Rafael Lords provide fallow ground for fresh seed.

Fans of muscular latin guys, big cocks and bareback sex hit the trifecta in the four episode Raw Latin Heat from Lucas Entertainment.

The studio has already filmed some great stuff with Mr. Rizzo. Mr. Costa is his scene partner, who in this production unpeels his banana with glee.

After jawboning his cock, Rizzo lifts his butt in the air, and Costa hits the target like a guided missile. Rizzo's amazing butt handles all of Costa's snake without any kind of fuss. Costa's white ejaculation and post-orgasm fucking is a perfect close.

Mario Costa tops Armond Rizzo Watch on LucasEntertainment
Mario Costa tops Armond Rizzo
The movie's three other scenes are equally energetic. In this film, we meet Drae Axtell, Lucas Entertainment's new exclusive. The five foot ten inch tall Puerto Rican wields a heavy, long dick. In fact, one wonders at first whether he is going to be sliding it into Pedro Andreas. Alas, he's not topping today.

Andreas dominates the younger Axtell beautifully. Andreas' hairy chest heaves with power when he fucks the bent-over bottom. Axtell's fat cock flops around until the end when he fist pumps out a high flying orgasm without the top slowing down at all. It's an intense ending.

Ringa Ding Dong

Lick your cum out of my ass!
- Rafael Lords
After this, we find Xavier Saldana tussling around in bed with Mr. Duran. Duran added some facial hair and burly brawn since we last saw him in Naked Sword's Boyfriends 2. In a hot show of foreplay, Duran makes love to Saldana's butt with his tongue.

And he's not not finished. Duran goes to town on the Puerto Rican's lovely ass by fucking it. A high moment from their lust shows Saldana on top, sinking his ass down to the base then going in and out. Duran blasts a big load in and around the bottom's brown hole.

Completing this remarkable set we find Rafael Lords giving Rizzo very stiff competition for the Best Bareback Latino Bottom award. Lords' bronzed Cuban and compact body is hungry for Leo Alexander's fat sausage.

They get frisky outside in a nicely landscaped patio pool area. Director Michael Lucas nicely captures Lords' impressive deep throat skills, and his ass is equally talented. How does it all fit? Lords' facial expression looks like he's died and gone to heaven. He does stay grounded enough to blow his load onto the top's scruffy face.

Raw Latin Heat is a perfect siesta.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Pedro Andreas tops Drae Axtell
  2. Sean Duran tops Xavier Saldana
  3. Leo Alexander tops Rafael Lords
  4. Mario Costa tops Armond Rizzo
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Raw Latin Heat Photos:

Sean Duran under Xavier Saldana Watch on LucasEntertainment
Sean Dural under Xavier Saldana
Leo Alexander and Rafael Lords Watch on LucasEntertainment
Leo Alexander and Rafael Lords
Sean Duran cums inside Xavier Saldana Watch on LucasEntertainment
Sean Duran cums inside Xavier Saldana
Pedro Andreas tops Drae Axtell Watch on LucasEntertainment
Pedro Andreas tops Drae Axtell

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