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Plays Together

Bruno Bond
Falcon Studios   FVP237
Lance Luciano , , , Liam Magnuson , Ray Diaz ,

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Let's Peek into the Romper Room

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

This cast of guys who are ready to get down and play some music. And they've all brought their fiddles.

In Falcon Video's Plays Together, life's good. Whether it's awakening one bright morning next to boyfriend Lance Luciano in bed, or giving a naked rub-down to hunky Hungarian Darius Ferdynand, the guys are landing in sexy action, frequently fueled by conspicuous voyeurism.

Luciano and sexy Falcon Exclusive Ryan Rose open things by awakening in each other's arms. Kissing and groping ensues. The bright morning light burns them into a tangle of smoldering passion, beginning with Rose giving Luciano a hearty top of the morning blow job.

A high point comes with Luciano laying back, his beautiful long legs spread wide (talking full advantage of the HD wide screen), Rose's heaving backside fills the majority of the screen. Rose builds up a visible sweat while fucking, happily nailing the Latino down to the bed.

The scene ends with Rose shooting a seemingly unending money shot. At last, everyone's happily tired and it's time to take a nap again.

Lance Luciano and Ryan RoseWatch on | Watch Now
Lance Luciano and Ryan Rose
Plays Together 4 WayWatch on | Watch Now
Lance Luciano, Ryan Rose, Darius Ferdynand, Connor Maguire

Everyone's Watching

The arguably hottest scene happens next when we find blonde Liam Magnuson giving Darius Ferdynand a thorough rub-down. A skimpy towel barely covers Ferdynand's ripe assets, his moistened, smooth skin shining like a choice apple ready for consumption.

Director Bruno Bond spends several minutes following the increasingly intimate moves of Magnuson's moving hands, quietly building anticipation for their upcoming consummation. Even more interesting, Bond develops this scene imaginativly by filming Luciano stepping in and standing the doorway. He silently watches from across the room, stroking his uncut cock.

Luciano's aroused nature, watching while jacking-off, adds a brilliant touch of voyeurism to the scene. We're with Luciano observing these guys fucking on the massage table. How hot is that?

Luciano's nomination for a 2014 Grabby Award for Best Solo is well-deserved.

The scene unfolds with Ferdynand ending up servicing the masseur! Ferdynand sits up on his elbows, swallowing Magnuson shaft. Then Ferdynand raises himself on the table, getting on his fours so his companion can mount him from behind. (This raises a sticky question: shouldn't Magnuson be paying Ferdynand?)

Easing it in, Magnuson starts slow, kissing the bottom. Impressively, the guys fuck in many hot sexual positions without ever having to leave this table. Finally, the hottest visual: Magnuson lays flat on his back as Ferdynand bounces over him. Luciano stands stroking conspicuously in the background, never acknowledging each other.

They all easily blow big loads.

Ray Diaz and Connor MaguireWatch on or Watch Now
Ryan Rose watches Ray Diaz and Connor Maguire

Ryan Rose Joins In

Next, the lucky Ray Diaz helps Connor Maguire out of his pants so he can suck his cock. At length, Diaz worships Maguire's truly towering penis.

The strapping Maguire's quiet sexual potency is guaranteed to transfix. He's a monument of a man, whose long moves fucking the smaller Diaz extremely hot to watch. Speaking of being watching, near the end Rose returns, this time not only watching but joining in the sexual action. Rose gets his dick sucked by the bottom as Maguire bangs him from behind.

It's lunchtime. Anyone care for a Ray Diaz sandwich? The movie culminates with a rousing four-way, all with models who appeared earlier in the film. The hotties make it a point to mix it up. Here, Rose tops Ferdynand, which inches away Maguire sticks it to Luciano. A hot visual shows them all standing up, the bottoms looking at each other, getting fucked.

A classic "fourgy", their thirty-plus minute roller coaster climaxes with everyone getting off. Congratulations to this talented team for orchestrating a beautiful string quartet. It's nice seeing Falcon men once again playing for us the music of love.

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Plays Together Photos:

Darius Ferdynand and Liam MagnusonWatch on or Watch Now
Darius Ferdynand above Lian Magnuson (Lance Luciano, right)
Plays Together Four WayWatch on or Watch Now
Ryan Rose, Darius Ferdynand, Lance Luciano, Connor Maguire

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