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Liam Cole
Treasure Island Media  
Anton Dickson , Ben Statham , Chris Front , Christian , , Harley Everett , Jake Ascot , , Jeremy Torrez , Luke Pascoe , Marc Dann , Martin Puli , Paul Mann , , Priam , Rob Tyler , Scott Williams , Sebastian Slater , Yuri
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Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

For those terrible times when Full Tilting doesn't provide enough cock, enough man sex, Treasure Island director Liam Cole outdoes himself with his 2013 opus Overload, a gay porn earthquake of a film whose aftershocks ripple out from the Prime Meridian to the rest of the planet Earth. The movie's scene two "Yuri Gangbang" is, to borrow a very overused term, epic. And there's lots more great stuff here beyond that. Shall we take Overload's seven scenes in order?

The movie kicks off with a five-star appetizer: Christian getting rolled over by spermin' German (or should we say Dutch) porn god Peto Coast. Christian never seems to stray very far from ejaculating man-organs or the camera. He appears to still be having the time of his life as Treasure Island's number one Energizer Bottom.

Christian's carnivorous butt hole swallows Coast's massive meat like a hungry animal. As if that's not enough, he impales himself fully onto it at all angles, that is, when Coast isn't reaming him back in response. The boys punctuate all this with playful groping, swatting and kissing. It's like watching lions in heat mate.

We've written about the fucking talents of both Coast and Christian extensively here. In fact this scene may cause many to pause and wonder whether this is really the first time both powerhouses have been paired up on video. Coast completes the scene with a perfect no-editing-needed fuck to orgasm finish, a massive quake felt by the bottom, rippling out to the riveting viewer on the other side of the screen.

Jeremy Torrez and YuriWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jeremy Torrez cuts the cake.

Yuri's Gang Bang

Overload's piece de resistance comes next when Yuri, a jackstrap-clad submissive man sporting tattoo's that say "Skinhead" and "Boy Toy" takes in a mind-boggling gangbang from an exorsized line of powerful men. These guy's life destiny is to be in this gang bang. Yuri's hole radiates the sexual energy of the sun. Around him circle a swarm of potent bees, whose long stingers slice into his presenting body, oozing honey.

And then there was cum... It takes maybe fifteen seconds for the anal action to begin - here we meet a very hot, furry chested, mohawk guy named Jeremy Torrez. Torrez eventually cums in Yuri twice. Joining them is the massively hung Martin Puli and sausage cock Rob Tyler, as well as Luke Pascoe and Marc Damn.

These guys are all going full tilt, genuine. It's not typical watching a big guy play the gangbang top. Yuri's massive ass and hot body, coupled with his insatiable sexual appetite, pulls the entire scene off. Your eyes will be glued to the screen for all this - the gangbang of 2013.

Does anybody today film gangbangs as consistently good as Liam Cole?

Oh and we're not done yet! There's a second gangbang two scenes down.

Priam Gang BangWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Everyone's into Priam
After this comes what can be described as tenderest moment from Overload - a salacious one on one between two daddy types, Jake Mitchell and Ben Statham. Of course, Mitchell is the "dominant daddy" while Statham is the "submissive daddy." In a comfortable bed, the two enjoy a full gamut of foreplay, deep kissing and hungry cock sucking.

Mitchell wiggles his tongue into Statham's open butt hole, moistening it in preparation. Sliding in initially, they cling together face to face interlocked in passion. After a long, ecstatic sequence of fucking, the top dumps his load into Statham, who looked most pleased.

Priam's Gang Bang

Let's get this orgy started. Did Priam know his gang bang would be competing on the same video as Yuri's? He clearly goes all out here, throwing himself onto every long, hard object in the room. Because this comes relatively quickly after Yuri's, it's difficult not to compare the two. Priam's does not rise to the level of the first, but that's perfectly fine. On its own, it's great.

We've never seen so much eager double penetration in a gangbang before. Priam is lots more limber them Yuri, and the cameraman takes advantage of this by filming him is many more wild positions - and in better light. His butt appears to be a UK version of the same engine Christian drives around. The guys here are new too - Chris Front has a really long penis, Scott Samson is another hot baldie. Priam is spunked-full by the scene's end. Of course when I do is watch this one when I've seen enough of Yuri, and vice versa.

Next up we find überbottom Scott Williams from Slammed paired up with Anton Dickson, and the two make some beautiful music together. Total top meet total bottom. Williams has a great body and looks great getting fucked five times sideways in his slim jockstrap. To get off, Dickson slides his hand inside Williams' hole, jacking off to climax, quickly replacing his hand with his squirting penis.

Some Swedish jizz spills onto the sheets, which the bottom licks up.

Jake Ascott Glory HoleWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jake Ascott takes it all at the glory hole

Squeeze into Jake Ascot

Jake Ascott is one of the most intriguing bottoms introduced recently by Treasure Island. Is it because he looks perpetually happy? Is it because he so naturally bends over? Is it the way his pec muscles lift up to the fucking rhythm happening below? We first saw him an a one on one with Mr. Dickson in Slammed. Our hero is matched this time with two titanic tops, Sebastian Slater and the equally long and lanky Luke Pascoe, who seems to be arriving on the set a tad late.

Slater and Ascott start off by themselves. They blow the whole roof off when they assemble at a convenient glory hole. Ascott bends over. Slater's long, curved banana looks amazing sliding in and out. Cut over to Ascott, separated by the wall and he's braced himself, holding onto wooden supports, obviously loving every moment of this jackhammer cock drilling his butt.

Ten minutes in, Pascoe arrives, who proceeds to ram him hard. More great fucking followed by Slater erupting in a shaky orgasm, cumming deep inside Ascott, his balls shaking. The bottom stays comfortably supported on a table so Pascoe can finish off.

Dean Monroe Bonus Controversy

Owners of the DVD will be able to see the bonus scene, which is a controversial Treasure Island debut of British porn star Dean Monroe. Paired with Harley Everett (a prolific British model who's worked for UKNakedMen), they enjoy oral sucking action, and there is some really close "bareback teasing" showing Everett's bare dick invading Monroe's ass-space.

Don't get caught up in the drama over this. It's like burlesque. It's all about the tease. Anyone who gets mad about this would have gotten mad over Mae West jaunting around up on the silver screen.

All year, of all the Treasure Island choices playing on Naked Sword, I've found myself going back to watching Overload. Yuri's epic gangbang, Priam's follow-up and Jake Ascott's three-way is five star porn cinema. It's fucking fantastic.

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Yuri and Martin PuliWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
They can't stop cumming in Yuri

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