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Prisoner of War

Nica Noelle
Icon Male  
Ty Roderick , Liam Harkmoore , , Colt Rivers , , Ludo Sandor , Rob Yaeger , Brandon Wilde
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I Fucked a Nazi!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's World War 2 and the Germans have captured American soldier Ty Roderick. The Nazis want him to turn over Allied secrets, but our hero isn't one to talk. In fact, it's his captor Liam Harkmoore who ends up singing like a canary.

Prisoner of War is a surprisingly enjoyable look at man-to-man combat revealed through Icon Male's gay porn lens. Granted, some of the dialogue is cheesy, but big deal. I grew up watching Cannon Films, and the steely Mr. Roderick is without question just as good an actor as Charles Bronson.

Tommy Defendi is even better! Defendi's scene in which the sexy Ludo Sandor lands in his jail cell is incendiary. A lengthy, tense lead-up brings the two American soldiers together. When passions collide, their resulting sex explodes louder than bombs.

Leaving Sandor's smooth body bathed in cum, Defendi smokes a cigarette. You may have to light up afterwards as well.

Send in the Basterds

You're a real matinee idol! Look at you!
- Liam Harkmoore
Meanwhile, fair-haired Rob Yeager goes around dressed in Nazi garb barking at the prisoners in a German accent. He looks like Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Basterds. During his interrogation of Brandon Wilde, he should have been drinking milk.

Yeager orders Wilde to bend over with his pants down. Yeager reacts to this splendid presentation by opening his trousers and inserting his fascist penis. Wilde's performance getting fucked here shows that he's one of the industry's leading bottoms.

Tossed into the beginning of the film is a scene back in the United States, where Colt Rivers is trying to play sick at boot camp. He claims to have been laid ill with dysentery, but superior Billy Santoro is having none of it. A quick rectal exam reveals Rivers is clean, inciting Santoro to enforce military order on Rivers' disciplined asshole.

War is Hell.

You can download the full movie on FriskyFilms VOD.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Billy Santoro tops Colt Rivers
  2. Ty Roderick tops Liam Harkmoore
  3. Tommy Defendi tops Ludo Sandor
  4. Rob Yeager tops Brandon Wilde

Prisoner of War Photos:

Billy Santoro and Colt Rivers Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Billy Santono tops Colt Rivers
Ludo Sandor sucks Tommy Defendi Watch on IconMale
Ludo Sandor sucks Tommy Defendi
Rob Yeager and Brandon Wilde Watch on IconMale
Rob Yeager tops Brandon Wilde
Ty Roderick and Liam Harkmoore Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Ty Roderick fucks Liam Harkmoore
Tommy Defendi and Ludo Sandor Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Tommy Defendi and Ludo Sandor
Rob Yeager and Brandon Wilde Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Brandon Wilde sucks Rob Yeager
Prisoner of War Preview

Tommy Defendi and Ludo Sandor in Prisoner of War Watch in Full High Definition Now

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