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Pizza Cazzone

Jorg Andreas
Cazzo Films   20
, , Marco Blaze , Moran Stern , Slim Jim , Angel Tyessen , Jenson Lomax , , , Tim Kruger , Enzo Rimenez , Christoph Scharff
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Pizza Cazzone Cazzo Films

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Hold the Pepperoni!

Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

Berlin-based Cazzo Films presents two winning gay porn themes here - pizza delivery boy and automobile mechanics. The resulting combination will have greases squirting!

Our pizza boy hero is the sexy Thierry Lamasse, a hirsute muscular Euro stud, whose versatility makes the movie the truly exciting. (And that's despite the fact that this guy doesn't really look at all like someone you'd expect to be delivering pizzas. Why, yes, Thierry, we'd love some extra Parmesan with that.)

Lamasse delivers all the food in the film, but he only has sexual scenes in three of the film's six scenes. Yes, the movie has six scenes, but don't expect each one to be "a supreme". One small dissapointment features the world-famous Brit Matt Hughes as the cook who makes the pizzas. At one point, he decides his dough needs more air in it, so he fucks the pizza dough. What did we do before Fleshjacks?

Leave it to Hughes to show us his old bread making secret.

At one point Jenson Lomax shows up to make a delivery, and I fully expected Hughes to start slamming his rod into him. But they just smile and engage in a all-oral scene with Lomax on his knees jawboning Hughes.

Mad Mechanics

Let's take a break - pizza's on its way.
Pizza Cazzone starts with Lamasse delivering his first pie to a pair of hungry automobile mechanics, Christoph Scharff and Moran Stern. Arriving, he interrupts them messing around, and eventually he shoehorns his way into a rousing three way atop the supervisor's desk.

Scharff and Lamasse take turns fucking Stern. After this comes a hot visual showing Scharff taking turns fucking the upturned asses of pizza boy Lamasse and Stern. It ends with Scharff pumping a massive load of cum out of his equally big, fat cock.

Keep the tip.

Thierry Lamasse tops Slim Jim Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Thierry Lamasse tops Slim Jim
After this, we discover how this shop's other employees have been spending their lunch hour. In what's arguably the hottest scene of the film, Jean Franko puts on a tour de force show with cute Marco Blaze. It starts with ample body worship, which is a cinch considering how Franko's body is a religious experience.

Franko takes his lunch by eating out Blaze's phenomenal ass before fucking it. Franko take his time enjoying it, topping the bottom in several position on and over a tall set of tires. Blaze cums while getting fucked, and after that Franko pours his hot cum out onto the bottom's chest.

Tim Kruger's Meat Supreme

Next up, Lamasse delivers a pizza to redheaded wunderkind Tim Kruger. Tension rises the two check each other out while going through the "Here's your pizza" routine. Kruger looks hungry all alone in his house, and it's not for pizza.

Kissing in the doorway leads to throbbing erections in Kruger's kitchen. Lamasse face fucks him.

Passionate ass eating leads Kruger to lift his condom-covered cock up and slide it right into Lamasse's open ass. Fucking him at length, this ends up being the tenderest of the movie's sex scenes. That is, until, they both shoot their loads onto the pizza. Better than pesto!

Meat Eaters

Next up, Peto Coast makes mincemeat out of Enzo Rimenez and Angel Tyessen. Mr. Coast is early in his porn career here, and he's just as exciting to watch (and twisted) as he is in the movies he makes today. Upon learning Rimenz and Tyessen are a couple, he makes Tyessen stomp around a freshly delivered pizza pie. Once getting his feet all covered in food, Rimenez licks it clean.

Tyessen is adorable, and watching him get fucked by Coast's cannon is another of the film's many high points. In fact, after the pizza feet scene, Coast fucks both of them shoulder-to-shoulder.

For the final episode, Lamasse returns to home base where his boss (Slim Jim) sounds truly puzzled with his employee's growing sales and customer service accomplishments. "Show me your secret" demands his boss.

It turns out the boss is an überbottom. After receiving a happy blow job, Lamasse fucks him on the front counter. Lamasse pushes Mr. Jim's legs all the way back to his ears, and then pounds the guy's ass into a roll of pizza dough.

Pizza Cazzone translates in English to Big Dick Pizza. It's certainly the best pizza boy gay porn that's been produced in years. (Far and away much better than Jet Set's mess of a film Pizza Boy Gangbang)

Forget your diet: This one's stuffed with hot German guys, all with massive slabs of pepperoni. Cazzo definitely got the casting right. Tonight put this movie on the television and order a pizza for delivery. Maybe you'll get a Pizza Cazzone too.

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Pizza Cazzone Photos:

Jean Franko and Marco Blaze Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Jean Franko and Marco Blaze
Peto Coast tops Angel and Enzo Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Peto Coast tops Enzo Riminez
Matt Hughes and Jenson Lomax Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Matt Hughes and Jenson Lomax
Thierry Lamasse sucks Tim Kruger Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Thierry Lamasse sucks Tim Kruger

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