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Ashley Ryder
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Ashley Ryder , Jonny Kingdom , Luke Desmond , Mark Coxx , Sam Bishop , Tyson Tyler
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Game of Moans

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Bulldog / Eurocreme's resident bon vivant Ashley Ryder devises an interesting game - hustle up a hot guy off the street and present them with a pair of playing cards. Choose the "wrong card" and you're tied up and pimped out as a bottom to whoever the director can hunt down.

Later, after that top has his way, the top plays the card game, taking the same chance of being the hog-tied bottom. And director Ryder heads back out to the streets of London to pimp him out.

"It will work! I promise you. I promise you. It will work!" insists Mr. Ryder. And it does. The fun setup creates a quite enjoyable new Bulldog XXX video, Played.

Mark Coxx and Luke DesmondWatch on BulldogXXX
Mark Coxx above Luke Desmond
All of the stars align for Ryder (and us) when dreamy Luke Desmond arrives and successfully picks the Devil Card. Undressing, wearing a blindfold and waiting tied to a bench in a strange building comes quite naturally to Desmond, who's sweet and tender hooligan look reminds us of Mason Wyler.

My name is Mark, and I'm going to fuck your tied-up friend

Amazingly, they find a slightly shy, adorable young man named Mark Coxx who Ryder convinces to join them back at the studio. After all, Desmond awaits.

And it was all worth the wait. Coxx turns out to be a fucking hot top. His penis is a real object of worship, long, uncut and curving downwards. Coxx licks the bottom's ass and growing cock. Fully aroused, Coxx doggie fucks Desmond, performing a riveting duet that finishes with taking the blindfold off the bottom, who's also rock hard now, and everyone cums.


Apparently Stephen Fry isn't the only Mr. Kingdom in Great Britain. We meet Jonny Kingdom as he's buying an ice cream. Politely listening to Ryder's explanation of his "quest for tops" situation, he agrees to find the delicious, naked Mr. Coxx ready for him.

You'll be okay, won't you? Nice and comfortable? Bye! Kingdom is ready as well. When he opens his trousers, his stiff cock pops out. The blindfolded Coxx worships him at length, showing off impressive deep throating skills. The top gets behind him, rolls on a condom and slides it. Ryder's high definition photography reveals that's Coxx's butt is warm and snug.

Kingdom thoroughly works over his new commonwealth, building up a steadily growing pace of butt fucking. Before you know it, everyone's sweating and moaning. Everyone's totally into this hot sex. Everyone's shooting big, thick loads. This is the last we see of Coxx in Played. We hope it's not the last we see of him in the future.

Played: Setting Up the Game
The movie's last two scenes feature a hot Black model named Tyson Tyler. Ryder, who's filmed him in earlier Eurocreme features, coaxes him back to the play pin, where there's a hot sequence showing Tyler fucking the now tied-up Mr. Kingdom. Tyler also seems to love sucking dick. Watching him top Kingdom missionary with his chained legs raised high is a memorable visual.

Endgame: Sam Bishop

For the final episode, Ryder recruits furry stud muffin Sam Bishop off the streets. Bishop, who's actually filmed a lot of European porn, does a good job pretending on camera to be the reluctant, straight guy who only agrees after a lengthy negotiation on sufficient compensation.

He throws a nice fuck into the now tied down Mr. Tyler. Watching this, we think Tyler a more natural and aggressive bottom than top.

Watching Ryder walk up to random people on the street talking about his game produces a variety of interesting results. Which ones are real and which ones are acted? Recruiting Mark Coxx at the start of the video looks quite convincing.

We can only imagine the vast choices of men available in London. Oh and look! There's Ben Whishaw sitting right over there by himself enjoying a cappuccino. I'm sure he'd be interested in playing Ashley Ryder's game.

Played Photos:

Tyson Tyler and Jonny KingdomWatch on BulldogXXX
Tyson Tyler above Jonny Kingdom
Jonny Kingdom and Mark CoxxWatch on BulldogXXX
Jonny Kingdom and Mark Coxx
Sam Bishop and Tyson TylerWatch on BulldogXXX
Sam Bishop above Tyson Tyler

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