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Raw Hunger

Marco Paris
Studio   RS44
, , , Kingston , Tequan , Robby Mendez , Blake , Desmond ,
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Raw Hunger Raw Strokes

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Don't Feed the Animals

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Here's some food for thought - Raw Strokes keeps on filming the hottest big dick black bareback videos. The latest case in point is Raw Hunger, a five scene carnal feast of dick and ass, filled with enough fluids to slake the thirst of the most hard core cum junkie.

The centerpiece of the film features Cutler X, a massive man whose punishing fucking skills takes the lovely Leonardo to his limits. But that's not all for this movie. Fans of Red will really enjoy his scene with Kingston here. And for this reviewer, the real surprise of the video was watching Mr. Marky's unflagging top man action.

Mr. Marky and KingstonWatch VOD
Mr. Marky cums in Kingston
Cutler X and Leonardo Watch VOD
Cutler X tops Leonardo

Raw Hunger Scene Rundown

  • Mr. Marky vs. Kingston
    The opening episode of Raw Hunger introduces a new look for Mr. Marky. He's got a "Billy Dee Williams" moustache that makes him look oh so suave! (And we also cannot forget to mention his cap emblazoned with the large letter M.)

    He's never looked better.

    His giant penis doesn't have Kingston singing the blues, however. The bald-headed submissive has a tight looking ass which can handle any size of battle ax rammed inside it. Marky bangs on Kingston's gong from the back. Then they work through several positions until they finish with laying side by side.

    Watching the top's face - a mask of determination - he expertly works his plunging cock inside Kingston's butt, taking it all the way to busting his nut. When he cums, he sinks his cock completely inside Kingston and holds it, gasping. Soon the lava flows out.

    "Unbutton those pants!"
    - Cutler X
  • Blake vs. Desmond
    Scene two from Raw Hunger stars a black top wearing sunglasses and an uncut white guy, who this reviewer could not identify. It isn't bad, as appears to be an older video.
  • Cutler X vs. Leonardo
    The movie's centerpiece is scene three, when Raw Strokes star bottom boy Leonardo fast becomes acquainted with Cutler X, one of 2014's most exciting Black tops. Put simply, this is one of those scenes that everyone talks about. "I could not get enough of watching everything Cutler X does to that little curly-haired bottom kid," they say. Really!

    Cutler X commands the room, and Leonardo falls into his arms. He's not one of those black tops who are just trade. He kisses him, and he nuzzles him.

    He also spanks him, which is a first. Holding Leonardo's smooth butt cheeks open, the top pours enough syrup from the lube bottle to grease a dozen pancakes. His phallus, which is the size of a mature oak tree, stands ready. Then the top goes in, giggling like a school girl. Leonardo takes it all up the roots.

    Mr. Cutler X isn't done. After fucking him in multiple positions, he scoops Leonardo into his giant arms and carries him over to the wall. He's still impaled. In an unforgettable visual, he fucks the squirming bottom up against the wall.

    Amazingly, by the end, Leonardo's on the floor riding the top and taking every inch. The top orgasm inside him appears to feel more like a minor earthquake. Cutler X never let's go.

  • Raw Hunger Preview

    Cutler X tops Leonardo
    Watch Full Movie in High Definition Now
  • Tequan vs. Robbie Mendez
    I like Tequan. And so will you. This friendly top sports a white tank top and black banana. Bald-headed Robbie Mendez is completely passive, subserviently working over Tequan's fruit with his mouth and upturned ass.

    The top appears to be really enjoying his run through Mendez's back seat. The hottest view shows Mendez on his back, taking the top's dick in full-length strokes.

    They end up with Mendez on his side. The top's behind him pumping him until he sprays it down with hot white cum.

    Robbie Mendez and Tequan Watch VOD
    Tequan tops Robbie Mendez
  • Red vs. Kingston
    Last, but not least, is the Raw Strokes pairing two powerhouses together - Red arrives to sink his claws into the returning Kingston. Red is another porn star who's fine uncut cock and excellent topping skills has stolen the hearts of bottoms everywhere.

    Red's fans will not want to miss him in action here, sinking his cock into Kingston's ass, fucking him through a variety of positions and seeing him get off. Just remember - doggie. Doggie! This guy likes to fuck doggie!

    Hammering Kingston from behind, to the music of the squeaking bed, Red blows his load.

Hunger Games

Raw Hunger features a trove of tops whose punishing cocks, thick foreskins and cum-filled balls should, in an ideal world, feed the most ravenous bottom. When Red pulls out, he's sprays enough icing for a cake, which Kingston eats. But even after being presented with, and eating, the tastiest cake, won't you eventually be hungry for more later?

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Raw Hunger Photos:

Red and Kingston Watch VOD
Red doggies Kingston
Cutler X and Leonardo Watch VOD
Cutler X prepares Leonardo

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