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Point and Shoot

Tony DiMarco
Falcon Studios   FVP216
Alexander Garrett , Cameron Foster , , Dylan Roberts , , Landon Conrad , ,

Point and Shoot DVD cover

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Welcome to San Francisco! Don't forget your cameras!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Point and Shoot contains best all classic Falcon videos: in casting there is a combination of sexy newboes and seasoned vets, as the director gives them room to show off endearing aspects of their personalities. There's compulsive San Francisco sex, some nice location shooting and excellent technical production quality. Point. Shoot. And it's a wrap.

For the fans of porn star Trevor Knight, this is one of his more most recent on-screen sex videos and it should not be missed. For a man who has been working in the industry since 2000, he's at the top of his game here. Literally!

In Point and Shoot, couples Landon Conrad and Dean Monroe, Jimmy Durano and Marc Dylan, along with Trevor Knight spending a San Francisco vacation together. What transpires isn't so much the expected unspooling of musical beds and jealousy, but rather a flavor of Shakespearian comedy. Instead of a story based on cases of mistaken identity, Point and Shoot revolves around a case of mistaken cameras.

In this case, Dylan and Knight have nearly identical cameras. The small electronics gadgets are definitely easy of mix up, especially when everyone leaves them laying out on the kitchen table.

The movie begins with Durano kissing his boyfriend goodbye, so he can go rustle up some ass by himself. He finds the always adorable Dylan McLovin on the street eating a huge hot dog. (Freud: Sometimes a hot dog isn't just a hot dog)

The guys quickly surmise that an even better meal would be McLovin chowing down on Durano's hot dog. In moments, Durano has taken his trick back to his place so they can continue their naked lunch in the kitchen. The chemistry between the two guys visibly crackles on screen. McLovin delivers a Grade A blowjob to his new friend's wiener. Durano returns the favor with a thirsty rib job.

The anal sex sequence is superb. Durano goes to town on his ass, and we're all lovin' Mr. McLovin, until finally the top showers his mate with a geyser of cum.

Jimmy Durano and Dylan McLovinWatch on or Watch Now
Jimmy Durano picks up Dylan McLovin in San Francisco
At this point, Conrad and Monroe begins snooping around their friends' digital cameras. They discover a video of boyfriends Durano and Dylan playing around in the shower. It includes some nice shots of the handsome Mr. Dylan. This leads up to them filming giving each other blowjobs.

Trevor Knight's Kodak Moment

What nastiness does Knight get into on his San Francisco trip? His is arguably the hottest scene in the movie! Knight selectively picks and chooses his videos nowadays. The benefit is that he's not overexposed, giving his fans some time to build up tension for his next filmed moment unleashed.

Knight discovers bodacious blond Cameron Foster playing basketball solo. He approaches him, flattering him with compliments and opportunities to take photographs. Knight sweet talks his way right into Foster's open buttocks, first with his mouth and then with his jackhammer cock.

Foster seems convincing at playing clueless to Knight's advancements, making all this the more hotter. Like a good tourist, Knight dons his spelunkers hat and ventures deep into the San Francisco's native's chiasm. They first do it doggie style, followed by an ever hotter sequence of the bottom seated on top as Knight thrusts in and out from below.

Foster gets off in this position. Finally, Knight gets up, pulls off the condom and blows a big, noisy money shot over his new friend. Are we all ready to eat some fine San Francisco dining now?

Trevor Knight and Cameron FosterWatch on or Watch Now
Trevor Knight behind Cameron Foster

Filming My Boyfriend Getting Fucked

Conrad and Monroe continue snooping around the contents of Dylan's camera and finds a sensational video showing Durano and Dyan picking a guy up at a bar, taking him home where Durano films his boyfriend getting fucked.

Here's another one of Point and Shoot's surprises - Alexander Garrett! Porn fans have been following this guy since he was a young, Mexican hottie in Kazan's 2004 Decameron: Two Naughty Tales working under the name of Ricky Martinez. The muscletwink has evolved into a satyr! It makes perfect sense that a power couple like Durano and Dylan would coax this guy back to their place and film it.

Looks like our house mates are having more fun than we are! They tussle around on the bed with Dylan servicing Garrett. Dylan ends up on his back where he's sucked and rimmed. Garrett arranges him on his fours and proceeds to fuck his magnificent ass.

Director Tony Dimarco fully keeps the voyeurism aspect going - at various times we see Durano rubbing his erection in the foreground while his boyfriend gets fucked in the background. Dylan is a noisy bottom and looks very hot getting fucked. Garrett likes slapping the bottom's buns through all their positions. By the scene's end, both Garrett and Dylan have hosed down the bottom.

After torturing themselves with watching these camera videos, Conrad and Monroe decide that they shouldn't let their friends have all the fun. "I think it's about time we made a little video of our own."

And off we go! By the way, Monroe, one of the video's "seasoned models", looks picture perfect! It's wonderful seeing him continue making movies. (Don't miss Monroe's classic Falcon movie Heaven to Hell and Taking Flight)

They enjoy a hot one-on-one, punctuated with the large Conrad towering over Monroe, making love to him on the couch. It's all very sexy!

Point and Shoot shows that Falcon seems to be making a comeback. It hits all the notes. Viewers will be pulled into the action, thanks to director DiMarco and all the great models.

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Point and Shoot Photos:

Landon Conrad and Dean MonroeWatch on Falcon | Watch Now
Inside Dean Monroe
Dean Monroe and Landon ConradWatch on Falcom | Watch Now
Landon Conrad above Dean Monroe
Point and Shoot 3 WayWatch on or Watch Now
Jimmy Durano films boyfriend Marc Dylan getting fucked
Marc Dylan and Alexander GarrettWatch on or Watch Now
Alexander Garrett tops Marc Dylan

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