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Project Gogo Boy

Jake Jaxson
Cocky Boys  
, Max Ryder , , Bobby Long , Pierre Fitch , , Seth Knight , Stephen Forest , , Justin Lebeau , Ben Rose , Leo Lefonce , Shawn Beliveau , Lukas Wild , Jason Martin , Etienne (Cockyboys) , Jo (Cockyboys)
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Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

"So how much do you charge a minute?" asks the bedazzled, overwhelmed Hedda Lettuce to the gogo boys in the final interview portion of Project Gogo Boy. I think some of the viewers of this great movie to end up slightly puzzled like Mrs. Lettuce - Is Project Gogo Boy educating me on how to spend money on gogo boys? Is it an ambitious capture of the popular reality show series packaged with titillating porn stars? Or is it a nice porn for an enjoyable evening?

Answer: All of the above.

For those of you without much experience in gay bars, the gogo boys who dance for money in such bars (also called dick dancers), or the business around it, Project Gogo Boy may be a real education. After all, this is the 2010s and gay discos aren't what they used to be. (Thanks, Internet.)

Those looking for a simple all-sex flick may give up on this movie, because there's too much in the way. On the other hand, director Jake Jaxon has coaxed a series of performances from this entire cast that could play on Bravo. It's insatiably needy Millennials trapped in a world of amoral bosses. Forget the Real Housewives of Atlanta. These are the Insane Porn Stars of New York City.

Meet the Guys

Pierre Fitch is at the top of his game here, playing the club DJ who wisely and quietly manipulates all the dancers to give him what he wants. The first sexual episode shows the DJ taking Max Ryder downstairs into the club's lower circle of Hell so he can personally fill the newcomer's groove.

It's a hot standing doggie between two sex machines. All the guys in this video are sex machines. At one point in the movie Max Ryder relates in narration something Jake Bass told him: "Hey, Max! My inbox is full of my fans hating on you." And it's the unending "she said / she said" drama over, well, nothing, that makes this movie really something.

Project Gogo Boy Trailer
We meet Gabriel Clark, the movie's metaphysical yoga-minded club owner. He explains that in his club, the dancers are there to "take the pain away from the club's clients. " In his mind, the boys serve a spiritual function, and he's their swami.

Meanwhile the foil to Clark are a pair of evil club owners, Tommy Defendi and Sebastian Young, who spend their days counting their money and fucking their employees for favors. We see them exploiting one of their dancers, the tender, tattooed gogo bottom Seth Knight.

That's right - bad boy porn star Sebastian Young is back, and looking just as big and dangerous as always. Watching him fuck Knight's little brains out, with the humongously hung Defendi happily sliding in for sloppy seconds. In a high moment, Young picks up the diminutive Knight and carries him around, fucking him on his cock, as well as Defendi's cock. Finally they shoot in Knight's mouth.

This will be the favorite scene in this movie for many people. Is it cynical to say that?

Sebastian Young Seth Knight and Tommy DefendiWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Sebastian Young watches Seth Knight suck Tommy Defendi
Sebastian Young and Seth KnightWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Sebastian Young points to Seth Knight

Waking Up with Jake Bass

In the next episode, we learn more about the charming bundle of neuroses that is Jake Bass. He's obsessed with everything his rival, Mr. Ryder, does. This all gets entangled somehow in a jealousy triangle with DJ Pierre Fitch. At one point, Bass dotes over Fitch around the swimming pool.

The next day we find the more tender side him. Stephen Forest awakens the morning after a particularly convivial evening from the bar. He's naked in a hotel room bed. Apparently Bass has cloistered them safely in a hotel room for the day. Perched at the window, Bass waits for Forest to pull himself together, his voice audibly hoarse from the previous evening's rivalry.

Forest and Bass begin a morning sex encounter that quickly becomes a sexual awakening. Once his engines get started, all of Bass' cattiness transforms into animal spirits.

Forest takes control, fucking Bass from behind, whose eyes roll up in his head as he grips the bed sheets. Forest finishes him off with Bass on his back, his head comfortably supported by soft pillows. Bass' erupts in a multi-spurter money shot that flys up and drips down the headboard. It's like watching two glorious leopards mating.

It's hard to overlook all the precise detail for this story. Nothing escaped the producers, right down to the models having morning stubble on their face. Bass' scratchy voice unmistakably sounds like the result of a night in a noisy club drinking and smoking.

Mystery Bonus Scene 4?

People watching Project Gogo Boy on Naked Sword will be treated to an extra episode at this point, which delves into private lap dances in a bar's back room. To those with no experience of such special rooms in a bar, this is interesting to watch, especially since the scene's narrator Mr. Clark makes it a point to even discuss some proper etiquette for both the buyer and the seller.

"Each client has their own fetish. Each client has their different needs," says Clark, which moves into a sex scene of him topping the smooth, sexy Arnaud Chagall. After shooting his cum into Chagall's mouth, through sticky kisses Clark warns, "Let's be clear on this. Don't do that with your clients."

Pierre Fitch and Max RyderWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Pierre Fitch and Max Ryder
Pierre Fitch and Max RyderWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Impromptu Fuck Break
Jake Bass and Stephen ForestWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Stephen Forest behind Jake Bass

Going from enemies to frenimies

Finally, it's a new day and things seem to be settling down. Bass contacts Ryder to officially make peace. They meet in Greenwich Village for cupcakes and apologies. However Ryder maintains his position at work as "Teacher's Pet", so the resentment continues. (Apparently nobody saw the boss fucking fellow dancer Chagall on Naked Sword's Project Gogo Boy)
"Jake, you know I don't like cupcakes."
-Max Ryder

Watching his dancers tearing themselves up, continuously ripped apart by drama, Clark decides that cannot just stand by and watch helplessly.

He proceeds to teach them all yoga. In an unforgettable visual, their yoga session featuring eleven gogo boys (almost all hot VideoBoys models), turns into a rousing circle jerk. Big boners everywhere!

Clark drives his point home by fucking Ryder whose standing in the middle of the room. The others maintain an aroused orbit around them. Some viewers will find this all very arousing, while others will think it's too limited sexually.

It's Clark who ends up being the Bukkake boy. One by one, they all cum on him or in his mouth. Was Clark trying to teach a spiritual lesson in equality to his gogo boys, or was he showing off the Teacher's Pet?

(Models here: Ben Rose, Bobby Long, Shawn Beliveau, Lukas Wild, Justin Lebeau, Jason Martin, Leo Lefonce, Etienne, Jo)

Just Fuck and Get It Over With!

New York City drag queen Hedda Lettuce performs the obligatory reality show follow-up interview with Bass, Ryder and Fitch. Bass dominates the question and answers, and Fitch looks like the odd man out here, mostly sitting there. All the original non-sexual content of this movie was great, except this, which I felt fell flat. Sorry, I hope the Hedda Lettuce fans and Feast of Fun people don't come after me.

Fortunately, after this comes the scene everyone's been waiting for, which is very good - Bass and Ryder consummate their relationship on screen. First, we learn in the epilogue that everything in the show was a conceit.

Bass and Ryder were always dedicated lovers. (?!?!) In their apartment, cleanly groomed and smartly dressed, they speak about successfully fooling everyone back then. (I felt like I was watching one of the "flash-forward sequences of the TV show Lost" This pillow talk leads to a full round of romantic sex.

It's an exciting flip-flop fuck. The hottest part is watching Ryder top Bass all over place - on an oversized couch, atop the center table and across a shaggy dark rug. Everyone works up a real sweat and cums in each other's mouths.

So was this the inevitable conclusion to all the drama, to all of the show? Perhaps the producers pointing out that beyond all of society's lascivious objectification of dick dancers, escorts and porn stars, in reality they all live like everyone else after they return home.

When released in Project Gogo Boy in 2012, it's marketing innovation was remarkable for its new reach into blogs and social media like Twitter. This success got the attention of other studios, who quickly to started measuring the distance it would take for them meet the height of the new bar.

Director Jaxson continues to take Cocky Boys in his own personal direction. One of the truly interesting gay porn studios in full operation, making movies that are not only great to get off to, but also commenting on contemporary culture through an unflinching look at modern homosexuality.

Project Gogo Boy Photos:

Project Gogo Boy Yoga OrgyWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
The Yoga Orgy
Jake Bass and Max RyderWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Jake Bass and May Ryder

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